Globe Telecom / globe broadband transfer of service


I need to transfer my service from Lapulapu to San Fernando since we moved out from lapulapu. When we had our service installed we paid them the one month in advance plus extras for the installer. Now, the installer is asking to pay for 4000 pesos for them to install the service in the new area. They said that our new area has exceeded the distance for free installation. What's ironic is that they are doing caravan here in our new place telling people that they will install the service in one day. How come that they can give service to others and asking people to install where in fact they cant give it to us. They are asking us to pay because there's no available box near us. When we asked globe about it they just said that we have to pay since it's the tech installer that can say if we have to or not. That's too much for us. When we asked to cut the service they asked to pay 6k for the ETF. We have no choice and option. Now, we don't have service since March 10 and Globe is still billing us. I can't see any justice in this.

Apr 15, 2019

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