GoldCar Rentalbod notification - contract: [protected]

D Aug 12, 2018

Dear Sir/Madam

Frankly I'm astonished by the temerity of the letter you sent me by email this evening.

On the afternoon before I picked up your rental car on Saturday August 4th, I went out of my way to explain to your representative that the car was short by approximately $20 in fuel. It was not full. He advised that we photograph the indicator on the dashboard and submit to your desk at Bordeaux Airport on our return Saturday August 11th. We duly obliged. (Please see attached)

On our return on the 11th we parked and presented the key to your sole representative at your desk and presented the photograph. He examined it and agreed with us that it was not full on the 4th. He noted the photo and the incident on his documentation and asked if we required a refund. I stated that the car on return was not quite full (about €12 short) so I refused the refund. Now I reckon you owe me about €8.

Please investigate this fully and refund me the funds charged to my credit card immediately.

Yours sincerely

Donal and Anne O' Carroll
Tel: [protected]

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