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My car was damaged by a dump truck (Buck & Sons out of Woodland, WA) - losing part of its unsecured load of dirt & rocks onto my car while on the freeway. I was traveling at 70 mph as was the dump truck. The speed limit for the dump truck is 60 mph. The driver of the dump truck was on a cell phone. I got the information from the side of the truck and called 911 as it drove off as if nothing happened. I also filed a police report.

GEICO, my insurance company, is covering the claim under my PIP plan, relating they eventually plan to go after the construction company to recoup their losses.

GEICO's estimate of repair undervalues my vehicle (claiming its value is 40-50% of the actual market value) and then refused to look at the estimates of value from car dealerships that sell similar or the same age, mileage, make & model. They also refused to give adequate valuing of the top end engine rebuild, new water pump, timing belt, lifetime brakes (300k miles left on the warranty), etc. all done recently. The vehicle has had one owner and is in excellent mechanical shape.

GEICO adjuster totaled my care based on a one bent clip on the airbag cover (a plastic piece on the dashboard) saying the entire airbag system had to be replaced (giving an inflated estimate to replace it). WTH!

GEICO adjuster, Victoria's report seemed very fishy to me, so I started doing my own research. I went to dealerships to compare apples to apples instead of the apples to pineapples comparison GEICO is doing. I contacted the owners of the "comparable" cars GEICO listed from Craig's List and such. None of the cars were in the same mechanical shape and some have more than 200k. In order to get a replacement car into the same mechanical condition my car is in, I would have to take it in and have, at the minimum, the top end of the engine rebuilt. This would cost me around $3000. The additional work was not even factored into the additional expenses. When I mentioned this to the adjuster I was told that I don't know that the cars would need the additional work - but I do because I really did my research not just printing of clickbait from the internet. Based on my research, the actual value of my vehicle was $3000+ more than what GEICO claimed.

I then took my car into three additional shops for independent evaluations of the damage (2 dealerships and 1 specialty repair shop). All of them agreed there is nothing wrong with the parts in question that GEICO claimed needed to be replaced: the car only needs the dings in the paint repaired. One of the dealership shops gave me a signed statement that the car was NOT damaged like the estimate said.

Basically, GEICO was totaling my car for nothing!!! This is fraud! I am still fighting with them about fixing the rock chips on the hood, roof and passenger side (the only parts damaged). There was no damage to the airbag as it NEVER deployed.

They took back my rental car even though my car was still in the shop waiting to be repaired (I have 30 days of rental car coverage at $50/day or $1500). I was on day 13 and only using $30/day so I had many more days available. This left me without transportation.

Mar 13, 2019

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