Golden Corraloverall service was a disaster!!

K Review updated:

As a Member of the Military, tonight's service was unsatisfactory! Took my family to the restaurant in Glen Allen, VA store number 749. As we seated, no waiter/waitress acknowledge us. We had to go up front just to get drink refills and the lady still didn't get drinks correctly even after telling what we had. The food was poorly cooked as well. Enough to where we got sick. This has all happened within the past hour. We will never visit this place again. $35.81 for crappy service and food.


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    Bellamie Jul 23, 2017

    While your service is appreciated, what difference does it make that you are a member of the military when it comes to customer service? I served, my husband serves, my father and brother served. I don't expect any special treatment because of my military standing and I don't point it out to people to try and sway their opinion/cash in on a sympathy vote. That's not why I joined.

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  • JKWilliams Jul 23, 2017

    You wanna pig out, go to Hometown Buffet - way WAY better. Golden Corral is for trailer park trash. I guess you've already found that out.

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  • JKWilliams Dec 17, 2017

    @JKWilliams UPDATE: Hometown Buffet, Palm Desert, CA, as of December 2017, has gone to the dogs. Horrible food. Baked chicken was dry as wood - 100% inedible. Other items have gone flavorless. If it wasn't for the senior price, the cleanliness, and the salad bar, I'd a gone ballistic. Jorge Mendez is supposedly now the manager (says so on the sign outside). He has to go.

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    pobarjenkins Dec 18, 2017

    @JKWilliams Do you have proof or evidence that things have become negative specifically because of this manager? It sounds like a chef issue.

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  • JKWilliams May 12, 2018

    They must've read my comment. Was back there a few weeks ago and food was back to first class. (someone working in a place like that is not called a "chef." I don't know what they're called but it's not "chef.")

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