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General Motors Corporation2016 gmc acadia and r.b. fries dealer

My 2016 GMC Acadia purchased July, 2018 was acting from time to time not turning on after fuelling the tank. THen June 3, 2019 it stopped while I was driving and had pre ignition after the second time it stopped for no reason. I called the dealer RB Fries Vandlilng Pa and Serice Manager Ken told me to bring ht ebehicle in as soon as possible. Long story short the Teck "found water intrusion on drivers'side from under head liner. Found blockeed drain for sunroof on drivers side of vehicle". Therefore the Purch solenoid was replaced. My complaint is that were were never informed to check to see if the sunroof area was clogged. I never had to do that with any other vehicle. It is not mentioned in the owners manuel to the best of my knowledge. My complaint is that this information should haave been disclosed to us when the behicle was purchased. My second complaint is if I had been told I would have maintained that drain. and I could have been rear ended if there were cars in behind me when the vehicle shut off. This disclosure IS IMPORTANT because of the safety issue. My vehicles have always been maintained. I have a 1987 Mercedes 560 SEL that has original paint and is spotless inside. I have a 1986 F150 that is in for body work. HOwever the original seats are spotless. Did I make my point.
This is poor conveying of something unique to the vehicle and full disclosure. I am a tax professional and must abide by Circular 230 by the IRS. I am also Code Enforcement Officer of FOrest City, Pa and must abide by the International Property Maintenance Code 2015 and the Ordinance adopted and enacted by the Borough. DUe diligence is most important by anyone and everyone. I am worried about the unseen damage that this lying water is and will appear in the near future. Rust is a very bad situation. When I go to the carwash which I do in the Winter I have the spray put on for Road salt etc. I pay the highest price for all the "stuff" the carwash has to insure that the car body is kept beautiful, clean and protected.

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    General Motors Corporation2015 gmc yukon denali

    I recently brought in my vehicle to the dealer because I received a ticket for a non working tail light. I would like to note I have no idea how long this was malfunctioning because there's no warning light in the vehicle telling me of the outage. I have owned many cars and when other bulbs failed a warning light warns the driver so they can immediately know the issue and fix it. This is an LED light and bulbs should last a lifetime which could why there is no warning light. This is a serious safety hazard that resulted in having to pay $800 to fix this defective. The dealer explained this is a common issue and for a vehicle with only 45, 000 miles this should not happen and could lead to an accident and serious injuries. Because this is a common issue I would like the other light replaced and the cost of the repair to be covered by GM. I called GM and they were not willing to assist the case ID is 9-[protected].

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      General Motors Corporationlemon vehicle

      I purchased my vehicle from friendly Chevrolet in Dallas tx, it was a lemon, I purchased the 2018 traverse new, as to it had been giving me issues since the 2nd week of purchase, advised the dealer that it would take off on its on, I almost hit a kid twice because of it, also on the highway would not go past 65, the dealer was rude, the gm priority care was rude, they told me to get another vehicle at my expense, they kept telling me nothing was wrong and no codes then they said check engine came on and replaced bcm key fob, and gear shaft, after received back called back as to they would never answer and I would have to call the salesman and tell him, I have never been insulted the way that this company has insulted me putting my life and the lives of others at risk the vehicle does not need to be on the road and they refused to buy back making me get another loan with no compensation, I was never late on payments and always early the vin number is 1gnerfkw9jj225696, I would like compensation or adjustment on new loan

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        General Motors Corporationservice

        p. O. Box
        hague, ny 12836
        june 4, 2019

        general motors corporation

        subject: service on 2015 tahoe

        to whom it may concern:

        on april 15, 2019 my tahoe was taken to boniface-hiers chevrolet in melbourne, florida for service . I.E., oil change, tire rotation and advised them that the outside window trim was loose, that the e-brake cable was hanging very low and that there was a clicking sound in the engine.

        The oil was changed, tires rotated and they temporarily
        tied the cable up as they needed to order a clip (p/n [protected]) for the cable and said there was a major problem with the air conditioner.

        Without anything being completed to satisfaction on the cable and without anything being done to the air conditioner the total bill was $389.36 which i thought was outrageous. Since we were leaving for new york i decided to wait to go to our regular dealer, christopher chevrolet in ticonderoga and have them put the cable clip on and also re-check the air. We never had a problem with the air so that seemed strange to me that i needed major work. As it turned out with the diagnostic tests at christopher the clicking had to do with the high pressure fuel injectors and not the air conditioner.

        After boniface-heirs "fixed" the problem with the window trim ($144.93) the same trim came loose on our way to new york and the job had to be done over. Christopher chevrolet (who we would highly recommend to anyone and have been customers of theirs for many years) found that the trim was in fact not new and was
        cracked at the top where you couldn't see it under the molding. This was on the driver side of the car. They also found that the trim was loose on the passenger side as well and fixed both sides ($100.73).

        We have dealt with the dealer in Melbourne for several years and up until this year it was Rossner Chevrolet which we have nothing but good to say about their service and customer relations. I must say that we are most disappointed with the new dealership and will not be going there in the future. I have had four Tahoes and several miscellaneous other models of gm cars and my husband has had five pickup trucks plus other models; so, as you can see we are devoted gm buyers. Our question at this point is: where do we go for service while in Florida? we winter in the Sebastian, Florida area and this was the closest dealer.

        I have not written a grievance letter to Boniface-Heirs as I
        didn't feel comfortable doing so and felt that general motors in general should know of the problems i had.

        I do think that Boniface-Heirs should make some sort of restitution in this matter since i had to have some of the same things done the second time..

        Thanking you in advance for your time and attention to this, I am

        Very truly yours,

        Shirl J. Van Kleeck-Vickerson

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          General Motors Corporationwheels on my 2016 impala ltz are flaking, chipping off

          All 4 wheels are chipping as per the attached photo.
          I would like to either get new wheels at no charge or have the dealer fix at no charge.
          I have purchased an extended warranty to 125, 000 miles.
          47, 000 on the car now.
          I'm very happy with this car but not with what's happening with the wheels.
          I believe that this shoud not be happening at all. Especially since the car is only 3 years old.

          wheels on my 2016 impala ltz are flaking, chipping off

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            General Motors Corporation2013 yukon xl

            The problem that I am having is that my heater was not blowing hot air. The dealership repair dept changed a couple of parts but it was still was not working properly. I took the Yukon back because it was working properly even the service manager agreed that it wasn't working properly but said it wasn't anything they could do. Now the rear air conditioning is not blowing cold air. The problem must be connected. The air vent doors must not be closing completely.

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              • Updated by Gerard Hall · Jun 02, 2019

                The problem is the same no change.

              General Motors Corporationdef and transmission

              2014 3500, DEF has been worked on at 96k miles and they changed heater and the spray nozzle at the exhaust. The DEF has been worked on 3 more times since and I only have 112k miles on. Now the dealership says I need to change the spray nozzle in the exhaust again and want me to pay for it. I have been buying GM since 1978 and have bought numerous duramax 3500 3 to be exact. and have only had issues with the injectors on the 2nd one and GM took care of that. Why is it that the DEF issue was extended to 125k miles now hey want me to pay for something that was replaced 16k miles ago this is not right. Now after the last check engine light the transmission would no come out of 2nd gear and then ABS light came on and the brake light. This happened 2 weeks after I got the truck back from the last repair I need your assistance on the 1500.00 that they are saying it will cost to do the repairs which i do not believe is mine to pay to do the repairs I have never ever had an issue with my other 2 Allison transmissions before and the went well over 200k miles on each. If this is the way that I supposed to be treated after always talking good about GM and GM has always treated me fairly and I would expect nothing less now. Please respond and tell me what GM will do for an preferred customer.

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                General Motors Corporationcase#: 9-[protected] lifter failure on 2015 5.3 gmc sierra

                Good morning. My name is Kelly Brockel. I am inquiring about the case number listed in the subject line on a 2015 GMC Sierra VIN# 3GTP1VEC8FG464458 .
                I am the owner of this vehicle which was taken in for service due to a misfire on cylinder #7. Upon inspecting the truck the dealership I purchased from installed a new injector. This new injector did not cure the misfire. It was at this time that the vehicle was transported to the local GMC dealer / service center (Rick Mathews GMC) in Brooksville Florida. After diagnosis of the vehicle I was contacted and told that the repairs needed would not be covered under warranty due to what they state is an aftermarket calibration. I purchased this vehicle used in November of 2017 and after taking ownership I discovered horrible driveline vibrations. I did research and found that this was/is a large issue with these vehicles that seems to have no resolution or readily available fix. I replaced tires which help slightly, but the truck is still horrible to drive at highway speeds. I traded in a 2007 Sierra with 150k miles on it that never had a rattle or vibration of any kind, so I found it unusual to be having this problem until I researched it and found that there are literally thousands of complaints online of people with the same issue.
                Around June last year the truck out of no where would barely run and almost left my wife stranded (this is her daily vehicle). We managed to get it to the dealership. The repair was a complete bank of direct injection injectors which was covered under warranty. Whether it was still a manufacturers warranty or the extended warranty I purchased on top of the sales price of the vehicle that covered the cost I am unsure of.
                This all brings me to present. It appears the truck has had a lifter failure on cylinder #7 which is a cylinder that is used for the Active Fuel Management or Displacement on Demand. I once again researched and found that this is an issue that goes back to the introduction of this system with lock pin failures, oil aeration/low oil pressure.
                I have found old service bulletins PIP4138A / PIP4568S, and the current bulletins of TSB# 15-06-01-222F and 15-06-01-002C. I have changed the oil every 3-3, 500 miles with Mobil 1 Dexos and a quality filter.
                I am unsure of wrong calibrations found, but as stated I purchased the vehicle used. I am highly disappointed to find I am possibly responsible for a several thousand dollar repair for an ongoing issue that GM can not seem to correct. The number of failures is staggering. I also looked into the Magnuson-Moss act. I am stunned that a warranty claim on a long time know issue is being denied as there is no proof of the reported conflicting calibrations that would lead to this failure.
                I have owned GM trucks for the past 25+ years with great loyalty, and many enjoyable miles, but this latest truck has been a huge disappointment. This is especially true after researching and discovering the many problems that are plaguing thousands of owners that have no resolution.
                I welcome a response and explanation to my concerns pertaining to this matter.

                Thank you,
                Kelly Brockel

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                  General Motors Corporationpurchasing process and gm customer support

                  My name is Bruce McGettrick a GM retiree. My 2018 Traverse was involved in an accident at the end of April. It's been sitting in a repair shop since then, do to a national back order of repair parts. Purchasing is not considering service parts requirements when negotiating contracts with production suppliers. I know this, as I was involved in GM order to cash processes for 41 years.

                  My insurance company (much like all of them) only allows 30 days for a rental vehicle while my car in being repaired, we're way past that now

                  Customer support thinks the first two parts might ship the week of 6/3, a month late, I asked if they would expedite shipping, they said they can't and didn't even have an idea as to who to talk to. That's some support organization LOL. I hope someone actually reads this and it doesn't fall into a BLACK HOLE with a robot response .

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                    General Motors Corporationcustomer service

                    The staff and manager were completely disorganised and unprofessional and their treatment to me might as well be described as rubbish they did nothing to comply to my needs and their survice was completly not worth one's time and I would recommend a more mature company which seemed to be the opposite of the people who represent them there and their working operation is none the less the worst I've come across would not recommend at all.

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                      General Motors Corporation2011 gmc terrain

                      I have a 2.4L L4 engine and it uses an excessive amount of oil, 1 qt every 400 to 500 miles. I am beyond the 7.5 yr or 120, 000 miles which ever comes first. My Terrain has 104, 000 miles on the odometer but is older than 7.5 years. General Motors had to know that there was a problem with this engine, their dynometer testing should have shown this and yet they still put it into a vehicle, I am really disappointed in GM and I don't feel right about selling this vehicle to anyone.

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                        General Motors Corporationleasing vehicle process

                        Went to lease a vehicle at serra Chevrolet in southfield mi. I was given a price to lease the vehicle and was told to transfer my insurance and plates. Once all of the requests was done the price was changed by $160 more than original promised price. This is a bate and switch deal and is unfair to me as a customer. The original price should be honored

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                          General Motors Corporationdealership from which I bought a 2019 buick encore

                          I had a screw in the back tire on the driverside so today 5/24/19 i took the Buick to Henderson Chevrolet in Henderson Kentucky where i purchased it bout a month ago. i had the donut on the car and the damaged tire was in the back. When i first got there they raised my hatch it stayed like that til they pulled it around back to fix my tire. The only issue i had when i arrived was a screw in my tire. They reolaced the tire when i got home i went to raise the hatch it wouldnt raise so i lifted it up with both hands my strut on the passenger side was completely gone. So i immediaely contacted the dealership i was talked to like i was crazy made feel like nothing it ended up the tecnician claimed everything was fine when he got thru well my doughnut was just throwed in the stuff that locks the doughnut in was underneath the doughnut but my new Buick is damaged and they wouldnt do nothing about it it only has a little over 700 miles on it The Buick made 4th new Gm car i bought from them since 2017. This is pitiful and i am quiet upset. My name is Anthony Dillingham. my phone number is [protected]. My email address is [protected]@outlook.com

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                            General Motors Corporation2011 gmc yukon denali - engine replacement required

                            Hearing great reports on the GMC vehicles, and wanting to buy American (I then owned a Lexus SUV), on March 30, 2012, I purchased a 2011 GMC Yukon Denali from Jim Hudson GMC, Cadillac, Buick in Columbia, South Carolina. Although the vehicle was purchased in the name of Quinn Law Firm, LLC, I purchased it for my personal use and not for business.

                            The purchase price was $52, 000.00, and the mileage was 16, 571 miles. Prior to my purchase, I understood from general information that I could expect to get at least 150, 000 miles. I have recently been told that the vehicle should have had an average engine life of 209, 000 miles and an odometer mileage of 300, 000. I recently heard a knocking with respect to the motor, and upon taking it to the Jim Hudson dealership, I learned that the engine required replacement. Obviously, this was a disappointment to me, and not what I anticipated when I purchased the vehicle. As you'll note from the enclosed records, there was 106, 085 miles at the time of the inspection.

                            Based on purchase price, and my expectations of the mileage I thought I would get based on the experience of others, I am asking that GMC replace the engine. I had a 100, 000 inspection at the Jim Hudson dealership. Everything appeared in order except as noted.

                            Hard copies of letter and dealership records being mailed.

                            Mike Quinn

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                              General Motors Corporation2015 gmc sierra slt

                              A dedicated GMC owner, I am not happy to find that my 2015 vehicle has such a poor quality anti-corosion wax coating. At all penetration points on the frame, heavy corosion is eating away at my newest truck. The engine mounts, upper control arm attachment points, cross beams inside and out; pretty much everywhere I could stick my eyeball or camera lens. I expected that GM, of all companys, would have solved this issue by now as it's not a new problem.

                              This is my 4th GMC truck and I absolutely love it. I still have my 2003 GMC to use for heavy loads and plowing, so I tend to treat my 2015 like a luxury vehicle. While performing an inspection before setting out on a recent vacation trip, I noted the corrosion. Needless to say, it didn't put me in a vacation frame of mind.

                              Earlier this year I had considered upgrading to a newer model but I wasn't satisfied with the minimal changes in design and fuel economy. Seeing no reason to trade it in, I decided to keep the vehicle that has served me so well for the past four years. This decission was based on the assumption that your vehicles are still designed to last hundreds of thousands of miles. Now I realize that this one will be lucky to make 100 thousand.

                              I reported my concerns to my local GMC dealer and learned that the service bullletin on this corrosion issue allots only 9 hours for rust removal and reapplication of a protective coating. That won't clean up the top of the frame or the inside surfaces and hard to reach areas. Motor mounts and other attachment points are incredibly corroded so I really don't see how a day's work can possibly solve this problem. I believe that the only way to do this correctly and prevent structural failure would be to remove the bed and cab to allow access to the entire frame and replacement of other corroded parts.

                              I don't know the feasibility of performing this work and retaining a reliable vehicle. It seems that by the time a vehicle is deconstructed to this level, you may as well build a new one! I am open to any proposal that would truly resolve this issue, but I will not accept a simple band-aid approach to what I perceive as a major defect.

                              I have also filed a complaint through my dealer, Brustolon GMC of Mystic, CT.

                              Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter,

                              James Rigney
                              68 Middle Rd
                              Preston, CT 06365

                              2015 gmc sierra slt
                              2015 gmc sierra slt
                              2015 gmc sierra slt
                              2015 gmc sierra slt
                              2015 gmc sierra slt

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                                General Motors Corporationbidleman chevy, gmc buick dealer in albion, ny

                                I bought a new 2018 GMC Terrain from Don Davis Dealer in Albion. Right after that they were bought out by Bidleman. Went there for maintenance in February 2019 for oil change, tire rotation, and inspection. Said all was good. On May 17, 2019 I went to a different garage just for an oil change. They called me back and said your rotors are all bad and definitely defective. I called Bidleman dealer and talked with Service Manager, Wayne Harris. He was so rude and told me they were not going to warranty it out because it ran out already. He tried telling me that there might be a stone in it. Well NOT in all 4 rotors! All 4 rotors are pitted and the back have large groves around the rotors. I took it in to Bidleman on May 18th and they found no problems with the brakes at all and NO stones. The service writer said we found no reason why they would be like that. I would replace them free of charge if I could but it is not my call. He told me to call Wayne Harris on Monday. I called him Monday morning and he then tried to tell me it was from the weather! NOT on all 4 rotors in 2.5 months. If anything they were like that in February and they never said a word because of course it would've been covered then. This is a NEW vehicle and I have since been to 2 shops and they said same thing. DEFECTIVE!!!

                                bidleman chevy, gmc buick dealer in albion, ny
                                bidleman chevy, gmc buick dealer in albion, ny
                                bidleman chevy, gmc buick dealer in albion, ny
                                bidleman chevy, gmc buick dealer in albion, ny

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                                  General Motors Corporationgm end-of-lease

                                  Consumer beware of end of lease treatment with GM.

                                  I leased their top of the line CTS-V for 39 months.

                                  I purchased another car, NOT a GM, and turned the CTS-V into the dealership 11 days PRIOR to the end of the lease period. I also purchased an extended warranty through ECCO Car Pro to cover any issues GM did not during this time period.

                                  SIX days AFTER the lease period expired (and the ECCO Car Pro extended warranty) I get a $1138 bill for "excessive wear".

                                  Had GM contacted me during the 11 days that they had the CTS-V prior to the termination of the lease; the extended warranty would have covered this $1138.

                                  Contacting their customer service, GM responds that they are under no obligation to contact me that there will be excess charges until the final bill is complete.

                                  I think this is ridiculously poor treatment for a customer that has purchased 2 Corvette Z06's and leased a 2016 CTS-V, almost $100, 000 vehicle.

                                  Consumer beware of end-of-lease charges !!!

                                  I will never lease another vehicle from GM !!!

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                                    General Motors Corporationsubstand repairs at legacy chevrolet in corbin ky on 2008 silverado

                                    On 3/26/19 the ecm was replaced because engine wouldn't crank.
                                    On 5/2/19 the throttle body was replaced because engine was going into reduced power mode.
                                    On 5/9/19 truck was again going into reduced engine mode, replaced throttle body and 2 oxygen sensors.
                                    On 5/20/19 returned truck to Legacy because it was again going to the power saver mode.
                                    The last two of these repairs totaled over $776 and the truck has not been repaired

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                                      General Motors Corporation2019 chevy silverado hd 2500

                                      I bought a brand new 2019 Silverado 2500. My a check engine keeps coming on P03300 . The automatic transmission seems like it does not want to change gears when towing up hill. I have to litteraly have to manually shift it. The engine Rpms will go up to over 5000 up to 5500. This does not seem normal to rev out without changing gears. 303.870.2947. help????

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                                        General Motors Corporationpaint on 2018 silverado chips and scratches very easily.

                                        I bought a 2018 silveraldo just 8 months ago and already had it in the body shop to fix chips and scratches. This paint clear coat isn't good at all. Is there a recall on that. I had a 2003 avalanche that I had for 16 years and just a few chips. Never this proablem at all. Something has to be done . Need a stronger paint job. I love my truck but so up setting how cheap the paint jop is for the price of the truck. Need help on this.


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