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I went to Great Clips for the first time ever, to have the ends of my hair clipped. For the convienance, I also had my two year old sons hair cut. There were three women inside of the store, however only two greeted us. One of the ladies immediately went to the back of the store. My information was put into the system and one lady had washed my hair. By the time she had finished one of the ladies had left the store. The lady who was left, by default, had to cut my son's hair. She then asked me had did I want his hair cut. I told her to give him a shape up and cut his hair low. She then said "this is not a barber shop and we don't know how to cut his hair." I thought it was strange that she had made that comment, but I did let her cut his hair. While I was still getting my ends cut, the young lady had me pay for our services. The older lady had then finished my son's hair cut. I was extremely surprised at how poorly of a job she had done. His hair cut was uneven all over and his shape up was not even done. When I approached the lady about it she was cutting someone else hair and had one waiting. She told me that was anything she could do and that I could come back the next day and have someone else cut his hair. She was unprofessional, inconsiderate, and rude. I asked the other lady would had cut my hair to recut my son hair she told me that I had to let the other woman cut it. I told her that I wanted to speak to the manager and found out that the lady who had been so rude was the manager. I have not went back to any Great Clips since that incident, nor will I return to that location. On the same day I had to go to another place to have my son's hair corrected. I was out a total of $30 for a two year old to have his hair cut. I want something to be done immediately about this manager. I not recommend anyone to that store if she is not reprimanded for her actions.


  • Ca
    CATFACE Feb 27, 2010

    You took your son to a place called "Great Clips" thats like taking my dead grandmother to a funeral home called "Awesome Holes in The Ground Where We Put Nana" Why don't you bring him to a barber shop next time. A nice mom and pop place. Become a regular customer and bring money back to "Main Street" instead of into a company.

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  • Jo
    JodiStrenge Jan 20, 2011

    I am sorry for that expierence, the way that should have been handled is they should have gone ahead and took you back and usually in the store some stylist are better at updos than others (which is common) if the client had to wait they should have been given the oppurtunity to look at some books while they wait and then when they took you back then in conversation let them know that appointments for updo's are better so you can usually get right in and not have to wait that is for your convienence and give them a card with my name on it so they can call ahead so next time you wont be hassled that is how I would have handled it as a rule of thumb it does go down the list for clients and everyone should be trained in updo's unless they are a barber.

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  • Jo
    JodiStrenge Jan 20, 2011

    First it is obvious that was my computer? Second your question mark should be after the question you think?Do you punctuate much? Didn't think so.

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