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I have no complaint, I am a member of gold's gym crowley. Last year I moved to chicago cancelled now I have returned to joshua and rejoined. The management helped me cancel last year
As per my agreement and without any hassle. The complaint I just read is total bs, sounds like they just are lazy and changed their mind. They have a financial responsibility which is backed by the best club in texas. Gold's gym crowley has the best equipment, over 50 cardio pieces and they have a great personal training dept, how do I know, this second time as a member, I have now taken pt for over 3 months and 3 times a week, I love the results and the help I get.
I am on my second trainer and each have been fantastic, working together to help me get to my goals. I have referred 6 members to gold's gym and they all use the club and I made them understand they are making a commitment both to themselves and financially so the more they use the club the more the benefit to them.
If you don't use the club you can't get the results, so the more you use the club the more you love it like me.
My mom and dad and sister have joined; they only use the fitness equipment and are happy and getting in shape, that's what gold's gym crowley does.
This # crisis in america we really need somewhere to go; where we are around people who are trying to better themselves and be their best, with others who are not
Pro athlete's making millions but texan's working out to be and look better.
If you have a problem with your membership the staff will always help you, I know I have used them many times if your lazy and you do not want to come to the club I bet you
Have something to say bad about gold's gym.
Not me I love the club the staff and the friends I have made at the club.


  • At
    Atticus Jackson Aug 23, 2011

    why are you yelling

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  • Wi
    Wise to the Gold Sep 03, 2011

    I agree, was the yelling really necessary. Sounds like a Gold's Gym employee defending the gym!

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  • Dz
    D Zach Nov 10, 2011

    Be careful of what you sign, I went to this gym as a guest, was introduced to a representative. She gave me a "tour" (partial) of the facilities. THEN proceeds to haul me into an office to pick one of their packages. I JUST wanted to
    try it out. Next thing I know, I am in a 3 year contract WITH a trainer. I NEVER gave her any credit card information or cheque. After thinking about how expensive this was I called next day to cancel. THEN I was getting bills from ASF International out of Colorado. I called them to inform them I had cancelled. NOOO! They say claim I am locked in for 3 years. So, I sent a REGISTERED letter as requested by their head office to state I was NOT interested in any further dealings with this organization. They call met to inform me it will cost $206 to PROCESS this cancelation, BUT I must pay an additional $800 to clear the billing. I called my lawyer, A law suit is going to be placed.
    STAY away from these scammers!!!

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  • Ramelle Nov 10, 2011

    An assertive No thank you would have cost you nothing.

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  • Jo
    Joe Olsen Nov 21, 2011

    ; I just moved to Calgary Alberta and was looking for a good gym to join with a friend, in October of 2011. I thought I would check Gold’s gym; I wanted to try the gym out. I was quickly sat down and made to sign a 3 year contract due to a lower monthly fee after returning home and looking closer at the signed agreement I started to realize what I actually signed… agreement # 0420 00251
    After getting laid off from my job and getting offered a job where I would be on the road for long periods of time I tried to cancel my membership and was charged $310 plus the initial charge of $108 to join. what a scam

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  • Al
    Allen63 Aug 27, 2012

    The management at Gold's Gym are liars and are only there to sell memberships and make money. They do not care about their personnel and/or trainers.

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  • Fa
    fairangel Aug 29, 2014

    Are you a troll? I was robbed too. Because there are literally thousands of similar complaints about getting overcharged and not being able to cancel membership online. I think a BIG class action lawsuit against the company would be a good thing. I guess the CAPS poster is the one exception to the rule. I'd like to know, as a senior citizen if anyone has had an issue regarding overcharging insurance companies (ie Silver Sneakers). If you want a class action email me at [email protected]

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