General Motorsservice center

F Nov 14, 2017

Since the day we recieved the car we unfortantly never recieved what we order, now that is our mistake, but to follow up on everything else is another storie.first the car has had so many recalls this is a huge hassel.then my tires since day one, keep going flat random times.i keep bringing in to dealer they just keep putting air in it, when you try talking to service they laugh ans brush you off. My car is a cruze diesel 2015. It just hit 12.000 i never drive it im scared to drive with these tires, i have my 81yr.old Father living with me.and i dont feel safe this past Friday i brought my car in again the tire light keeps coming on i tried talking to the manager he wouldn't listen to the issue.he brushed me off saying he was helping me. Very un professional they filled the tire &the following morning my tire was completly flat and every day since then, today tue.i had appointment.filled tire again before i left completly flat .when i came in and told service.the light indicator thou shows the opposite tire low when in reality its actually the other side.first service said my tires were rotateded and thats there saying they wernt car just hit 12.000 i cant get a straight answer
The service dept workers are very rude.i also indicated i needed my car promply due to my 81 yr.old Father living wirh me and being alone. Ive been here since 9 its now 1012.who just had surgery i need a safe car this one we feel is undetermand. You know i paid alit with every extra you can get. The car was never cleaned proper they sold me on everything leather protection undercoat everything but they treat you like crap here they take your money nice as pie when making the sale.but after that your garbage. Sick of this. You know we waited along to see thw colarado hubby likes it. But i can tell you that is now not happening. I now hate my Car because of your worst service ever.wish you cared as much now as yoy did when i was buying. We will never come back here or purcase another chev because of it. Your attention would be welcomed. There is more complaints here but you get the point. Sincerely Gale Aubin [protected] home message available. Email [protected] Look fotward to your attention Dealer location Barnes wheaton South Surrey king George Thank you G.Aubin

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