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GiftsnIdeas reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Jul 26, 2011. The latest review Scam - have not received refund was posted on Jun 27, 2021. The latest complaint not trustworthy, fake company was resolved on Feb 14, 2015. GiftsnIdeas has an average consumer rating of 1 stars from 93 reviews. GiftsnIdeas has resolved 5 complaints.

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+852 81 930 122 (Hong Kong)
PMB # 7044, 2711 Centerville Rd., Ste 112
Wilmington, Delaware
United States - 19808
201, GK Classics, Plot № 120, Opp. Heritage Fresh, Srinagar Colony, Hyderabad, Telangana - 500073

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GiftsnIdeas Complaints & Reviews, Page 2

Jun 22, 2019

GiftsnIdeas — the things delivered are a total ripoff, poor quality and delivery. package missing.

My husband ordered a combination of the teddy bear with a box of chocolates (order no.[protected]) and 1 long...

GiftsnIdeasorder no [protected] - pathetic customer service, unprofessional sellers, worst product

NEVER BUY... Cheater...!!!

My Order No. [protected], I ordered Assorted Chocolate Basket.

It was deliver after a week later from delivery date and cheap product deliver, seller abuse recipient. I talk to your customer care many times, they promise me to send apology bouquet, but they have not send anything nor they respond to my mail. I spoke and mail to Mr. Imtiaz Ali in GiftsnIdeas with all photos.
My friend received total 6 nos. one Dairy milk, Kitkat, Snickers, Nips and two nos. Hershey's in a polybag that was looking very cheap. I asked to cancel my order and refund my money which they have not done also when I tell my issue with Customer care, they offered me some refund due to late delivery and wrong product which I guess I would get in dreams only.
They ruin my day and relationship and spoiled my image.

NEVER BUY... Cheater...!!!

order no [protected] - pathetic customer service, unprofessional sellers, worst product
order no [protected] - pathetic customer service, unprofessional sellers, worst product

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    May 11, 2019

    GiftsnIdeas — chocolate

    Ordered flower and godiva chocolate as shown on website but delivered a flower with a cadbury chocolate!...

    GiftsnIdeasorder not delivered & refund not done


    I had ordered three gifts (a teddy, a box of ferrero rocher chocolates and a 2kg cake), to be delivered on 20 February 2019 in Kerala, India, and on the day of delivery, I received a call from their customer service agent saying the delivery had to be postponed as the destination was far away.
    When insisted that the delivery had to be done on the same day, they reverted that all their suppliers had turned down saying the destination was far.

    When a refund request was put forth, their customer service agent assured that we would receive the refund amount with 10-12 business days. After 12 days, when a reminder email was sent, they reverted today by copy pasting their initial email assuring that the order has been cancelled & the refund amount would be deposited within 10-12 business days!!!

    This website is a total scam, an online fraudulent system where the emails are not responded, if at all responded to, does not address the actual issue, and the numbers provided in their website are all out of reach.

    This site will be reported to the authorities, at least to be banned from UAE, and hope to make this website infamous all over social media over their fraudulent services.

    Please do not ever spend a penny and be prey to these betrayers!

    order not delivered & refund not done

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      Giftsnideas.coma gift item order number # [protected]

      Mainak Sengupta
      9:49 AM (14 minutes ago)
      to customerservice

      I had booked an item to be delivered in Saskatoon on 14th Feb as a Valentines Day gift. Order status # [protected]. Two numbers were given and an instruction to call the numbers. Yet, none were contacted. And the item not delivered. I could not possibly imagine that something like this would happen. The live chat agents Sarah and Kelvin and Orton did read my texts in chats, but did not reply even after repeated pleading. They charged me quite a hefty money (more than 100 dollars) and did not deliver the good and did not take my call, did not reply to chats and did not respond to emails.

      a gift item order number # [protected]

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        GiftsnIdeasService is horrible!

        Please see my chat below.



        Welcome to LiveChat


        Kelvin 08:24
        Hello. How may I help you?
        Can i confirm tt d receipient will receive d gift btw 9.30 to 10.30am?
        Halo kelvin, u there?
        Kelvin 07:23
        Please be informed that our standard delivery timings are from 10 am to 7 pm as per recipient country time zone.
        we cant assure the time of delivery but it will deliver today
        I speciafically put a timing as d recipient will leave office by 12noon
        Ive check several times and all yr officers assured tt it will reach within d time i stated
        Can u inform d delivery team in SG to deliver by 1030hrs
        This is an office address hence by today will not do
        Hi. U there?
        Kelvin 07:35
        Please allow me couple of minutes to check the details for you.
        Hi. U still checking?
        Hi. U there?
        Kelvin 07:58
        We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused.
        we cant assure the time but we can only assure the day of delivery
        This was not told to me in my previous chats
        Can u try asking d sg team to assist
        Its a suprise
        Tts y i ordered early
        Pls don spoil my v day suprise
        I hope u understand
        Kelvin 08:01
        We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused.
        Can u help inform?
        Kelvin 08:03
        we deliver it today
        Its not abt today. Its an office. My spouse leaves office at 12pm
        I need it sent by 11am at least
        Pls don repeat d same statement again n again
        I understand english
        Now i need yr help to inform d sg team
        Kelvin 08:05
        sure we will inform to deliver on 12pm
        It really means alot
        Hi. U will inform d sg team?
        Have u informed them
        Is there a sg contact no tt i can call?
        Kelvin 08:11
        yes we will inform
        Is there a sg office contact numbet?
        Hi u there?
        Kelvin 08:16
        we will update we informed through call also
        Is there a singapore office number tt i can call
        This chat has taken an hour n there is still no solution
        Can i have a number to call
        Hi. R u there? Y does it take so long to reply
        I would appreciate yr kind n prompt replies
        Hi. Yr reading my msges but not replying
        Kelvin 08:23
        we informed to the supplier
        Does yr supplier have a contact no?
        Kelvin 08:27
        yes but we wont share the details with customers
        Then how do i ensure tt u guys wont screw up my order despite i puting it clearly under d special instructions n yr guys assuring me
        Kelvin 08:29
        we try to deliver on requested time
        Please be informed that there would be a delay in delivery time due to high volume of Valantine orders.
        Yr delay is not my prob.
        I have been chating almost everyday
        Don push yr delays to yr customers
        If yr company delays my delivery after 11am today, ill maje sure i take action
        I have all my conversations saved
        U guys make empty promises n now tell me tt there will b a delay
        I wan to talk to a manager now
        R u getting a manager?
        I need an answer
        If u choose to b slient, fine. Ill do wat i need to
        Kelvin 08:43
        We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. We raised a complaint for this order and escalated it to our concerned team. Please allow us some time to follow up and get back to you with resolution.
        I said i wan to speak to a manager now
        Yr sometime may take months ir years
        Thus chat is taking more than an hour
        Tt shows yr effiency
        I wan a manager now

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          GiftsnIdeas — purchase not delivered, no communication, money taken

          1. No proof of purchase email sent 2. Goods not delivered, no communication about this 3. Telephone number...

          GiftsnIdeas — called to cancel order but still proceed to deliver the item

          My order number: [protected] I regret not reading the reviews before ordering. I ordered a basket of...

          Giftsnideas.comsending birthday gift to family in india

          I ordered a birthday combo gifts for my wife on 07/06/2018. Here birthday is on june 11th. They agreed to deliver this gifts on 10th june events ng. But in the last minute on 10th june they sent an email and said that gifts cant be delivered on this 10th june. It can be delivered only after 14th june. I was very shocked. I trusted much this website, but they cheated me.i send reply to request them atleast next day means 11th june. But they replied we cant do this, so we will cancel this order. Very worst service of them .cheating guys

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            GiftsnIdeas — almond choc espresso has not been delivered

            Good afternoon, My order number [protected] has not been delivered. Instead of my ordered cake on the second...

            GiftsnIdeas — not receiving the hamper we order and email services

            My mum from england ordered me a chocolate hamper with 11 products from this company to Vietnam. After 7 day...


            GiftsnIdeas — [protected]

            I placed this order 13 feb process payment from the credit card with the name of faisal safdar but did not...

            GiftsnIdeas — complete different look of the order + delivery charges and not delivering items

            Dear Giftsnideas, Hope this finds you well. I have two complaints: 1) I have ordered three items (order...


            GiftsnIdeas — refund not received

            I made a online order for my friend in qatar. After few minutes I cancelled my order speaking to one of the...

            Pickupflowers/ Giftsnideasno delivery no refund


            Nikki Mon, 02/19/18 07:12:46 pm America/New_York

            Hello. How may I help you?

            Derrick Tillery 07:13:09 pm

            I trying get my order
            hello 07:30:48 pm

            Nikki 07:31:17 pm

            May I know the order number?

            Derrick Tillery 07:31:58 pm

            [protected] [protected] [protected]
            [protected] 07:32:03 pm

            Duration: 39m 50s
            Chat started on: https://secure.picku...48HWvcaLdM9OtVIqXcT&orderhistory=true

            E-mail from LiveChat

            Feb 19 (2 days ago)
            to me

            Chat transcript

            Name: Derrick Tillery

            Is it about an ORDER you have placed? Yes

            Question: my items never got sent they say it was but we never got anything been home for days due to broken foot

            Nikki Mon, 02/19/18 07:53:50 pm America/New_York

            Hello. How may I help you?

            Derrick Tillery 07:53:59 pm

            i need answer you guys are not been helpful 07:54:18 pm

            Nikki 07:54:56 pm

            [protected] RAISED FOR N ON DELIVREY
            [protected] raised for non delivery 07:55:21 pm
            as well
            same for this order
            [protected] 07:56:11 pm

            Derrick Tillery 07:59:57 pm

            so what happens next they did this befor and nothing happen

            Nikki 08:00:36 pm

            will refund the amount

            Derrick Tillery 08:01:23 pm

            ok how long does that take

            Nikki 08:02:30 pm

            within 12-24hours

            Derrick Tillery 08:02:56 pm

            ok ty

            Nikki 08:04:23 pm

            You're welcome.

            Duration: 30m 36s
            Chat started on: https://secure.picku...48HWvcaLdM9OtVIqXcT&orderhistory=true

            E-mail from LiveChat

            never got my stuff and still have not gotten a refund the flowers was to come on the 13 of Feb and then they say it was sent but never was. i amstill waiting on a refund

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              GiftsnIdeasno delivery/rude support staff/plain cheaters & liars

              Like everybody I regret not reading the reviews earlier, but it serves me right.I have been fooled twice by these goons.The first time it was late delivery and now the second time no delivery at all.They are scammers.Beware.My story is the same like the rest of you people.

              My order numbers are [protected] & [protected].They sent me an email that the goods have been delivered and it didn't happen.I don't want them to deliver anymore.i want a refund

              this is what they sent me

              GiftingInc The Flower Expert Business Gestures Pickupflowers Gift Holler
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              Order delivered successfully
              Dear Saad,

              We express our pleasure that following order placed by you has been delivered successfully.

              Order No
              : [protected]
              Recipient's Name
              : Janeth Tumangan
              Thank you for choosing giftsnideas for your gifting needs. We look forward to serve you again soon.

              Special Offer : Get 15% off on your Second Order. Use Coupon: 15SITEWIDE

              Please share your gifting experience with us. We sincerely welcome your valuable suggestions to Improve our service:
              http://www.giftsnideas.com/info/feedback or


              Contact Us: We are available 24 hours, 6 days of the week
              Email : [protected]@ giftsnideas.com
              Chat : Live Chat
              USA Phone : [protected]
              UK Phone : [protected]
              Australia Phone : [protected]
              Hong Kong Phone : [protected]
              Call from Skype : Giftsnideas

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                GiftsnIdeas — scam - you can get your money back with a charge dispute through your bank and they will take legal action against this fraud company

                I regret not reading reviews beforehand. I ordered a gift delivery, it was never delivered. When I asked for...

                Giftsnideas.comxmas basket

                I'm really sorry I haven't read the reviews in advance. I am from Romania and I placed an order for Karlskrona, Sweden, promised to be delivered on Dec. 22nd. They lied about being delivered but my friend never got it. They admitted they didn't delivered it, so promised to deliver on 28th of Dec. Never happened. Again they promised to deliver my Xmas surprise for my friend on Dec.30. Never delivered, lied again about being delivered. All I could get from them, on website chat, on telephone and by email was "We are sorry for the inconvenience, please allow us some time so that we'll check with the concerned team and get back to you soon." Meanwhile my money is taken from my credit card. Very unprofessional, ruined my Xmas suprise for my dear friend, paid the money and nothing delivered! I will file a complaint, the proper authorities should shut down this scam!

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                  GiftsnIdeasproduct and their service

                  I am so disappointed. I ordered a Christmas fruit basket last Dec.12, 2017 and requested for it to be delivered on the 23rd of December (before Christmas).. At first, I provided my 1st credit card infos to their website then they sent me an email stating that they the payment didn't go thru.. So I placed again the order the next day which is Dec. 13, 2017, and it went thru. Unfortunately, today is Dec. 29, 2017, my order wasn't delivered until now and sent them my complaints, they just told me they would give back my money by 6-7 business days but to no avail. I think this is fraud! I suggest for future customers, like me and what I experienced with them, don't ever order on their website! or you'll end up regretting and paying your bills for an order that didn't exist nor delivered. I may be fooled by them, but dont wait for you to feel and experience what I went thru with their supporting agents who are rude and aren't courteous. Anyway, Karma is [censor]! I'll leave it to that.

                  product and their service

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                    GiftsnIdeasonline assistance, appalling attitude. unhelpful, rude, lost you money

                    Today is the 8th of November. I live in Thailand and wanted to send my son a gift, he lives in Canada. When I went to check out I discovered that a year ago I had used your service. No doubt for the same reason.
                    This meant that when I went to pay and entered my email address, it was registered.
                    No problem, except that it didn't recognise my user name. I tried my name with middle names, initials, everything. No luck. I only use one email account, so setting up a new account was not going to happen.
                    I contacted the online help desk. I have tried attaching screen shots to show you the conversation, however your complaints form only accepts JPEG and I cannot convert it from Adobe. I will be happy to provide them, in the mean time, I will publish them on social media.
                    I will also use this encounter as a 'What not to do' lesson for the staff of the 5 star resort I work at, where I am the Communication Trainer. ironically, I train very high end service staff, and this person 'Marc' represents you...
                    'Marc' from wherever was not interested in finding a way to reverse engineer the issue. I know the email address and the password, but your system doesn't recognise my user name, and I have no idea what it was a year ago if it wasn't my name.
                    When I suggested to Marc that he was about to lose a customer, his exact words, as you can see, were 'your wish'.
                    Your wish?
                    Is that how you turn around unhappy customers in your world?
                    That works for you as a business model?
                    I doubt that that is a viable long term solution.
                    You probably don't need my *) USD, it's true, but what you really don't need is how many times this story using your company name will be repeated.
                    'Marc' was not listening, was not prepared to go to any genuine length to help me, and was not interested in trying.
                    If the best your online help can do is to let it be known that I should take my business elsewhere, mission accomplished. I have.

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