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First, I know this is really long. OK, it's a novel, but my ordeal with this company has been ongoing for over a month now with no resolution.

On the night of March 6th 2009 my Green Dot Visa Debit card was stolen from my home. It was in my wallet, in a closed desk drawer in my Mother's bedroom in MY HOME at the time. The person who took it did not have direct access to my card but she was someone that I knew. I followed all of the rules on the following day when I realized my card had been taken. I contacted Green Dot first and had them cancel and flag the card as stolen. After the card was closed I wrote everything down and wrote out a statement for the Police as well as Green Dot.

The next morning I immediately contacted the police who came to my home and took my statement, gave me a police report number and then amazingly found and arrested one of the suspects and were able to find most of the merchandise that was purchased with my card. After all of this I wrote and mailed my statement for Green Dot. In the letter I explained exactly what had happened ending with the transactions and a total amount of money that was in dispute.

The now suspects (we found out the thief went and picked up two of her friends the day she went shopping with my card) had managed to spend well over $2, 200 before I was able to stop the card. Knowing I had to give them at least ten days legally for research I waited impatiently for nearly two weeks before I called Green Dot Customer Service. When I finally did call it had been 11 agonizing days and was told they had tried calling me (I never received ONE phone call from them) and the rep on the line said she could not tell me what the out come was because their Loss Management department had already left for the day. She went on to say that since they didn't reach me by phone they had mailed their response to me and I needed to wait for the mail to arrive and wouldn't give me any further information nor would they get a manager for me to speak with.

Angry I hung up the phone since this was the first time I had actually experienced any problems with them. I figured I was just upset and was trying to calm myself down.

The next day I did in fact receive their response to my transaction dispute. They said that they were rejecting my claim on the basis that my card was not in my possession. They went on to say that they read my statement as 'I had given my Mother authorization to use my card and told her she could use it.' Which totally was a warped rendition of my statement. At no time did I give anyone Authorization to use my card. I immediately called them only to be told the Loss Management team was gone, once again, and no matter what I had to send them any response in writing. They then went on to say I needed to call back the following day.

Do these people ever work was the first thought that went through my head at this time.

I hung up the phone and wrote a response letter to them demanding my money be returned to me and went in to further detail as to what had happened. Nearly two more weeks went by and I finally received a phone call from someone at Green Dot. However, this person was only calling me to respond to my BBB complaint. Not my response letter. She went on, in an extremely rude tone, to explain that it was not their responsibility and they would be denying my claim once again. Only this time they were changing their reason for denial. She said that their reason this time was simply because the card was not in my possession. Well this infuriated me and I went off on her. I yelled so loud I scared neighbors. I began questioning the denial reason. Asking her how they expect someone to keep a card in their possession if they are asleep and she couldn't explain herself. She kept repeating the same thing over and over again. Throughout this entire conversation I am throwing questions at her and one after another she continues to answer with 'because the card was not in your possession Green Dot...blah blah blah.' Never giving me a real/valid reason for denial. I finally hang up and nearly have an anxiety attack and pass out...literally. Wake up four hours later and call my attorney!

This all took place on Thursday April 2nd, 2009.

I am so upset Friday through Monday that I can't eat, sleep or work. I'm extremely worried about losing everything at this point. By this time it had been over a month and I was delinquent in paying my rent now two months, the electric and water was due not to mention all other bills and everything was about to be shut off. I had just received my next paycheck to the new card they sent me and opened and had just been able to pay my rent and the bills by the end of the day on Monday when I logged in to my account and BOOM! they had credited my account. I was so excited! Maybe they had received the OK to credit my account and they didn't want to call but noticed I had missed the call this time. So as of Tuesday I had my money and everything was good. I was changing companies though.

All of the happiness was stripped away by 8 p.m. however when I went to the ATM and my card was declined. I immediately called Green Dot and this time something different happened. The recording told me I had dialed the wrong number. It said the correct number was located on the back of my card...the number I had called. It then disconnected the call without further explanation. I immediately called back and this time used my old basic Gold Visa Debit card that I have with them and what'd you worked. Well when I got a rep on the phone I gave them my Premier account number and questioned this phone issue and they brushed it aside and changed the subject and then went on to say I needed to speak with Loss Management but said, of course, they weren't in at that moment. I demanded a supervisor and was placed on hold multiple times for over an hour. Then some guy answered the phone saying he was with Loss Management but he couldn't help me. He said he had 'emailed' the person working my account and she would call me.

To this day I still have received no phone calls. I hung up and have called them numerous time over the past three days questioning them and no one can tell me why my account was closed. The most I've been told came from the Dispute Resolution person who gave my money back to me. She was really the only nice person and most informative. She said she had no clue why they were doing this to me. She said no notes were posted but she could see the call to close my account came from their legal department. Stating I had caused them a loss due to the fraud claim and they demanded that the Loss Management department close my account. She went on to say that what was strange was they closed my account for no reason and never gave instructions regarding my balance and because of this she couldn't do anything. She said that the Loss Management department is over her and they are the only ones who can send my money now.

The Dispute Resolution rep then forwarded me to the Loss Management rep's desk. Of course the person didn't pick up their phone. In fact the phone did what it had always done in the hung up on me.

Since Monday when I spoke with the Dispute Resolution rep both me and others involved attempting to help me have called and spoken to them each time being told someone would call me and nothing else. I even had my attorney call today and after over an hour of being placed on hold we had at least been sent to a live person who said they were with the Loss Management team. However this person, like all of the rest, told us the person we needed to talk to wasn't there. This person did however attempt to say they would not be giving me any of my money. We questioned them and threatened law suite. The rep then went on to say they would be sending me a check but they would not send it for at least 7 to 10 days. We demanded it overnight and they said they had not way of doing this...they are a bank. Yes they can. They then changed their story again and said that a check had already been generated. No check had been generated. The funds still showed up in the account that had the canceled card. They changed their story a third time. This time the guy was trying to say the check that was generated was post dated and had already been sent out and that's why the balance was reflecting in my account still. None of this made sense. We demanded a supervisor and he refused. Saying as always no one was available and someone would be calling us within two hours. It's now been 12 hours (midnight) and still I no calls.

I will get my money back one way or another. These people owe me more than $2, 200. All of this money came from a direct deposit from my employer and they are illegally withholding it. Even if I receive payment I will still be filing suit against them for damages and expenses and it will hurt. They will learn not to mess with anyone ever again!


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    Anthony Edward Baumgartner Nov 17, 2017
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    include me in the lawsuit against them, I am working on my second time to dispute unauthorized charges to my card totaling around $750 and they denied the first time saying they are valid, this time I sent with my dispute letter an intended to be filed court document to take it to small claims court if they refuse again! same with Microsoft, I have had an account with them for years since 2010 which has any and all movies, games, map packs and what not that I paid for and rightfully own now and they go and perma suspend my account and are refusing to either refund me my games, map packs, and movie purchases or transfer them to new account. thinking about taking them to small claims too if greendot denies my dispute as I included the Microsoft charges.

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    [email protected] Sep 19, 2017
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    #[protected] After the hurricane in Texas I filed Identity theft to check my back up card ...Green Dot for my extra funds. Any company that I have contacted since the concern has did what they can do to expedite the Texas customers. I explained to the these funds depended on me being homeless no one expressed any sympathy or went out of the way to assist me due to the circumstance. I was told I needed to send another form in because it was denied because of information that I filled out wrong. After submitting again they told me to wait another 2 weeks in which I was never called back since the initial time that I filed dispute. I was never questioned by a supervisor or representative by return of call. I had to call them they canceled my card so I was not able to talk to the customer service line without a card number it took me a couple of days to find another number for assistance to again receive customer service. It would be different if I disputed large amounts all the time. That would be a red flag for them to deny it, not only do I have to pay for new card they are telling me I'm denied in getting my funds reversed. Know one was given my pin number that information was filled out incorrectly. I sent it the corrected form with more supportive information and they stated that I will still need to wait 2 weeks. The fault is at customer service assistance because if I was guided correctly or ever called back by someone to discuss I would have fixed the issue along time ago. I don't accept having to wait another 2 weeks when I am homeless and they know the conditions with Texas inclement weather. They give you company Terms and conditions as if I dont work in customer service. I go out my way to resolve issues for mistakes caused by the customer service agents I work with. Not matter the compromise I find away to resolve the customer issue with one call resolution not 2 weeks. I'm able to verify payments and refund within 24 hours, if a customer has a problem with a charge. Even if It takes me an hour to complete and I have to call the customer back I as a agent take responsibility at the end of the day no matter how good a product can be if there is poor customer service it is not worth it

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    kirstie anthony Mar 01, 2015

    Case sf386938 kirstie anthony 913 Virginia blvd lot 160 virginia beach Virginia [protected] I have not allowed metro pcs to use any money and ive yet to receive any money back or received any responses from green dot they did not and was not at all helpful I want to despite the 60 for metro pcs on fed 16 and any charges to them as well

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  • Je
    jerkie Jul 22, 2009

    you are right. the company should help you get your money back or give your money back. and if say for example, they tell you that their Loss Management is closed, don't believe them. they are just giving you a run around. GREENDOT is really a ###in ripoff!!!

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  • Mi
    Mike Jul 03, 2009

    SO, I have a greendot problem too.. I think your doing the right thing...
    So keep complaining.. If you would, I am gathering as much information as possible about this horrible company..

    Could you please let me know what happened in some more detail, and also, please, and I mean please, feel free to spam my name and email address all over the internet about this topic - because I want as much detail about this deceptive service as I can get..
    [email protected]

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  • Ni
    Nitehawke May 30, 2009

    The only way I've ever found to get a live person on the phone at Greendot is to use their "report card stolen" option. Once you've got a live person on the phone, make them deal with whatever problem it is you're having.

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  • Mo
    Monicia May 21, 2009
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    How did you get someone in the customer service? I have a card that will not load and the stupid voice will not let the phone call go to a person.

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  • Ju
    Julio Recarte May 18, 2009

    I just need an answer to my question:
    Why some business decline or not accept the ON LINE SHOPPING CARD of Green dot?
    Grant Research guide did not accept me card over the phone, I talked to the employee # 1588 at Customer service [protected]. Can you verify this?
    Contact me at:
    E-mail: [email protected]
    or my phone number [protected]
    Spanish or english
    Thank you very much for your prompt assistance in this matter. Thank again and God bless you!

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  • Ni
    Nitehawke May 11, 2009

    Goole's an idiot who obviously knows nothing about laws regarding credit and debit cards to say nothing about laws regarding THEFT. Mark did everything right, straight by the book. Greendot is obviously jerking him around. He was right to get a lawyer involved but personally I would have THREATENED to contact the BBB if a resolution weren't forthcoming and only made the actual contact AFTER getting it as straightened out as I felt I was able.

    I've never had to deal with their loss department, which seems like a good thing.

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  • Si
    singstoo May 04, 2009

    I can see here that "goole" is up to his "goolish" behaviour again here. This person is not on here to help but only to hurt other people with his judgmental remarks. Is there any way we can get this person's comments deleted or removed? He obviously did not join this site to assist others but only to increase their stress levels even more.

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  • Go
    goole May 04, 2009

    I can tell you how it works out, she will be responsible for the money as it was her who did not protect her card well enough from being stolen and misused.

    This notion she has that somehow Greendot should refund her this money is ludicrous. Everything that happened was a direct result of her carelessness in not securing her card; there is absolutely no reason why Greendot should lose money because of her. And they won't, as they will hold her responsible and rightly so.

    She can sue her friend who stole the card in small claims court or whatever if she wants to.

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  • Si
    singstoo May 04, 2009

    Let me know how this works out as they are holding my disability direct deposit and my balance of funds totalling $2948. I filed a dispute because I did not receive an item I purchased. That gave Green Dot the "excuse" to hold my account and, as happens with you, no one is ever there to speak to me. No supervisor is ever available and the person I Need to speak to is, of course, never available. Email me at [email protected] with updates to your story.

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