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J Nov 04, 2019 Review updated:

Georgia Power did not process my check payment on my due date 10/21/19 and I sent it via my bank on 10/8/19. That is plenty of time to process it. When they did not process my check by 10/21/19, I went and scheduled a payment online which processed on 10/22/19. I was also told by customer service I had a 1 week grace period so according to that I was on time because it was their fault they did not process my first payment in the first place. That week I receive a delinquent notification that I did not pay my bill and a $30 charge, which made absolutely zero sense. I now owe them $30 for their mistake. I am appalled by the customer service and that these people are still in business. The service is atrocious.


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    Nancy Bryson Nov 17, 2019

    A very similar incident with Georgia Power happened to me in the exact same time frame (late September, early October of 2019). I made an online payment of my electric bill, received a notification from Georgia Power thanking me for my payment, and a couple weeks thereafter a letter stating that my payment didn't go through and I owe them $30 for being delinquent. There was plenty of money in my bank account to cover the bill, a fact that was verified by a customer service rep for my bank. The problem is with Georgia Power, specifically with their online payment screen. I am hoping to have a face-to-face conversation with a Georgia Power employee, presenting my "evidence", to get this resolved. Very frustrating. And along the way I wasted time with two meaningless, contradictory on-line "chats" with Georgia Power.

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