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I have been a Georgia Power Customer for years.. I habve a two story home that is hard to cool in the summers without having a large electric bill. So about 7 yrs. ago I wnet on the flat bill plan.. Each year the pricerises.. So I received a letter in July that it was renewal time and that my bill was to be around $ 450.00. Ok call me crazy I did try it for 1 month. Unfortunately it did not fit into my budget it was a struggle to pay. So I called today Spet 8th to cancel out of the flat bill program . I was informed that I would have to pay $ 900.00 plus the cost of one more bill at $ 450.00 to opt out.. I was told if I didn't want the service I should have cancelled in July when it was to take effect August 1st.. I explained I wanted to try it to see if I could work it in the budget.. They offere NO ASSISTANCE at all. A supervisor is to contact me within 48 hours.. Really... Again another way Georgia Power can screw the customer. Thanks for nothing... I wish EMC was in my area.


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    kathy holman Mar 11, 2016

    I am disabled I only get 828.00 per month and I pay 411.00 to Georgia power, me and my 17 year old daughter is all that lives in my home, I wash close once a week only two loads, I haven't used my heat very little and we only shower every other day I don't cook but maybe once a week, I don't have a/c, in September 2015 Georgia power put a smart meter in said it wouldn't affect my bill well it has this is outrageous, I don't know what to do about food and my other bills I don't have anough money to pay them and buy food and gas to go to my doctors, HELP SOMEBODY WHAT CAN I DO, I CALLED GEORGIA POWER AND ALL THEY SAID WAS WE ARE SORRY FOR YOUR HARDSHIP, I CALLED CHURCHES I CALL SALVATION ARMY THEY ONLY HELP WITH 50.00 IF YOUR POWER IS GETTING CUT OFF, SOMETHING NEEDS TO CHANGE WITH GEORGIA POWER OVER CHARGEING FOR WHAT LITTLE POWER WE USE AS A CUSTOMER I AM VERY UPSET DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO, IF THEY ARE PEOPLE OUT THERE THAT CAN HELP ME PLEASE CONTACT ME PLEASE CALL 678-630-2462 KATHY .. HELP ME PLEASE I HAD OPEN HEART SURGERY IN OCTOBER 2015, MY DAUGHTER HAS AUSTISM, PLEASE HELP !!!

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    PamelaPp Mar 18, 2016

    I am sorry for what you are going through. I am too sick to work and am on disability. First you need to call the SS hotline and raise hell. I live in Oregon where resources are stretched to the max and the workers are cherry picking on who to give benefits too and looking the other way on other applicants and giving them benefits. My friends social worker told her that SSDI was insurance like unemployment that we get and pay into it from working so it is counted as that and not base on need. SSI is and you get all benefits if you are on SSI because it is such a low amount to live on. You need to also call your congressman or representative from Georgia. I had a problem with my disability case and wrote to my congressmen and after 12 years won my disability case. The world is turning into a press one button and its done kind of world and that is very wrong and that is what they want it all to be and people to all follow like sheep. They have no clue who we are and the heck we are going through. They know these smart meters are bad and will get them tremendous profits. Rite Aid which is a drug store made in 2014 almost 850 billion dollars last year. Companies' profits are obsene these days and they know it and we keep paying these jerks. They are not holding a gun to our head. Yet we keep buying their products making them richer and richer. I am very sorry and start by calling and writing both your congressmen and representatives and do not give up as to what is going on. The USA is so messed up and is getting worse all the time. Please keep trying and do not give up and God Bless You.

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    unhappy customer9784 Dec 10, 2016

    I do agree they will mislead you as I was mislead in the prepaid program. I am been charge all of these extra fees and now I am concern if I should have a lawyer to look into all of my bill. I want to make sure they have never over charged me. This may be the start of a class act lawsuit. One I think it is fraud to switch customers and not letting them know the rates changes. And all the hidden fees are outrages. When you call into customer service they can be really rude at time, especially when they get a question they can't answer. At one time I as for a activity report, I add all of my charges together to come up with the total for the year: then I add up all I had paid for the year. It showed that I had paid 500.00 plus over and they tried to justify it and never fixed it. They are good at making arrangements, but also better at ripping you off.

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