Great Wolf Lodgean employee

E Aug 12, 2018

I have chosen to complain about this certain employee mainly because me and my friends were having such a fun weekend and then it was brutally ruined by this one women who was working at the bottom of the wolf tails water slide (the green tube slide) because she was very rude to all of us and she kept saying rude comments to us about how we needed to move away from the slide and we were totally understanding about it because we know it could be a danger to the people coming down the slide the problem was that the women never asked or polightly said that we needed to movie she just continued to blow her whistle into our faces and an entire other family's face until we turned around to see what she was doing and then she rolled her eyes at all of us after we all apologized for not hearing her the first time. It was a very rude encounter I would not like to have again. But the women had on a navy blue shirt and khaki shorts.

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