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Globe Telecom - unethical, corrupt company

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Let me explain, I live a lone only me in the house, I pay globe 1, 600 peso every month for 50 gb
With this I cannot watch a movie, open an attachment in an email
I have days I cannot even open my email
I cannot play a game
I have been with this corrupt company for 7 months now, in that time I have had my internet cut because according to them I had used my 50 gb, and can you believe this only 1 week after paying my 1, 600 peso
This toilet company continues to steal my money and yours, we have no choice because this company is nothing more then a corrupt ripoff # hole toilet and then will not return your money.
This company is living on borrowed time at best, there internet lines are 20 years old and not meant for the traffic they are trying to push through these old outdated lines, globe will rest in peace soon, they are no doubt waiting for some corporate company to install new lines for them for free, wake up your company is dead, bye bye corrupt # hole copany

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Aug 29, 2019 5:32 am

Just loaded 50 pesos promo with 1 gb data good for 3 days at around 10 am 8/29/2019...11 hrs later, a message from globe says: you still have 200 mb left...occational surfing in the web and playing sim city could really take that much?!...

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May 23, 2019 5:32 am

so true..

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May 18, 2019 5:32 am

I know right [censored]ing hell and their “promos” wasting all the money on some [censored]ing dumb “unlimited browsing” then later on you get a message saying that I exceeded the limit, like what the [censored] why call it unlimited if all you will do is put a limit on it, just legit end your company and stop you are an embarrassment, if you cant treat your [censored]ing customers right just stop running a company. You are not accomplishing anything so just stop and give all what you have to a company who can do more, cause legit you guys are corrupt and dumb, just [censored] you.

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