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Gumtree - item not being sent

I sent £65 over a month to a seller in Hamsley, Eastbourne in return for a watch. I'm not too sure of his details as he has removed his ad but his name is Darren Sands. I sent the money 3 weeks ago...

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Gumtree - mobile number


Since last tuesday I have been inundated with text messages and phone calls regarding a power jet wash. I am assuming somebody who is selling one has mistyped their phone number. I have found out its on county durham gumtree. Could you please advise the seller of their mistake. The mobile number in question is [protected].

Kind regards
Michelle Gronow

Gumtree - advert for mini one astro black advert no [protected]

This advert appeared on 9th February. The mini wasn't in the condition as described and the seller James Auld does not live at the address given (I have lost £100 and another lady lost £150)
I have reported it to the police and he has taken it off today but he may have other adverts. Please can you check this. By the way the people at the address he has given have also reported him.

Gumtree - fridge freezer

I arranged the delivery of a fridge freezer for £75 unfortunately I had to go to work, the person delivered the fridge freezer to my 17 year old son at my home, it was not the same as the one in the add, it was wrapped in cling film so my son could not open it until the person had gone, it is filthy and broken inside and does not work. Very disappointed.

Gumtree - scam, purchase of a rolex watch

Dear Sir Madam, my home address is
Baird Street
Stonehaven AB39 2SP
I saw an advert for a Genuine Rolex submariner watch . I agreed a price of 4000£ and this was transferred to a bank account . name of recipient
John Sutherland
Sort Code 83-28-45
Account Number [protected]
I transferred the money and it was debited from my account, he said he hadn't received it and no watch was ever delivered
I have been to my bank, the Bank Of Scotland who are now investigating
I am obviously distraught !!
His number was [protected]
The money was transferred on the 16th Feb
I have photos on my phone which was on the advert as well

Gumtree - honda civic coupe

Hi I saw a Honda Civic advertised I rang the person they agreed 800 so I am payed a deposit of £100 .when I called the person to pick the car up he said it had no road tax and it has been towed away .then he said he will get the car released the following day and I could collect .he them said he has spoken to the company on Saturday and he can collect the car on Monday .i then called him he said the car is not there now and he thinks it's been stolen .i have given my bank details to this person for a refund and they still haven't done it .now he's saying he's paid me through paypal .
Vehicle registration is N117MFT
Honda Civic Coupe Special 1.5
VIN***3942 Aug95
‭number advertised [protected]‬

Gumtree - lack of fraud protection for customers

Impossible to contact customer services to speak to an actual person.
My mum who is disabled nearly got scammed via gumtree. When looking into it further there are so many of the SAME scams keep appearing time and time again. I am so angry at the fact that you are letting this happen that I am going to a national newspaper and to report yr lack of prevention to watchdog. Yr web site is absolutely disgraceful and should be taken off!! Oh and I don't expect a reply as I doubt u want to answer this and there is absolutely no way of contacting a human! Disgraceful! There should be a warning for EVERY SINGLE advert that the SAME scam is happening.

Gumtree - motorcycle for sale ad on gumtree

I put my triumph trident up for sale on gumtree the bike did not sell and I was forcest to pay over £10 for a upgrade add and put my add more prominent on the page this has not took place and my add is lost in the back list of motorcycle. I payed £10 to have my add put at the back of the list . How does that work . I pay money for a Service I'm not getting from gumtree . Gumtree tell me I need to pay over £10 and have my add prominent but this is not the case

Gumtree - puppy purchase

I purchased this dog 3 days ago url; and within 24 hours the dog became very ill. Took it to the vet for treatment and...

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Gumtree - scam

I purchased at item that was listed on gumtree I sent various messages to the seller who I sent £270 to for a sofa bank transfer it has now come to my attention that it is a scam. I have contacted my...

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Gumtree - theft

Recently I have posted an ad about an iPhone for sale on gumtree, and someone who I thought planned to buy the phone came to meet me and instead stole the phone, putting myself at risk. The police...

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Gumtree - t25 gamma dvd disks.

I paid for these disks on Feb 7th fortunately via pay pal. On the ad was his mobile number so after texting he replied with this ; Ok great. My PayPal address is [protected] total i...

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Gumtree - gumtree policy - interference and half baked meddling!

On the 6th February 2018 I responded to ad. Ref [protected]. Using Gumtree's message system I agreed to purchase this item and another from the seller. On the same date I paid £70 for the goods via bank transfer. On the 7th February, the seller advised they had been posted. I maintained contact with the seller using Gumtree messages. On the 9th February I received an email from Gumtree advising me that the seller may have been involved of suspicious activity. I sent two further messages to the seller which I now know they won't have received as Gumtree had blocked the seller and their ability to send/receive messages.

The goods haven't arrived and, due to Gumtree blocking any further messages, I am unable to contact the seller. This is ludicrous. I fully understand the need to prevent this seller from advertising or communicating with any other potential buyers but it's essential that I am allowed to communicate with them.

In my opinion, Gumtree have prevented me from resolving this matter due to their interference. Surely Gumtree must offer some ‘Resolution service' in cases like this? If not, they should just stay out of all transactions completely.

Gumtree's primitive handling of cases like this have forced me to refer this matter to my local Trading Standards office. I've already submitted a report to ‘Action Fraud' and I will be seeking guidance from other organisations on an Alternative Dispute resolution.

Gumtree - jaguar xf advert removed id [protected]

I placed an advert on Gumtree to sell my car( details above) only to find the advert removed, when i looked into this it was because on the hpi check the reg L22BRU showed the car to be written of in 2004 the car being a ROVER 600.
As you can plainly see my car is a 2008 Jaguar XF and not the car specified, so why was the advert removed. The Reg num is my own personal number which I have had on numerous vehicles since 2004 and this problem has never arisen, so why now, and more importantly what do I, or you have to do to have the advert reinstated, as this is quite obviously a complete and utter cock up.
I await your early reply/
Brian Higginson

P.S. There is some outstanding H.P. on the vehicle which is my personal loan which will be cleared if and when the vehicle is sold.

Gumtree - job advert promotion

I have sent e-mails two times, they promised respond in 24h hours, it was a week ago!
"Hi There,
The advised "our team will answer you within 12 hours." has long passed and there was no respond.
Because we paid to list the advert on the top position I want to know today what are doing about it.
If there is no reply I have no other choice but take it toward to the relevant authority for remedy the situation.

Gumtree - unethical behaviour

They took the money from my account without providing any services they didn't send me any email to inform that i no longer have an account with them and refused over the phone to pass me to complain department also refused to refund me. i called again and they closed the phone after the heard what account it was about and refused to talk to me. I've attached the receipts for the adverts that i haven't been posted and that they refused to refund me.


Gumtree - goods as described not fully supplied by. [protected]@reply.

Dear Sirs,
I purchased a sanpera foot pedal from Andrew: [protected]
The advert said that it came with a 10ft 8 pin midi cable. Eventually the package arrived in good order but no midi cable. I have emailed Andrew via Gumtree but had no response re the missing cable. I need the cable for the foot pedal to work. If I cannot get a cable from Andrew I will have to purchase a replacement cable. Can you please advise...

Gumtree - gumtree selling site.

I purchased a used vehicle from a seller on your site.

The vehicle very quickly turned out to be faulty, and not as described.
The seller was contacted 10 days after purchase, although in hindsight, faults were clear the day after purchase.

Seller was no help. Refused to take any responsibility, even though he was, and still is a trade seller on your site.

The cost of repair of my vehicle is more than a 3rd of the purchase price.

My complaint to you, is that the Ad of the car I purchased is no longer visible, and cannot be found. Therefore taking to seller to small claims court and being successful is very low. I can't even prove the car was ever even advertised on Gumtree, let alone in what condition.

The reason it can't be found...

Is because he was allowed to completely edit the listing, instead of listing it as sold. So the Ford Fusion he sold me, miraculously changed to a completely different vehicle overnight.

This is outrageous.


Gumtree - unethical seller

Beware of being lured to 39 Farnham Road, Guildford with a pocket full of cash. Within 12 minutes of speaking to the 'seller' of an adorable kitten, she supposedly sold it to another family, who collected it, paid and disappeared all in those 12 minutes. Nothing mentioned during the call of anyone else even being interested.

Was it a scam? Possibly not, but I would recommend not taking a chance with this seller. Something definitely not in order.

Gumtree - gumtree for business is a scam

I was contacted by a sales rep who has sold me advertisement for my tow truck business?

I made it clear to him I was a small business and that I want a small package to fit me and my business which I had a budget for. The sales rep mitchell Thorpe advised me how gumtree ladder system works when u bump ads you go to the top. What he didn't meantion was that if you don't use all the bumps I have paid for within the time period they will take them away from you, or you will have to renew again on a tariff tailor made by your account manager. When it came to renewaling my tariff the sales adviser mithchell Thorpe prepared a campaign packaging up to £2000+VAT so I had no choice to renew or I will lose my remaking credits?

What a smart scam? I've paid for all of my credits how can u take them away if I dont use them, their mine I pee paid for them that simply ain't fair?

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