Grubhubvarious service failures

In the past 24hrs, I've placed 3 orders. One order didn't arrive and was canceled, the other order's arrival time was changed multiple times, and the final order's food was incorrect.

I am a frequent patron of Grubhub. Over the past month, service has been an ongoing issue. On each occasion, I contact customer service who issues a credit and forwards the issue to an internal team for review but I'm not seeing any form of improvement. Service continues to be subpar and customer service continues to follow a resolution script which does little to inspire confidence of an improvement with service. I've stopped contacting customer service over "little" things like missing items, food arriving cold, food left on my porch instead of knocking on the door, etc. My standards have lowered to: thank gosh the food arrived. Is this how I should feel?

Fix your internal issues and better train your customer service team!

Oct 11, 2019

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