GoldCar RentalDishonesty

S Aug 07, 2018

Prebooked car from Roma IT paid for 'super relax cover' to avoid need for credit card deposit.
Goldcar use Google algorithms to put themselves top of any search for Italian car hire without credit card.
You can not just relax, you can SUPER Relax, just don't expect to drive away, or see your money ever again.
Reason... You need to leave fuel deposit equal to 130litres (for a car with a 32litre tank incidentally!!!) Your booking confirmation will state in Spanish language, that only e visa or mastercard are valid. No problem you think, I have both those.
At the Roma airport desk the staff will produce a dog eared photocopy of a clause (in English) that prepaid cards that most travellers use are not permitted. That is NOT mentioned in their booking confirmation.
At an agreed signal from the staff, a well dressed man mingling with customers will go into the most theatrical toddler tantrum you'll ever witness, allowing the staff member to flee the scene.
Other staff will then claim you can only deal with the now absent staff member, as only they have the details.
You may imagine I'm exaggerating, but I had a connecting flight a week later and witnessed the exact same pantomime.

You will be told to contact Goldcar Spain.. Good luck...
Rome's refusal to hand over the car will be logged as you not turning up to collect. Eventually you will be given a spurious email address ([protected] which will not be answered. Further calls will fail to get a response, other than a comment that customer services are always busy and might take 20 days to answer.

A search for Goldcar reviews will make your eyes water. The consensus opinion being that, as nobody would use the Company twice, they've decided they might as well defraud everyone unfortunate enough to become ensnared, and to the full extent of brazen peactices

  • Updated by Stephen Bibbington · Aug 07, 2018

    For clarity.
    I have both visa and mastercard prepaid currency cards. Nowhere in Goldcar terms or website does it specify these (as opposed to credit cards) are invalid.
    This for eur 46, of fuel BTW.

    Anyway, that's not the issue.
    Goldcar said they couldn't possibly let someone drive a car away without leaving a deposit., which makes their website statements dishonest and the SUPER RELAX cover cynically so.

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