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Green Dot Corporation Complaints & Reviews

Green Dot Corporation / help... placing hold on account and cancelling card/ no access to money for 5-7 days

Teanisha on Jul 14, 2018

My daughter is disabled and is on oxygen. My lights were cut off yesterday because green dot put a block on my card. I have no gas in my car and no food. In rushing i thought i lost my card, but then i found it in the back of my trunk where my healthcare supplies were. I didnt know that...

Green Dot Corporation / visa prepaid green dot card

Ceramiccoating on Jul 9, 2018

Purchased a new card from Walgreens in Fort Lauderdale, Fl today and loaded it with $80 to use for Uber rides. Tried for over an hour to activate a new account. Finally was told by the automated system that they could not verify identity. Moved less than 2 weeks ago is probably the reason...

Green Dot Corporation / blocking my account

Neanae on Jul 9, 2018

This is nothing but a fraud everything that people were saying on this is true I'm still waiting on my money they're holding it hostage basically I've done everything they told me to do emails hundred times I've sent them in on the website I send ID social security card bank statement...

Green Dot Corporation / a transaction posted to my green dot credit card on july 1st 2018 in the amount of $4.99 from checkmate that I did not make

Jennifer Pullins on Jul 6, 2018

My name is Jennifer Pullins & I have a transaction posted to my account that I didn't make in the amount of $4.99 from a place called checkmate. This transaction was not me, nor does anyone but myself have access to my GreenDot credit card! I called & spoke with a customer service agent ...

Green Dot Corporation / green dot is unreliable

Khloe Love Bria on Jul 5, 2018

I have been getting my direct deposits sent to my green dot account for a year now and never any problems until three days ago. My direct deposit usually comes every Wednesday at 1 pm I was expecting it to come July 4 at 1pm but found out the day of that it would be a delay due to the...

Green Dot Corporation / debit card

Julie N on Jul 4, 2018

My card has been blocked for 2 weeks. I have been unable to get to theoney that was direct deposited. They won't tell me what the suspicious activity was that caused them to block my card. I submitted docs on 2weejs ago and the rep today now tells us the docs are blurry--lies. They keep...

Green Dot Card / customer service

krystalk50 on Jul 3, 2018

I had/have a green dot card, the black card which was the first one before they started charging all the fees for reloading/using it/just to have it. Don't really have a complaint about the card itself, I never had any problems using it and actually received my direct deposits 2 day...

Green Dot Corporation / debt visa

Kimberly bynum on Jul 2, 2018

I am not able to use any of your guys features because I don't have a computer I have a tablet that's not cheep and I also have high speed internet I can not get my pin to my card because I don't have a computer I am very furious and upset and feel that discriminated if I knew I needed a...

Green Dot Corporation / walmart money card green dot

Keith Pillsbury on Jul 2, 2018

Walmart Money Card Green Dot holding my money on my card. have tried calling and emailing with same ole same ole automated service with no live person. my son made a mistake registering card that prevents us getting a real card. money is being held hostage and want to correct the error. as a military veteran this is a DISGRACE. tired of complaining

Green Dot Corporation / green dot cash bank prepaid card

amandabari84 on Jul 1, 2018

I bought the card today (07/01/2018) at Walgreens. When I tried to call the number from the receipt I was give by Walgreens with the instructions to acrivate the card, I was told that I could only activate this card online. When I went to the website, it said that I had tried to activate...

Green Dot Corporation / block on my green dot card

Amye26 on Jun 29, 2018

I bought a green dot card at rite aid in Coshocton ohio and put money on it well then i had my disabled son's social security income check deposited on it and instantly there was a block put on my account. I want the block removed from my card. I can not buy my son what he needs. If the...

Green Dot Corporation / prepaid visa

Tmith on Jun 23, 2018

Was supposed to receive my taxes through Green dot they failed to deliver my first card and I was unable to get in contact with anyone who could fix my issue until I went to rite aid and purchased another card costing me 22$ I am disgusted with the lack of reimbursement and punctuality...

Green Dot Corporation / prepaid visa card

Thomas Cavanaugh on Jun 16, 2018

I have been receiving my direct deposit on my green dot card for over two years. 04/16/18 I was asked for ID verification. I immediately complied and my card was fine until exactly one month later. Mysteriously the morning of my direct deposit and tax refund deposit, which combined...

Green Dot / prepaid visa debit card

allykins on Jun 15, 2018

had to buy two cards and one is okay, but I haven't been able to "unlock" the second one. Sent 4 times my id to unlock, Green "Dot keeps saying can't read ID. Is there real live customer service ?????? Green Dot activated one card and keeps going to that one. People out there------Call BBB and/or FDIC. if everyone does this maybe things will change.

Green Dot Corporation / I asked to speak to a supervisor

Shantale on Jun 14, 2018

I called the customer service number and request to speak to a supervisor employee by the the name jen diat advise me that she would get a supervisor placed me on hold and then got back on the phone and told me a supervisor would call me back I never received that phone call not only did...

Green Dot Corporation / green dot/atm

Cancer patient needs help on Jun 13, 2018

First off my name is lafondra brown and I have stage 2 stomach cancer I used an chase atm that took my money off my card and in return I didn't receive any money. I talked and called several times to talk to a representative that told me that I have to wait til jun 27th to receive my money...

Green Dot Corporation / never receive card

Thomas Billups on Jun 12, 2018

May 30 i ordered a replacement card but never receive it in the mail. Because I moved from 4942 glenns rd Gloucester va 23061 to 13382 George Washington memorial highway saluda va 23149. This is not the first time I had a problem with green dot sending me a new card. I asked from a new...

Green Dot Corporation / I want a refund

Stacy Jefferson on Jun 12, 2018

On june 8th I tried to load my rush card from the 200 greendot card I gave the numbers to the repersentative that answered the phone at greendot customer service. I never received it. I have all receipts and call logs. How can I get my money back. I use moneypak at least 4 times a month...

Green Dot Corporation / turbotax prepaid card for income tax

Tammie47 on Jun 9, 2018

I have called this company several times can't get live person. I have veerified with federal and state income tax and both of my income tax money went on a card that green dot never sent me. I have money out there and can't get because this company never sent me my card. I'm very upset there...

Green Dot Corporation / pre-paid debit card

stevefromgeorgia on Jun 8, 2018

I have had a happy experience with Green Dot up until about two hours ago. I was making plans and purchases for what was going to be a long-anticipated vacation next week. I say "anticipated" because as of 1am this morning, my current Green Dot card - the one that I have been using...