General Electric Companyservice on a monogram refrigerator

G Aug 17, 2018

Gayle Hedstrom
Technician Number [protected]
Model # ZISW420DMC
Serial # SF035728

7/9/18 - had GE out to evaluate service needed to fix appliance
- was given a list of parts to order for a total amount of $1, 639.58
- I ordered parts immediately
7/19/18 - GE Cancelled scheduled appointment due to someone being out sick ( after I had taken off time from work to be home)
7/27/18 - GE Service- cancelled unable to fix problem, missing part
8/6/18 - GE Service appointment had to be cancelled due to inability to get out of work during window of time given.
8/16/18 - GE Service to come between 1-5pm, got a txt at 3:00pm, saying they were on their way, one service guy showed up at 4pm, didn't have a clue what he was supposed to do, second guy showed up later and he questioned why certain parts, particularly compressor was ordered. My mother was there for service appt as I could not be, they called me to ask if I need a new compressor? I told them I was not the expert. That's what the GE consultant told me to order. At the end of service, the lights were not working in either the fridge or freezer section, which my mother mentioned to them and they said they would fix it. That night when I arrived home the lights were not working in either.
8/17/18 - Called in morning and spent 45 mins on hold, spoke to a person who was no help. Told me to call after 9am.
I called from work and was on the phone with DEREKA ID#79122 - she was no help either, after being placed on hold several time. Then I was transfered to Consumer Relations, which I was placed on hold again, until I spoke to KAYLA ID# 751463 which gave me the same non workable solution as others. A service date for 8/22/18. I repeatedly told them I needed a different appointment and they did not have anything earlier available. I now have to take an entire day off from work again, for them to fix a problem they should have solved. I have lost 4 days of work, for incompetent people and services provided by GE. Not to mention the hours of phone calls and being placed on hold. I have ALWAYS purchased GE profile/monogram appliances and I NEVER will again. In fact, I would like you to reimburse me for the full cost of this Pathetic thing you call SERVICE. If I operated in my job that way I would be fired.
At this point my total bill from "service" on 8/16/18 was $703.29.
I am requesting you reimburse me for the full amount as my days off, time spent and aggravation are worth much more than that. I DO NOT expect nor will I pay for service to fix the lights which were actually working until your "service dept" broke them.

I would greatly appreciate a call back or an email.
I can be reached at [protected]

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