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Green Dot Corporation Complaints & Reviews

Green Dot Corporation / walmart money card

Dkay0422 on Sep 21, 2018

I have repeatedly called the Walmart green dot customer service line to put a stop payment on a check issued out of bill pay. The check was destroyed by the recipient, who was my friend and who thought she was doing me a favor. I have been trying and trying and trying to get that $250 put...

Green Dot Corporation / prepaid direct deposit card

sirbeshnen on Sep 20, 2018

A friend of mine has a greendot card. His last greendot card was stolen so he called to get a new one. They immediately blocked his new card. They said to submit an id, front and back! he did so! now these crooks are saying that the id is not legible. He sent his id to me to look at! it i...

Green Dot Corporation / moneypak

MortimerBrewster86 on Sep 15, 2018

Put $140 on a Moneypak reload went to apply money to my debit card when l went to do so it wasn't on my card called they said the fund were spent. How can that be wasn't even 5 min so I waited an additional 30 minutes still not there. I then called back still nothing when l called the...

Green Dot Corporation / walmart money card

mandii87 on Sep 14, 2018

I have never in the 5 years i have had this card had an issue. That was until saturday. They blocked my card. I called n they told me to send my id to verify. Ok. Call today (5 days later) & they say it was unable to verify. I sent them my ss, birth certificate, address. Anything ...

Green Dot Corporation / my money on my walmart money card

miljosh17 on Sep 12, 2018

I want my card unblocked so I can get my money off of it cause if I dont get it unblocked im sueing if my kids die of starvation cause I cant get food in the house cause they blocked my card when I told them not to block it and me and my wife havent eaten in 2 weeks cause of it and in...

Green Dot Corporation / green dot has blocked my account. they won't unblock my card i've sent my identification in way too many times

Megzie on Sep 11, 2018

My green dot was working great until I was made a fool of at a store I put my own money on this card to make online purchases and you for no reason blocked it . Now making it completely impossible to get my own money . Completely ridiculous. Last used it August 8 at about 7 ish at night ...

Green Dot Card / direct deposit

Love Phaze on Sep 11, 2018

Green dot blocked my card. My deposit went back to the sender as in my job. They haven't received it either. I talked to green dot bank and my job but nobody is helping me. I need this resolved today. I have rent to Pay. It's been blocked since my deposit on the 6th of September. It is now...

Green Dot Corporation / walmart money card

Y Allen on Sep 7, 2018

I loaded my card on yesterday, September 6 2018. I then went home called in to pay mu carnote and water bill. This morning checking my email, I discovered you all blocked my card. The reason Suspicious activity???? I have been utilizing this card for some time, primarily to pay bills. Let...

GreenDot / product, as well as staff

Lost 300 on Sep 5, 2018

I recieves my greendot cars 3 days ago, I activated it and deposited $300 that night. Yesterday september 5th I went to pull some money from my greendot cars to pay bills and $25 was missing from my account. So I called in and they froze my account and refused to allow me transfer my money...

Go Card by Green Dot / replacing a lost go card

Robert Ciambrano on Sep 1, 2018

Waiting for a replacement gocard for over a month now. They said the sent it but I never received it! Than they said they sent another and never received that one! It's all the money I have not to mention thinking about the day they say it's coming and never does!! I have no...

Green Dot Corporation / green dot bank card

India Clarice on Aug 31, 2018

Menu Review Detail Completely Livid!! My name is India Wilson and words cannot express my disgust with this company. To all readers of my review, DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY TO BANK WITH!!! I purchased an engagement ring from a well known company Kays Jeweler. I ended up having to get a refund...

Green Dot Bank / green dot bank account

ChrisAnthony4 on Aug 28, 2018

Green Dot blocked my account with no warning and said it was because of suspicious activity. They asked me to verify my account with my drivers license. I uploaded my license to their account. One day later they closed my account and took $155 that I had in the account. They said my...

[Resolved] Green Dot Corporation / moneypak card

Darren curry on Aug 27, 2018

I purchased a moneypak card and when I tried to load moneypak to my debit card it said due to suspicious activity I had to do a moneypak refund which would take 7-10 days which i dont understand because it was my first time trying to load any money to moneypak account So I did moneypak...

GreenDot / prepaid locked card

Torri Stalk on Aug 27, 2018

I got a greendot prepaid card and loaded my rent money 200$on it went to pay my rent online and it said incufeicent funds calls greendot they tells me direct tv took my money off I told them I didn't authorize it they tell me I have to put in a dispute I put one in my dispute number i...

Green Dot / stolen money

Katrina1212 on Aug 27, 2018

I have gotten 115.00$ stolen from my account f on dollar general, nue Mart, and frontier airlines some one had my card and I have the new card now and want my money back on my card. Some one has been using my card and I did report it lost or stolen when I looked on my app and saw all the...

Green Dot Moneypak / moneypak

aiesha fletcher on Aug 22, 2018

I purchased a moneypak card and loaded 130.00 fro. Circle k and less then 60 seconds after i purchased this card my money was gone. I filed a fraud claim and it was denied stating the funds had been used and i gave the card information to someone else. I have used this card for the past 5...

Green Dot Corporation / didn’t let me keep my account for my 1st problem with activation.

Brooks Bloxson on Aug 22, 2018

It's all good when you don't have problems! The problem I have is it's takes 7-10 days for a stopped transaction! Come on now what if that came out of rent money you can't even get your money back that day! Second I been a customer for years I request new card because my old one was faded...

GreenDot / prepaid card

Devan Stines on Aug 20, 2018

My card was stolen an I reported it immediately and filed a police report an contacted greendot an reported my card stolen an disputed the charges i did not make. After a week Greendot denied my dispute even after I emailed a copy of the police report and dispute form. I have also...

MoneyPak / green dot moneypak card

ABauer on Aug 19, 2018

I purchased a Green Dot MoneyPak card and attempted to set up an account on their website at as instructed on the card. The first 5 times I attempted to set up the account it gave me an error and would not allow me to set up an account. Since this is the only way to get the...

Green Dot Corporation / my greendot card I purchased

Roberta55 on Aug 17, 2018

I just want my money back i have a copy of my receipt that what i paid for and it wouldnt let me load it on my card and had me to ask for a refund and i did never receive a refund of a $100.00 and $150.00 i just want my money back because i payed my money for the cards that wouldnt let me...