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Dear Sir/Madam
Upon return of our rental vehicle we were later sent a document which included a cleaning fee deducted from our credit card. When I was next in the office I asked them why and they said they couldn't tell me even though they were the ones who supposedly did the clean and to contact head office. Well I am asking you now, can you please give me information or photos of why we were charged a cleaning fee after our return. This could have been told to us at the time of return when we were inspecting the car together. See below photo with all hire details and fees.

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    Thanks for your reply Graeme. That was only a snippet of our experience. We hired car off them for period of four months but you have to return every month and go through the hiring ordeal again. Every time we have walked through the door they have ripped us off to a total of 500 euro. They didn’t know we are residents of Spain though and probably thought two Aussies have no chance of chasing up the issues. We are lodging a claim with European Consumer Organisation with all our evidence. We read that last year they were fined over 2 million euro for bad business practice. We are not letting them get away with it and also not allowing them to spoil our wonderful experience of Spain and overall we have found the Spanish to be very honest and generous people. If you would like further information in relation to this experience I am willing to discuss
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      Aug 14, 2018

    Goldcar is an absolute joke of a company, but not a funny one. After returning from holiday on Sunday I've been informed that I have been charged €30 for a special clean. This car was returned in A1 condition, exactly as you'd expect after 10 days use. At no point when hiring did anyone say the car needed to be valeted before returning and the T&Cs given to me at Alicante upon collection of the car were in Spanish. I work for a large national newspaper and fully intend to publish my experience and progress with this matter.

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