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S Jan 29, 2020

We subscribed with the internet service in February 2018. We paid the equipment but we did not get a receipt. We cannot unsubscribed because without the proof that the equipment was paid, the lockin is 2 years.

We went ahead and kept it. At one point, their signal got lost. We called for service restoration (Dec of 2018). We were offered an upgrade. We accepted.

Now that two years is about to lapse, we advised that we will unsubscribed at the end of February 2020. We were told that our contract was extended to December 2020 because of the upgrade. This is unacceptable!

We were not told about this condition and yet we must continue to suffer with the unreliable service and bad customer support.

We want Globe to cancel our subscription now without penalty due to unfair practices. Our internet service is behind CNAT (network address translation) and we cannot use other internet service because of this restriction.

Bad provided!

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