General Motors Corporation2018 chevrolet traverse - rail dust/brake dust

A Jun 21, 2019

My 2018 White Traverse has rust tiny rust spots all over it. Further research shows this is a know problem in some white cars. I'm told particles off the brake pads penetrate the clear coat paint and form tiny rust spots. Vehicle had to be acid washed to remove spots. I was told this will continue to happen and there is no solution. Dealership did the first acid wash for free but will not do this again for free. The vehicle is only one year old. I would like a warranty to cover this cleaning process as long as I own the vehicle. 6/21/19.

  • Updated by Amy Ruedisueli · Jun 21, 2019

    Rear main seal was leaking and had to be replace and car is one year old and has 13, 957 miles on. Repairs took two week but was covered under warranty. Disappointed that this happened to a new vehicle.

  • Updated by Amy Ruedisueli · Jun 21, 2019

    2018 Chevy Traverse is only one year old with 13, 957 miles on it and has a rear main oil leak on 6/10/19. The repair took two weeks but was covered under warranty. It is disappointing that a new vehicle would have this severe of a problem.

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