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illegally taking money out of our bank account.

I have been noticing charges for about $15.00/month for about a year now being taking out automatically from...

unaotherized ach pmts to my bank account

unaotherized ach pmts to my bank account and possibility of selling of personal and private information.

  • Sh
    shannon sealie Oct 15, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I noticed I have been charge from TLG shopper. They been billing me for a while now. I have never heard TLG nor I have ever agree to do anything with these people. I keep getting bills on my bank statement. I have never once receive anything from them. I have not receive anything from this company . AND I'AM NOT HAPPY WITH THIS AT ALL !!!

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unauthorized charge

I tried their package and now wish to stop their service, but I cannot find where they are / phone number to cancel their monthly charge.

  • Tg
    tgrpws Feb 24, 2012

    ck with your bank, they can give you the 800# associated with the withdrawl

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scam charges to credit card

Posted 10/23/2010
I was charged $38.99 on 11/27/09, 2/25/2010, 5/27/2010 and on 8/26/2010 from TLG Great Fun. I never authorized these charges. When I called the company up they told me I authorized membership on 10/18/2009 when I purchased airline tickets from Air Trans. I told them I don't even know who you are and what your selling but you are illegally charging to my charge card. I told them to cancel this membership and return $155.96 they you charged to my account and I also want to hear the tape recording of my authorization. They said they would return the charges, gave me a confirmation # and said it would take 5 to 7 business days. I called up my credit card company and canceled my card. TLG Great Fun only returned $18.42. I called them back on 10/22/2010 and argued about the difference of $137.54 they still owe me. The supervisor told me they would return the difference of $137.54 within 5-7 business days. This company is a real scammer. They are affiliated with quite a few companies; Air Trans, Orbitz, Priceline and many more. I reported them to Susan Wornick. Hopefully this company will be broadcasted on "Buyer Beware".

canceling my membership

Hi my name is Renay Tillman and I would like to cancel my membership with you guys. When I tried to log-in...

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fraudulent charges to blind father

When my father became seriously ill 2 months ago, we took over his bill paying, which up to that time had been handled by a friend of his since we live out-of-state. My 84-year-old father was legally blind, so he was unable to read anything on these bills. As we were going over his statement from Chase, we noticed a charge of $12.99 from an outfit called TLG*EVRYDAY. Looking back over previous statements, we saw a similar charge on every statement for each billing throughout the year. We called, to find out what this service was, and how he had come to be subscribed to it. When they described their "services" we knew it wasn't something my father would have been interested in, so we asked how it was that he had been signed up for it. After some pressing, they admitted that it was some trial offer through Habaand, that became a permanent charge if he didn't cancel after one month.
Of course, since he could not read his statements, he would have had no way of knowing this. I told them that this was a clearly unethical procedure, and that I expected them to correct it immediately, refunding to his estate, since he had passed away and the charge account had been cancelled, the entire amount charged over the previous year.
They said that they could immediately release 1-2 statements worth of charges. I insisted that they refund the entire amount, and they gave me a fax number to send the request to.
As of this date, we have received no refund check.

  • Sb
    Sbuch Jan 27, 2011

    TLG Evryday charged $15.oo on my account for the last 11 months. My credit card co also said they couldn't get rid of the charges. I called TLG and they said I must have signed up for their coupon and savings service through Hertz, which I didn't do. They said they cancelled my subscription, but would not refund any amount.

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  • Bo
    bootay3 Mar 25, 2011

    This has happened to me as well. Taking 19.99 out of my account the past 3 months and I finally caught on. Called my bank turned them into the fraud dept and had to close my checking account. Luckily the bank gave me my money back. This company is pure FRAUD and needs to get a lawsuit!!

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I just paid off my credit card two weeks ago, I have not used this card in almost a year when I went to check on the account there was a $149.99 charge on my card from TLC*Great Fun. I never heard of this company, made any charges to them or athorized any charge. All that showed on my statement was; TLC*Great Fun [protected] CT. When I reported this to my credit card company as fraud I was told the charge was made in Connecticut. Never even meet anyone from this state let alone been there. Whatever this company is they are nothing but theives! I see nothing but complaints from tons of people about similar situations to mine. How is it these people can continue to steel from consumers and get away with it?

charges without authorization

You have charged my Chase credit card without approval.
Alan Wilcox
1040 Standard Dr, Atlanta, GA 30319

tlg shopper

TLG shopper has been chargeing my account for 15.99. They have been doing this from March till now. Does anyone even know what this TLG even is? Anyone who has them taking money out of there account by debit card the only way to stop it is by getting a new debit card. Call your bank and get a newcard with a new number. Let your bank know whats going on so they can help. I just went to my bank and they told me that any charge trying to come through with my old card number would not be taken.

  • Al
    Allergictoripoffs Nov 23, 2008

    BEWARE! My husband ordered airline tickets on Hotwire.com and suddenly charges for TLG SHOPPER and TLG GREATFN appeared on our credit card. The charges were $12.99 for each of these bogus items we had never heard of. When I called them, I was informed (in broken English, which was difficult to understand) that a "pop-up" on the Hotwire site allowed them to charge us for their "services." My advice is DON'T USE HOTWIRE OR ANY SERVICE THAT ALLOWS THIS KIND OF DECEPTION!!! I am angry as heck and won't stop here. My lawyer is getting a call tomorrow. These people need to be STOPPED!!!

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  • Wa
    Walter Jackson Nov 23, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You can call then and they still keep billing you credit card. I have tryed for over a year now, to get it off of my card.
    All i can say is it a big rip off for $13. 99 every mouth, for some thing you can not use. . Or get then to take it off your card. Thank you

    I hope this help some else to there rip off

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  • El
    elizabettys Dec 20, 2010

    Anyone in this situation should call Freed & Weiss to join a building class action against the company behind this scam. (It's pretty easy, just call them and tell them your story).

    Trilegiant is the company behind this abuse. They use bogus marketing tactics to get people to unknowingly sign up for memberships and then people are charged every month, again and again.

    (Tactics include pop-up windows during checkout at another site, text messages with fake gift certificates, bogus checks in the mail, and automated recordings when you pay a bill via phone).

    Call Freed & Weiss! Toll free: 866.799.9610. They need to hear from you so that they can move the class action forward and put a stop to this terrible customer abuse.

    Email: [email protected]

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membership fees

Charged $38.99 for "Membership Fees" after a 30 day "free trial". Never ordered. Don't even know who they are/were. They got my info from a 1-800-Flowers order. After 20 minutes and several changes of phone numbers and "supervisors", my money was scheduled to be credited.

  • Ja
    Jane Davis Apr 24, 2011

    Yes. This company is a scam. I worked there - for a marketing group who is in cohoots to extract your bankcard information and to charge you until you close your account. DO NOT EVER DIVULGE OR PROVIDE YOUR BANKCARD INFORMATION TO ANYONE UNDER THE GUISE OF SELLING GREAT FUN OR SHOPPERS ADVANTAGE. DO NOT fill out online surveys providing your phone number and demographics -- they are trolling for victims. That's the simple, short, and not-so-sweet of it. Your name and information is sold at high dollars to mass marketing telemarketing companies, and it's extremely difficult to get out of . After 25 years in the legal field and working there? This company called "Think Direct Marketing Group, Inc." has a pending class-action lawsuit against it and should be closed down. Immediately. It's not the telemarketers fault, tho, most of us didn't know it was a scam because we never had access to the programs GREAT FUN or SHOPPERS ADVANTAGE -- only read scripts -- and hourly/commission rates were not Think Direct Marketing figured out what kind of profit they wanted to make for that week.

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  • Ph
    phillips318 Mar 29, 2012

    We were called and told we would get a membership package and a $80 gift card with no commitment to continue the membership. Got the packet in the mail to learn that nothing they offered would benefit us where we live so we canceled the same day that we received the packet but yet they still have charged our account the $19.99 fee every month.

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charging $14:99 to my credit card without my permission

My credit card has been charged for the last two months for $14.99
by TLG ID SECURITY, 888.344.9406.
After researching we believe that Trilegiant Corp. has used 'Great Fun" as a method of attaining our creditcard Number, and has used it without our permission.

Denise & James Mason
2006 Mono St
Oxnard, CA [protected]

  • El
    elizabettys Dec 08, 2010

    Please contact Freed & Weiss about your experience and for class action information. They need to hear from you.
    Trilegiant Scam: HELP STOP IT!
    Trilegiant is behind more consumer abuse. Take action and contact Freed & Weiss - info @ freedweiss (dot) com (No Spaces), or call, toll free 866.779.9610

    Here's more information:

    Customers of websites like 1-800-Flowers.com, Travelocity, Shutterfly, and Orbitz are reporting mysterious monthly reoccurring charges to their credit cards.

    Thanks to marketing tactics (i.e., those pop-up windows) used during check out, without proper consent consumers are accidentally joining club memberships and having to pay for them monthly!

    Most people don't even realize they are being charged every month for a service they never ordered!

    Is this happening to you? Have you made a purchase for travel, work, or fun using any of the following sites:

    EB Games.com,
    Continental Airlines,
    Shutterfly Inc.,
    US Airways
    Vistaprint USA
    Redcats USA
    Pizza Hut
    Movie Tickets.com
    GMAC Mortgage

    Join this cause to learn more and stop the consumer abuse from Trilegiant.

    AND PLEASE CONTACT FREED & WEISS IMMEDIATELY if you - or anyone you know - has reoccurring charges after purchasing from any of these companies.

    Contact Freed & Weiss by emailing: info @ FreedWeiss (dot) com (No Spaces), or calling: (312) 220 - 0000, or toll free (866) 779 - 9610

    Help Spread the Word to Your Friends!

    What should I look for? Mysterious charges involving the business practice of Trilegiant/Affinion and Verture include the following membership programs:

    Great Fun,
    Shopping Essentials,
    Privacy Guard,
    Shoppers Advantage,
    Travelers Advantage,
    Buyers Advantage,
    Privacy Guard (or Credit Alert),
    Great Options,
    Everyday Values,
    Auto Advantage,
    Complete Savings,
    Just For Me,
    Everyday Privileges Gold,
    PC SafetyPlus,
    and Hot-Line

    Banks issuing the credit cards and processing unauthorized charges on your account include: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Chase, Bank of America, US Bank.


    What can I do?

    Contact us immediately, if you or someone you know has been charged mysterious monthly recurring fees after making purchased as any of the online companies.

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  • Lu
    Lucinda Cormier Feb 19, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am also having trouble with TLG withdrawing an unauthorized $17, 99 from my checking account every month. I used to be a legitimate customer but cancelled the service months ago. Things were fine for a while, but now that I have a new debit card number (due to a losing my old card), they have found me and have started deducting a charge without authorization. Experian has started playing the same game by charging me $21.99 a month without authorization. We are on a fixed income, and these charges, although small, have an impact on us, including causing overdraft charges. Enough already! These people really need to be stopped, Drawing and quartering is too good for them.
    Kenneth Cormier

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charged my card without my knowledge or consent

2008 My family and I bought discounted airline tickets thru "priceline.com" to go to AZ. We were also to receive a $30 in rebates just for trying out a 30 day "Great Fun Adventures" membership for discounts on amusement parks, restaurants etc. When we got back from Arizona I called and specifically cancelled the membership. We never received the $30 in rebates until one day we got a check for $9 in the mail. I thought it was from this trial membership company I was exposed to through Priceline. I signed and deposited the check. I thought maybe the $30 in rebates was being paid in installments. Fast forward to today, August 17, 2010. I receive a "membership renewal notice in the mail from some company called "Everyday Priveleges Gold" with a P.O. Box in Nashville, Tennessee saying that if I don't call their toll free number [protected] to cancel the membership they will renew it automatically by charging my credit card for $169.99 for the renewal fee. I called and a young man answered. I wanted to know if they've been charging my credit card every year. He said yes, that it was charged last year in August of 2009. He very sarcastically said that I cashed that $9 check which clearly states that by signing and cashing it I was agreeing to enroll in their membership. I was very irrate and let him know that he is part of a scam. I never one time used their discount offer.


On the 24th of June 2010 I called Hertz to get a quote on a rental car. Once I recieved the quote the agent...

I cancelled my membership

I cancelled my membership to TLG Shoppers, a week after I was enrolled into it. The night I enrolled I didn't want the membership, but your salesperson wouldn't accept no as answer, I should have hung up on him but I didn't want to be rude. I expect you to put my money back into my account as you get this email. Because I did cancel my membershup, the coupons that I recieved are no good to me, since I do not drive nor do I live anywhere close to any of the places that the coupons are for. As far as I am concerned you are not honoring the cancelation of my membership. I will thank you in advance for returning my money into my account and to once again cancel my membership, .
Anita P.Meis

unauthorized credit card charges

TLG Live Well is a company that works with 1-800-Flowers to offer discounts to consumers at a membership status. They are not a stranger to this board I've recently discovered. I found they had recently charged my debit card $38.99 for a membership fee that I had never authorized. Apparently, when you accept a 15% off coupon from 1-800-Flowers on your next purchase, it automatically signs you up for this program. A trusting consumer assumes that the coupon is a thank you for shopping on the site, however, its just a hook to process unwanted charges through this secondary site. I called immediately and was welcomed with a suggestion that I use the benefits I've been given since I was charged. Though normally understanding, I replied very calmly that I did not authorize them to sign me up for anything and I don't want any of the coupon offers that the operater was willing to send. He notified me that I would be refunded the money in the next 7 business days and my membership would be cancelled. He sounded very scripted and when I didn't accept his first suggestion, backed down to my response which shows me that he must field these call all day long. This company definitely makes money off people not checking their statements because had I not paid attention, they would have continued to charge me every month. This situation honestly makes me no longer want to buy through 1-800-Flowers. The company has always delivered wonderful service but who wants to worry that if you click the wrong button you'll charged for something you didn't purchase? I'm definitely disappointed in the their affiliation with this kind of scam.

customer service

I spent Valentines Day 2010 at a Super 8 in Indiana. Since I had little money, when i was told that I could take enroll in a service called Travelers Advantage for my stay, I thought about it. Not interested in an enrollment, though, I was told that I could use the program once and cancel. Which I did so right after my stay. And they left my account alone for one month then started charging me again behind my back, without my knowledge.
My complaint is almost the exact same as that of another customer on a complaint site, who worded the next part of my experience so well:

"Unbeknownst to me my checking account continued to be accessed by a company calling itself Great Fun. Because of the name I did not immediately pick up on the fact that they were continuing to bill me in spite of my cancellation. For several months I continued to receive checks in the mail which I didn't sign because on the back in very small print it said that endorsement of the check would obligate me to a membership."

This is true in my case as well, except not only is Great Fun, a service for which I had never signed up or used or even heard of, billing me but also Travelers Advantage is taking the same amount as Great Fun at the same time from my bank account. This means that instead of just one or the other charging me $12.50 every month, it is both of them charging me that much each, $25.00, SIMULTANEOUSLY. EVERY MONTH. I didn't initially see this and called once again in June to cancel and get a refund.
I was told that I had actually never called in February and that I needed a confirmation code for them to believe me, which I was not given the first time I called to cancel this service. So, now I was being told I was a liar. The representative danced in circles around my words so that anything I could possibly say would not make a difference to the situation. He told me they canceled my membership and would still not refund me. I STILL GOT BILLED AGAIN IN JULY! I have my bank statements since January to today to prove it.

Now my checking account, because I knew I was low on money the past few months I left it alone and didn't use it, is in the deep negative. I need a refund of my money if I even hope to eat any time soon since I am a full time college student who is on my own and has no money, especially now.

TWICE have I called and canceled these services and STILL I continue to have my money stolen from me, and no one will give me a refund despite the fact that the only- first and last- time I had ever used this service was the one single time after which I promptly canceled in February.
I WILL seek the help from any others who have been scammed, my legal advisors, the attorney general, AND the Better Business Bureau if something is not done. I am still a customer (apparently) and have been treated unfairly. Things here definitely do not smell right.

fraudulant charging of credit card

They sent me a voucher for gas and offer discounts for vary items. At first I thought it my be interesting or worth while. but cancelled after a few weeks never using the voucher. They did not stop charging my card - not realizing it they kept charging me. It was until March this year I saw the charges. I called again. They said they would stop. Now I see the charges again last month and this month. I called again they said they see I called in March but could credit my anything, but would stop. They not to be tusted.
The told me someone called in and reauthorized it. The only way to stop this is to close the account.

unathurized credit card charges

My story is the same as all the others however, i called the company (when they charged my debit card their...

why are you charging me 12..99

Looking at my bank account I notice you charging me for something I don't know about. the charge was for...

unauthorized charges of 11.99 on my bank account

Noticed a charge of $11.99 on my bank statement which i did not recognize. Googled and found that this is a scam. My account has been charged for over a year now. Called my bank they are stopping the next payment and told me to contact this place to try to have reversed. I called the number on my statement and was disconnected due to high call volume. Will keep calling until I get someone. they have robbed almost $200 from my account and I will sue them if needed. I also recall receiving random checks in the mail from this company which I threw out. Watch out and check you statements monthly so that you do not fall victim to this scam.

  • Fu
    FUZZYT May 18, 2009

    TLG*GREATFN has been charging $11.99 a month for countless months - had no idea what it was, so found a number to call on the web, and after a long wait, spoke to someone. They said they will discontinue this. We shall see. It is a membership to who knows what!! In the meantime I was charged for three months without any type of a refund. I contacted CHASE to stop the charges and they referred me to TLG*GREATFN. What a run around!!!

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  • Na
    Nancy Bridges Aug 22, 2009

    I was charged for this Great Fun crap on my checking account and I did not authorize it or I did not sign up for it either. They got my account from where I ordered checks online. Every time I call and try to cancel they say they want to keep my account active. I don't want this crap and I can't afford it, and they have me overdraft fees of $40.00 TWICE plus the $12.99 from my account. Iwant it stopped today. This is fraud.

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  • Mc
    MCLAW Nov 08, 2009


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