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Green Dot Corporation Customer Service

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Green Dot Corporation

3465 E Foothill Blvd.
United States - 91107-6071

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P.O. Box 5100, Pasadena, CA 91117

Green Dot Corporation Complaints & Reviews

Green Dot Corporation / digital gifts paypal

pamela dickerson on Nov 20, 2018

unautorize use of my card was used. two purchaseses were made on11-15-2018 of or from digital gifts through paypal 100 dollars each I don't know what this is and the email that I found says I donot know who this is.i open a case through pay pal and they saidthey were...

Green Dot Corporation / no resolve

Liza B on Nov 15, 2018

2 weeks to present unable to use card PRIMOR CARD $1500 credit declined every where. GDCS says no activity is seen on my acct including declined activity. GDCS Supr started an inquiry about this and sent a questionnaire to VISA . I called VISA which informed they did not block my card and...

Greendot / fraudulent charge on my card

Belfast123 on Nov 15, 2018

I have been using my greendot visa card on a daily basis for transportation to work, doctors visits etc, and is Extremely important to me. Yesterday I loaded my last $40 onto my card to insure rides to and from work for the week and this morning there was .29 left. An unauthorized charge...

Green Dot Corporation / my money that has been blocked. I really need my money

Dolores Bootie Malpass on Nov 15, 2018

Yes I have been complaining complaining because it seems like every document that i send in is not ledgeable and i know that i can read them and you should be able to read them to because i have done sent over and over again.I got another card from you in the mail that i can put money on...

Green Dot Corporation / direct deposit of college financial aid

Kim Harmon on Nov 14, 2018

I received a direct deposit from my college on 11/13/18, Green Dot informed me that the deposit was suspicious and they were holding the funds for 24 hours. I later received a request for my ID and proof of direct deposit. I sent all the information requested and have not heard anything...

Green Dot Corporation / bank account was hacked!!!

LindaRogers1315 on Nov 13, 2018

Thank you so much for allowing a hacker steal the last $300 out of my bank account. I tried calling the number on my card for 45 minutes today but got zero results. I tried emailing support through your system but got zero results. I now have no money for the next 2 weeks to support my...

Green Dot Corporation / student refund

Creme on Nov 12, 2018

Refund B Thu 10/25/2018 11:46 AM To: Frederick Hoskins; Dear Student, This email is to alert you that your student refund in the amount of $1707.00 is being direct deposited into the bank account that you provided to the Community College of Philadelphia. The fund... / my money on a card that you have blocked

Dolores Townsend on Nov 10, 2018

Yes this is my new address 604 Quail Hollow Drive apartment C Warsaw 28398 this is pictures of my new LICENCES front and back .And I would really appreciate it if you would add my $115.and some change back on my card.I have done everything that i can and sent pictures after pictures and i...

Green Dot Corporation / green dot card

Wanapapa on Nov 8, 2018

Case #20147008 I purchase a card and thought I put $50.00 on it to find out the money was not put on the card and now I can not pay my bills the hole reason for getting this card here is the picture of the card and recipient I would like to get this money on the card or something if I...

Green Dot Corporation / tax refund trace no. 11173694-8406550 payment date 04/25/2018

Mary Nweke on Nov 6, 2018

I did not authorize Green Dot Bank to receive my 2018 Tax refund. I used Turbo Tax and requested that the refund be sent to my home address 11900 Shropshire Blvd., Austin, Texas 78753 Trace No. 11173694-8406550 Payment Date 04/25/2018 Receiving Financial Organization Routing No. 124303120...

Green Dot Corporation / Being blocked

Shemyah Christian on Nov 2, 2018

I have an statement about my jobs i work off my Wonolo app that greendot corp. said i needd im confused on why no one has contacted me back regarding my funds . I work very had for my money & did not expect for this to happen. Greendot has all my money on hold & i would just like if they...

Green Dot Corporation / green dot prepaid bank card

Mary Mccurry on Oct 30, 2018

My purse was stolen . I immediately reported my card stolen and sent for a new card. The person whom stole my purse tried tho use my old card and blocked my account. When I got my new card I tried to activate it but couldn't because of suspicious activities. The person that stole my purse...

Green Dot Corporation / customer services and services that I cannot get my card unlocked

Nyree Shanks on Oct 29, 2018

I have uploaded my ID multiple times and had yet to have my account unlocked at this point I am getting real crusted with green dot and there is no way to speak to s love person without having a card. How can a company be like this I am very angry that I cannot get access to my money that...

Green Dot Bank / all online transactions declined

jundelavega on Oct 28, 2018

For 24 hours now i have been trying to talk to a customer representative. All my online transactions have been declined. I don't understand why there is a block on my debit card. All my calls are getting drop after i go through all the repeated questions the system ask me. I cannot go... /

Dolores Townsend on Oct 27, 2018

I am Dolores Townsend and i sent greendot my license to unlock my card. And they keep saying that my license picture is not legdeable but it is my license and i have not changed my address on my license yet.I am on a fixed income and i don't have the money to change my address on my...

Green Dot Corporation / greendot broke me bad and still suffering

M.Nabiyun on Oct 25, 2018

Long story short it's been three months now my new uber bank card green dot . I had limited money I worked really hard . I made good money .as soon I transfer my my uber account into greendot card last 4 of card 0525 every penny I put to work to cash out so I could pay few Bill's and invest the...

Green Dot Corporation / moneypak approved my refund but no check ever came

Ash-Shaheed Abdul on Oct 24, 2018

On 10/1/2018 I purchased (2) MoneyPak cards the pictures provided is the card I tried unsuccessfully loading to my bank debit card I filled out the form for the refund and the request was granted and 3 weeks later can neither call the customer service number provided or send an email which...

Green Dot Corporation / green dot moneypak

Finally got it on Oct 23, 2018

I purchase a greendot MoneyPak on August 27, 2018 from Walgreen. I tried to load the funds onto a prepaid card visa card. The transaction didn't go through. I tried calling to speak with someone but only was put though to a automated system that direct me to and thus us what...

Green Dot Corporation / prepaid visa card block

hknight on Oct 22, 2018

On or about 10/17/2018 card number 4143980008040977 was purchased for the sole purpose of having a return of a cap nail gun purchased at Stoneway placed on it. The original purchase receipt was used in returning the cap gun and a green dot customer service rep was spoken to about the...

Green Dot Corporation / locked account

Darick264 on Oct 21, 2018

I had cancelled my account because someone was using it but when I did it they sent me a new card but the address I gave I no longer stay and my money I had on my card is lost and I need it I like your service this is my only problem and I don't know what to do an been calling the number...