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I was a loyal Geico customer for over 10 years. I never had a claim. I never even had a speeding ticket or parking violation. Nothing. In a one year period, mine and my wife's cars were both hit, each time while our cars were not moving. First I was hit at a stoplight when a driver passed out and plowed through an intersection and hit a turning car in front of me. Again, my car was at a complete dead stop.

Later that same year, my wife's car was hit in her parking lot at work, when she wasn't even in the car. The car was unoccupied. Neither time did Geico pay a claim on my behalf when I was at fault. Would you like to know what GEICO did? They told me I was an unacceptable rick and promptly canceled all my coverages. When I called up and talked to them, their reason was that there were two claims against my policy. What?

Basically, after even after asking for and talking to a supervisor, I was informed that because both accidents were caused by other GEICO insured drivers, my policy was being canceled. I have never been as upset with a company I had done business with before.

No matter how old I become or how many people I have to tell this story to, I will never ever do business with this company again. They took over $15, 000 of premiums from me and then canceled me because I had the misfortune to get hit twice (in stationary vehicles) in 12 months by other Geico customers. I guess next time I'm at a red light, I should make sure I get hit by a State Farm or Allstate insured driver.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Oct 10, 2019 9:22 pm EDT

I was hit in the rear by a Geico insured driver while sitting at a red light. I was told by the Geico agent when they called that they wouldn't be paying the liability because I backed into them. Wth? This is the craziest thing I've ever heard of. Sitting on a four lane highway at a red light. Yeah lets just through it in reverse and take off that way.

Just for the record the other driver has Geico insurance, I have insurance with a different company. But Geico is refusing to pay the damages to my vehicle cause by their Geico insured driver.

I'm thinking the better business bureau needs to take a hard look at Geico's business practices, because something is definitely going on.

Jul 10, 2018 5:31 pm EDT
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GEICO is focused on "Slamming." I just called in simply to get a Quote only and being Slammed by GEICO agent Lisa. I escalated to her manager and he's also part of the Scam! This is truly called “Slamming” – specially someone simply called in to get a quote only and the GEIOCO agent Lisa forcefully added this driver (my cousin) in our policy; even her manager knowing the fact would not do anything about it- this is truly a ridiculous system/ process.
I’m requesting high level Geico leaderships attention to this; I truly called in to get a quote only, and a driver is being forcefully added to our policy. Now I’m being asked to signs in NDE to exclude my cousin ! I'm not even not how she was added at the first place! What an oppression!

Jul 10, 2018 5:33 pm EDT
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Replying to comment of Mhkh

I truly called in to get a quote only, and a driver is being forcefully added to our policy. Now I’m being asked to signs in NDE! What an oppression! I'm even don't know how she was added to our policy at the first place withour our consent ! What an oppression!

May 10, 2018 4:18 pm EDT

Geico is a complete scam! Within one month of obtaining a policy geico sent me a mandatory survey. I didn't receive it the first time sent. I then received a policy cancellation notice if survey wasn't received by May 8, 2018. Ok so I get the survey, fill it out and added the necessary documents and put it in a self address envelope to geico underwriting department in VA. Now its been 5 business days and when I call to see if the documents have been received geico rep tells me they haven't received it. At this point my policy has been cancelled for two days. When I ask the GEICO rep what state are they in it wasnt VA and that's where the mail went. So the reps that you call have to wait for someone in another state to process your info in the computer so that other reps can see. (not cool) the mail doesn't go directly to the department that u need. So now say they receive my mail after the due date which was May 8, 2018 and then they put in my policy number the first thing their gonna see is that my policy is cancelled. So why would they input my info on a cancelled policy? Plus the computer system might not even let them input any info on a cancelled policy. I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone. Now I'm paying for a car I can't even drive. I hate geico for doing this to me and countless others.

Feb 16, 2018 10:55 am EST

I was in a five-car, pile-up accident on a major highway nine months ago. The lane we were in (car-pool) had no other cars in it. We got involved when one of the cars from the pile-up was pushed into our lane, and collided front-end to front-end with us. Everyone involved was injured to some degree, but the worst were two brain injuries from the car that hit us. My passenger broke her back. I came out with a broken rib, abdominal contusions, and whip-lash and nightmares that continue. My car was only a month old and Geico paid me what the car was worth, less my $500 deductible. They continued to argue that no matter whether or not I was at fault for the accident, I had to pay the deductible. That wasn't even the bad part.

The driver who caused the accident and admitted fault only had limited liability insurance which left $40, 000 for all of us to divide. Since everyone's injuries had outrageously high medical costs, the under-insured motorist insurance would have to kick in. Well, everyone was awarded thousands of dollars for pain and suffering except for me. Geico argued that I didn't have that coverage, even though my policy states I did on the list of benefits. Somewhere in the fine print it says I don't have it. I have no idea how this can possibly be legal, since it's California state law to have this coverage when financing a car, as I was. My attorney is currently going over the policy paperwork with a fine tooth comb, but he doubts my coverage will be honored. I agree that Geico not only needs a big-fat-healthy-lawsuit to set them straight, but everyone in the country needs to be aware of this companies bait-and-switch policies. I was paying just as much for coverage as everyone else (more than a lot of other people as I found out later), yet I wasn't properly covered at all. It's unbelievable to me that every, single, other person's insurance company in this lawsuit didn't even bat an eye over honoring their obligation to their clients, but I was left out in the cold because I had Geico. I'm a writer and I swear they won't get away with this. If what they're doing is a legal scam because of some loophole the California lawmakers put into affect, doesn't make a difference. It doesn't make a difference that most, if not all, insurance companies are scammers to one degree or another, Geico is obviously the worst. There are millions of people out there driving around thinking they're protected from under-insured drivers, but they're not if they have Geico.

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Dec 19, 2017 2:52 pm EST

I was driving down Highway 80; Ladonia, AL, when a vehicle came out into the HWY suddenly. We were both transported to the Hospital in the same Ambulance. He was drunker than Cuda Brown! Geico then claims they would not pay my claim because my vehicle was not inspected when I opened the coverage a year and a half ago. However, the at fault party never files a claim and I have to research my own accident to obtain a police report. Ironically, he has Geico also. Meanwhile, for 3 week I have been paying for a rental because they say they have to investigate the claim. What the heck was the police report for? I will never do anything with this crooked company again.

Aug 13, 2017 1:34 am EDT

I purchased a 2014 Ford Escape and the dealership called Geico to handle the insurance, they said I owed $98.24 from previous policy. Ok, fine paid that and it cleared up everything, next day I paid 1st month premium with a credit card and cancelled auto-pay. Geico in their infinite wisdom tried to take the 1st month premium that I already paid with said credit card, out of my checking account. I incurred $90 in nsfs, then they started playing with my policy and said I owed $98.24 from previous policy of which I already paid!, then try and charge $232.25, then issued a policy cancellation for non-payment even though I already paid and the kicker: payment due 31st of the month, policy cancellation effective date 9/4 and they want another payment for the 5 days 9f "coverage " even though I have a claim cause some [censor] keyed the he'll out of my car. And they haven't responded on the claim at all after they have all the necessary paperwork. This company should not stay in business with these fraudulent billing practices.

Apr 04, 2017 8:31 pm EDT
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Everyone needs to get together and try to get a class action law suit for all of these none payment of policy and sue them as I had them and was in a accident and they had my car towed to a repair shop gave me a work order to the car repair place and myself but they will not give me a rental car as I have paid for one thru my insurance and they want my work hours a witness and to talk to my employees as I live in the mountains as tried to avoid a deer and went off the road and went air born and they want more each time I ask them when are they going to fix my car now they tell me they have 55 days to investigate and I have giving them everything they as except a signature from the deer that I tried to avoid from hitting I guess they will ask for that next and they man I spoke to talked to my grand parent and others and keeps trying to start a argument when I tell him I will not argue about this he just keeps saying stop raising your voice and I will not argue and I ask him what is he talking about I have not raised my voice and I will not argue he seems to try and use this as a reason to not speak and pay for my car There needs to be a law suit file against this company they should not get by with acting and treating people that pay for insurance this way

Feb 07, 2019 9:17 pm EST
Replying to comment of gillymon

I would love to stand with you all in a lawsuit against Geico. I have been with then since 2010 about. 2/4/19 I am traveling home from work southbound, care going northbound decides to make a left turn in front of me because the other driver gave her the right away? You still have to do it safely. Im already coming down a hill so I was on braking anyway. I couldn't believe she would turn seeing me coming. I did hit her. WE both have Geico, the next day, I'm told to get a rental and my car fixed, its her fault. She disputed it and now they say its 50/50. There is no way I will take any responsibility for this. I drive so careful. I get hit almost everyday from drivers who don't pay attention. She even told me she was trying to beat me. I have no rental or collision. They actually talked me out of it when I joined. I love my but its 2008. I was in the right, and she made the choice to move, she was stopped, I wasn't. I am reporting to their supervisor . I think we need a lawyer to put them in their place. Because we both have Geico you are trying to please us both. She had a neighbor who popped up all of a sudden. I wonder if she knows them personally because she was blaming me as soon as she got there. She wasn't even there.

Feb 07, 2019 9:19 pm EST

I love my car, how embarrassing.

Oct 03, 2016 2:08 pm EDT
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So, I cancelled my policy as "loyal" customer for 8 years because my wife actually found a cheaper insurance company to go to for both our auto's and home. I get my 102.00 withdrawn from my checking every month for our auto policy. I cancelled my auto policy on September 22nd. After hanging up with a customer service person and double checking that I would receiving a returned pro ration back in 3 to 5 days, I receive a bill from Geico for $20.17! For cancellation of my policy! So I spoke to a cs agent and she is telling me because Geico pays my portion to the North Carolina Insurance commission, I am directed under a "certain rate". And that rate I am under, the agent tells me that Geico has paid my policy back in full to the North Carolina insurance Commission in full and because my policy is a 6 month policy! Please tell me somebody that this makes sense? I mean it's only about $60.00 I thought i should of been getting back. Not getting a bill for $20.17? Please email me with anything you might know at I am soo taking this further if this does not make sense.

Jul 23, 2015 4:01 am EDT

This company is a COMPLETE scam. I have never dealt with such a low life company. You rip people only once. To think I was consider switching over to Geico from Ameriprise. My dad got rear-ended by his neighbor (literally garage facing each other). The other lady had Geico Insurance, she was late to work but told my dad she was at fault. He handed my dad a business card and took off to work. I called her at her work and she emailed me her Geico insurance card, ask me to filed the claim with them and will she will cover whatever that is not.

Geico called me days later to take a statement from my dad recorded. Two hours later, called my dad back and said that the Insurer denied being involve in the accident...therefore, Geico is denying the claim. Is that for real? I've never dealt with such scanless company before. I thought the Insurer was really denying involvement in the accident so I contacted her via email. She claimed that she clearly told Geico that she hit our car. So why would Geico make things up, to save a few bucks. Is a few buck really worth a life long Reputation? I will fight this in court. They will not get away with this. Now, I hear the name GEICO... I steer far away. What a stupid company? How do they operate?

Jun 29, 2015 10:25 am EDT

I was driving on a two way highway .The car was park on the shoulder as I was passing him he tries to make a u turn and hit me on the right side passenger door front and back. The police came and give me 100% No fault.Geico adjuster give me 25% at fault saying the car have some right.The two of us have Geico what a rip off .Any one have any advice I very much appreciated .

Sep 02, 2014 9:43 pm EDT

I have never been in an accident, never filed a claim and have no incident. GEICO increased my premium from $140 to $190, reason they say it is Kentucky wide policy. They further increased to $223/month because i updated my status, i got married(My wife does not drive). According to customer care GEICO increases premium if status is changed. GEICO Customer care does not think an increase of $83/month or 960/year.
Note - Never Opt for Auto payments or Renewals.

Apr 10, 2013 2:09 am EDT

My dad was a passenger in a car hit by somebody who had GEICO liability insurance in Los Angeles. The GEICO agent is saying that they do not want to pay his medical bills because he is a senior and want to see if medical will pay. This sounds like a scam. Can anybody provide any insight on this because this appears to be totally illegal and a burden on the MEDICAL SYSTEM. Thank you.

May 11, 2011 3:56 am EDT

I have been with GEICO for about 9 years. No accidents, no claims. I moved to a new zip code about 1 mile away and my insurance went up by $70 per year. I am now considering bailing on them. Some customer loyalty they have.

Apr 14, 2011 3:47 pm EDT

I totally agree. My car was hit by another GEICO driver in parking lot. My car is unoccupied. I have two witness and pictures of both car and truck. Then GEICO set me up. Didn't give me any information in 2 weeks and I can't find my GEICO adjuster. Then 2 weeks later, they change the adjuster and told me the GEICO truck drive is denying and my witnesses are late and they lost credit! WTF! I told the first adjuster I had witness and he never contact them even he know the truck driver is denying. Now they said the witnesses are late for 2 weeks! This is a dirty company.

Dec 28, 2009 7:23 pm EST

Thats why I got cheap auto insurance at

Feb 20, 2009 1:24 pm EST

I concur w/ dcr. and to maria, you're an idiot. what company in their right mind would NOT charge on a policy for a BRAND NEW DRIVER whos most likely going to get something on their record in the next 3 years? think about it

Jan 14, 2009 6:39 pm EST

I find this very hard to believe.

I work in claims for a rather large insurance company (can't name names but we're in the ballpark with this complaint) and every day I come across dozens of insureds who are dealing with their 10th, 15th, 20th claim. Good mix of at fault, not-at-fault, comparative negligence, you name it. I deal with people who file a claim if a bird sneezes on their car and want us to pay for it - every time. And they keep coming back filing claims - without being cancelled.

If this company canceled policies for every policyholder with 2 not-at-fault accidents in one year, for a 10-year policyholder (you've been nothing but profit for them for 9 of those 10 years), and with you not using your paid-for first party coverages, they'd be out of business.

Either you're full of it, or there's much more behind the scenes that you've not let on.

Perhaps you didn't pay your premium on time?

And with any of these large insurance companies, it matters not which carrier is the liable carrier for the vehicle that struck yours.

Sep 16, 2008 7:05 am EDT

I am insured by geico since 2006 and I believe that they where the lowest rate i could find on auto insurance but that does not compare to all the hidden fees that they require you to pay without any notice. Geico should change its name to fraudco anything they can do to put money in there pockets. Geico charges hidden fees like under 3 years new driver insurance and if you had an international license for 6 years before that and get a US license they charge you as a new driver what crock of s***. Stay away from Geico if your a new driver and if your thinking of getting geico they will tell you a quote that is resonable and then when you take it they will add all kinds of fees when you least expect it to come. Geico sucks!


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