Geicoaccident claims coverage or lack thereof

2 GEICO adjusters were supposed to get estimates after my car was in a flood. It needed body work and electrical which required car to have work at 2 seperate shops. The reason for the estimates were that in a flood more than likely the car will cost more to repair than the car is worth.
So when I brought the car to a body shop the 1st adjuster recommended car go to a dealership for estimate on electric problems first. The car was then sent to dealership.1st adjuster goes on vacation.
A second adjuster now inspects the car and issues the check to someone in the dealership !and it issued with my name and dealerships name. Now at this point I'm 500 miles away at this point because I didn't live in area where car was damaged. I get a call from dealership that they need me to come sign the check for $7, 500 that Geico issued to them. I agree then tell the dealership employee I'll be there the next day.. He replies " no the car won't be done till next week."
A week goes by and I call this employee at dealership. He's on vacation and my cars not there. So I now think to myself that the car must have been done and he sent it back to the body shop to get the body work finished .
I call body shop and the cars not there either.
My cars lost!!! Turns out that dealership had Geico re issue the check without my name and my signature was not required any more.
This is now last week of August 2019 and the car was in flood July 22 2019.
I finally find out from the police that the car was impounded because the dealership just put it out on the street parked illegally for a week.
I had to pay $1200 to get it out of the impound yard and the car had not had any of the work done at the dealership other than changing 2 seatbelts!?!? Plus there's now more damage to it than it got from the flood! .
I start making calls and leaving messages to both adjusters.
No reply's for days . I call GEICO customer service and they call adjusters for me. This is the only time I get to speak to them. I explain that 1. they issued a check to dealership when it was supposed to be an estimate 2. The work wasn't even close to being finished 3. The check was supposed to be issued to the place " I " brought it to on 7/23/2019 which was the body shop 4. The car should have been a total los!!!
. The answer I got from both adjusters was that Geico paid for the claim and that dealership said car was done!?!?. I said the body work was never even started and I get told I will get called back.
They never call back.
I have lost my job, my apartment and I feel like I'm starting to lose my mind because of this. I have the car and had to borrow money from my family to fix.
It's still being worked on and now that I lost my job I have fallen behind on car payments so my credits ruined and the bank will probably repossess the car at this point . I can't even look for a new job as unfortunately where I'm currently living There's no public transportation and I have run through my savings.
I finally got Geico to have another adjuster to look at the car and the latest BS I'm being told is that the body work looks like it's from another accident not the flood.
I guess I should have seen it coming . They screwed this up so bad and dragged it out this long it's drastically changed my life for the worst as I was also supposed to be moving 1000 miles out of state on 8/1/19 to live with my GF and start a new life, new career..
I explained this to every adjuster, every supervisor, every customer service agent and they used this info against me.

Geico sucks!

Sep 30, 2019

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