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I was picked up by a driver one day who asked me a lot of personal questions. I did not start the conversation as I do not usually talk to the drivers as they can be rude and obnoxious. This particular driver suggested we keep in contact and voluntarily gave me his number. When contacted, he treated me with hostility. He then sent me an SMS accusing me of calling him foul names even after he had blocked my number. He has thus filed a false report with Grab and instead of Grab giving the chance to explain my side of the matter, has banned my account. Shouldn't they reprimand their driver for giving out his personal number in the first place? This incident did not even take place during the ride. It is unfair for Grab to terminate my account over the irresponsible actions of one particular driver. If someone deliberately gives a person his number, how can the other person be held liable for misconduct as I was polite to him but got upset when he blamed me for something I did not do? Perhaps Grab should train their drivers not to get personal with their passengers. It is extremely inconsiderate and appalling. This situation has not been handled with impartiality and tact.

Mar 13, 2019

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