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Global Discovery Vacations Customer Service


Global Discovery Vacations

5360 College Blvd, Ste 200
Overland Park
United States - 66211

Customer Support Phone Numbers

Mon8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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Global Discovery Vacations Complaints & Reviews

Global Discovery Vacations / activity fee

Jason Hoffman on Dec 26, 2018

I was just wondering if anyone else on here had or is having an issue with getting their reoccurring activity fee waived? I keep getting the run-around. They give you X amount of days in which to have your fee removed and that is all I want. We have never traveled with them nor do we plan...

Global Discovery Vacations / it was great now it's awful

bill ruegsegger on Dec 26, 2018

I purchased this 10 years ago it was great for years. Then I noticed the condominium availability had went to almost nonexistent. I would call and they would email me the same condos that were on the website, that was a joke. Then I get a phone call asking me to join a webinar scheduled to...

Global Discovery Vacations / vacation club

Tabitha Rose on Dec 5, 2018

It first started with something in the mail for a free airline flight, which was impossible to use, but we didn't find that out till after they practically forced us to buy this vacation package that was then impossible to use, we purchased it back in March 5,'s been 5 years and...

Global Discovery Vacations / global discovery vacation

Aadrianna Usilton on Nov 18, 2018

My husband and I went to this presentation today, because they said they were giving free vacation. I personally was never going to buy anything. I just wanted the free vacation. My husband gave them expired credit cards, because they require you come with two forms of 🆔 . A major credit...

Global Discovery Vacations / duped/lied to/fraud — global discovery vacation

CANS16 on Sep 1, 2018

Do not purchase from global discovery vacations. We never received the free airline tickets and hotel we were promised. We paid our money and they keep asking for more IOT redeem our prize. In addition we are military and have access to armed forces vacation club. We paid $9000 for thi...

Global Discovery Vacations / unethical

Bonny Sanders on Jul 18, 2018

I want my money back and cancel my contract ASAP! I "purchased" a membership to this organization, and because I was a goldstar family member of the military, they "gave" me what they call a better deal.. that was almost two years ago. I have moved to another state, and tried on numerou...

Global Discovery Vacations / travel club

Gloria Berridge on Jul 6, 2018

I seriously believe the people complaining about Global do not understand how the club works. We have been members for 13 years and have probably taken 50 week long condo stays by utilizing our member weeks along with the getaway weeks. Yes, you may have to book well in advance (especially...

Global Discovery Vacations / company sold bogus vacations and charged fees interest for non usable product

Bob Massucco on Nov 12, 2017

Should have been paid in full in 2014 Started 08/20/2011, never took any vacations, not even the free vacation, we were told fees start once you use the vacation, and only that year of the vacation used. We look at the vacation and they were not where we wanted to go the pricing is not...

Global Discovery Vacations / vacation club

1m on Aug 10, 2017

This place is a total scam. They promise that you will be able to get your favorite vacation location without delays. That is a total lie, 1st of all when you sign onto their website, you are not given many options to vacation, then when you select an option from the limited selection, the...

Global Discovery Vacations / k

Jo on Jan 22, 2017

They never have anything open when I plan to go somewhere not even if I plan ahead. Elite in mandeville la sold me this package for global discovery vacations. They offered a promotion of getting a 3 day 2 night getaway. So I bought into the non sense and I received the offer. They asked...

Global Discovery Vacations / travel club

justice 4 the victims on Jul 22, 2016

Just left this exhausting, high pressured selling presentation at the gdv. When the salesman said it would cost$ 13, 900 to become a travel member then I almost fell out of my seat. This was ridiculous. Then you would have to keep up with peak and off peak time to travel. Since they did...

Global Discovery Vacations / vacation scam!

DianaPM on Feb 9, 2016

I responded to a news paper advertisement in 2012. Promising me a free cruise if I attended a brief seminar informing, and educating me on how to benefit from traveling all over the world at the fraction of the cost. At the seminar, Although, I told the representative several times that I can...

Global Discovery Vacations - Poor Customer Service / substandard vacation accommodations

Reviewer54837 on Dec 22, 2015

In 2007 My husband and I purchased the Global Discovery Vacation 5 star package. It was a high pressure presentation and "if you don't buy tonight the price will definite go up. This is a great deal." At the time, I had the feeling the salesmen were at best "questionable." The tactics were...

Global Discovery Vacation / membership for travel


We were not told that we could not cancel our membership - this was in the fine print. The day we went to the demonstration we felt pushed into a membership right away - we could not take it home and think about it or read all of the paperwork. One of the promotions to get us to go to the...

Global Discovery Vacation / fire sales are usually scam

JohnNewYork on Dec 8, 2014

Recently my wife and i attended one fo the sale presentation, during which they presented the membership at $14, 990 for 6 stars and 2 Expressway, plus annual activity fee of $389.00, and $179 for each week (7 nights) booked. At the end of presentation, it dropped to $12, 990. Once we sat...

Global Discovery Vacations / overpromising / lack of value

tomcat3333 on Jul 14, 2014

Global Discovery Vacations (GDV) is a travel company, or club, that offers a variety of services. To join, you have to attend a 90-minute presentation (and rceive a number of incentives) and pay a fee. I believe their starting price was $10K or more, but by the time we negotiated on a...

Global Discovery Vacations / watch out

weinsteigern on Jul 23, 2012

If you are considering enrolling into Global Discovery Vacations, please reconsider. My ex-fiance enrolled and then filed bankruptcy and now somehow I am stuck with almost 3, 000 to pay. Of my monthly payment of $50.00, only $22.00 goes towards the principle balance. There is a new...

Global Discoveries Vacations / incentive program


Too soon to tell if the Global Discoveries Vacations is a scam but the incentive program to get you in the door definitely is. We were told we would get 2 free airline tickets. The word "free" is relative - by the time you jump through all the hoops and correspondence necessary for limited...

Global Vacaction Network (Global Discovery Vacation) / scam

carrie2124 on Jun 14, 2012

My husband and I went to there office to see what they had to offer and everything seemed fine at first. We are working on buying a house so we didn't want anything on our credit and they said they had a deal that would work for that. So we signed up for a 1 year trial membership and...

Global Discovery Vacations / can't get where you want or the dates

i have been a member since 2003, and have been a concienge member for quite a few years, which allowes me to book a vacation 13 months ahead, and I still cannot book the place and date i want. giving them 6 weeks leaway. It is like a fight to the death. it was ok for a while and then it...