Goodyear Corporatelug nut torque spec not being followed


Bought four new Assurance tires from Goodyear(Cupertino, CA) for my 2010 Chevrolet Malibu. Great tire, no issues. The problem occurs when I take the car in for a four tire rotation. First visit resulted with one wheel stud sheared off and the problem wasn't communicated to me. I found the problem when I removed the hub cap to notice the wheel stud sheared and the hub cap fastening nut plugged with black tape to prevent it from moving loosely around. Months of additional driving resulted in two more wheel studs sheared off. I took the vehicle to GM to find the issue. They found the wheel lugs on four wheels to be well over torqued and stressed beyond safety standards. Result, 20 wheel studs, 20 lug nuts and labor $997.00.

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