Globe Telecomgcash formal complaint and incident report

K Nov 19, 2019

I have been using gcash for most of my banking and financial transactions. At first, transactions were so so smooth that I even recommend the service to my colleagues, family and friends until one day I experienced a delay in my cash-in transaction and it took 2 days before they get it resolved after several emails. Then then second instance happened, same scenario, me sending an email to them and after two days it got resolved. The third instance happened and its becoming more often and the days in between is just a matter of 3-4 days and thats how often I use their service. Then same thing happened when I sent funds to another local bank (nothing was credited) and it continues to happen until I reached the 9th time experiencing and finally I called customer service because I am not hearing from their email services anymore. It took me 30 mins on hold waiting for a representative and when I finally get to talk to a rep, I was told not to use their service until the issue is resolve (and the issue never gets resolved between bancnet etc., ) how will I get my money from them? I was told to do a cash out, fall in line and pay for cash out fee. It was such an inconvenience and they cant do anything but to wait for 2 days again. When my money was credited back, they placed another float on the transaction I made right after the credit took place. So, i have to call again wait for 30 mins and I asked for supervisor after an hour waiting the supervisor named joana was surprised that she was talking to me while what she eas expecting is a lady she will be assisting, they are not calibrated of their own process and after me telling her what I wanted to happen and my concerns she hung up on me. I told her that I need the funds to pay my bills cause I will be charged of many fees and gcash doesnt have anything to compensate on their customers experienced inconvenience. To that effect, I have to call again and waited for another 30 mins to get a rep and when I asked for supervisor again, I was placed on hold and was supposed to talk to Brian who never got into the phone to attend to my concerns.

I have been charged of so many fees and my credit was impacted at the same time. This is the worst service ever.

Kevin King Asur

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