Geico Insurance / pain and suffering and medical bills settlement

My name is Sequoia McCoy, I along with my children where in an auto accident and geico's insured was the one at fault. Geico agreed to accept liability for the claim. I did a settlement with Geico In may in this settlement agreement in the amount of 13.000 Geico was said to be released from all responsibility and i would be responsible for mine and my children medical bills. It didn't work like that. They only gave me a check for 3, 000 for myself. They never gave me the rest. They have made me so many promises but have yet to follow through. There is no medical lien for me or my children. The adjuster has been bias and prejudice against me from the beginning and has made this a long drawn out process. The judge has signed off the paperwork and I am officially authorized to receive the money on behalf of my children. This company has committed fraudulent acts obtained documents without my consent and try to force me to let them pay my medical bills. They are doing all they can not to pay me. I am escalating this to higher authorities i have read of several lawsuits and complaints that have been filled and won for dealing with the same thing i am dealing with. This is ridiculous. Now i am being avoided when you just told me you were going to have a check this week for my children. I have requested an itemized statement with a copy of the bills but yet to receive anything. They want return my calls. Another adjuster needs to be assigned because i am filling a lawsuit against the other one for the emotional stress she has called and the act of retaliation she is performing by trying to keep me from getting my money. She is rude and disrespectful and she hates me because of my race and age. She has said hurtful disgusting things to me so has mr. whiteside in the beginning. I will not continue to deal with such rudeness. I am also seeking more money for the settlement do to the fact of Geico placing me in a hardship the discrimination as well as the emotion distressed they have caused me. I will not give up until i receive what is owed to me. I will be notifying higher officials so that someone can do something about this situation.

Sep 11, 2019

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