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Just The Stats On GEICO
• Tony Nicely, Executive Chairman
• Bill Roberts, Vice Chairman
• Todd Combs, President and CEO
• Second-largest private passenger auto insurer in the United States

What company owns GEICO?
GEICO is a wholly owned subsidiary of a multinational holding company called Berkshire Hathaway. For those interested, Berkshire Hathaway (BRK. A) IS listed on the New York Stock Exchange

Where is Geico Corporate Office located?
The Geico corporate office is located in Washington, DC. The Geico corporate office address is: Geico. 1 Geico Plaza, Washington. District of Columbia 20076. Geico has more than 27, 000 people who are employed by them.
Meet Our CEO, Todd Combs
Hit and run in October 2021, from driver wheel damage. Spoke with Micah, then Dave, we have been going back and forth for weeks now, because it's a new claim, he keeps going back and forth with me, it's so sad and disheartening to see such a large insurance company treat consumers this way! I've been having trouble going back and forth to work, they NEVER EVER offered me a rental car, which is listed on my insurance policy! I will be appearing on the TV Investigative reporter news 11/19/2021, appearing or several podcasts, and radio shows, I will also be filing a complaint with the States Attorney Office! Still waiting on GEIO to repair my car. Unbelievable!

I. m documenting the total days I've had trouble going back and forth to worth, without rental car or my car repaired, I will continue to pray that GEICO does the right thing by me and fix my car correctly and safely so I can move forward with my life! Remember God is watching…

Disgruntled GEICO customer
Darci Redmond
Cc: Attorney At Law
ABC7Chicago (Investigative Reporter)
NBC5Chicago (Investigative Reporter)

I started a blog today people, if you have issues with GEICO settling you claims, please reach out to this email address:

I started a blog today people, if you have issues with GEICO settling you claims, please reach out to this email address:

GEICO — geico will not pay claim

Original review: Oct. 30, 2021
My vehicle involved in a minor accident on 08/11/2021. GEICO towed my vehicle to their repair shop in Brandon Collision Center on 08/11/2021 from the spot. Today is 10/30/2021 still my vehicle is not ready to deliver because the repair shop didn't find the parts yet. I spoke to several people in GEICO to get help with that but they said can't help anyway. Vehicle supposed to be deliver on 11/06/2021 but I don't know if they will. I will change my Auto Insurance as soon possible and don't want my family & friends get GEICO in insurance in future.
Original review: Oct. 18, 2021
Worst insurance company ever. I was hit by someone with Geico insurance. The original rep assigned to me, Joy *, did not give me a call for days after numerous voicemails, and not until I had to go to her supervisor, Jason. After finally getting my statement almost 2 whole weeks after the accident took place, Geico found me 50% liable, not sure how that is when your policyholder hit me, an unmoving car.
Instead of disagreeing and trying to dispute it, I just wanted my car fixed so I got an appointment with a collision shop to estimate the damage. The collision shop estimated the damages at $2, 000, while the photos they submitted to Geico, Geico being the scammers that they are only estimated it at $1, 040. I then spoke to someone at Geico, Brittini *, who was supposed to set up a car rental for me, as my car was going to be at least 5 days to get fixed. The appointment was supposed to be set, and of course when I arrived at the collision shop no rental appointment was made.
I was also told that Geico would cover the rental, but when they FINALLY got the rental car there Geico tells me that they also will only cover 50% of the rental, leaving me stranded and now having to pay additional money out of pocket that was not budgeted for. Two months after the accident my car is still not fixed, this company is nothing but problems. Trying to get a hold of anyone at this company is damn near impossible, good luck, you are better off going with another company or not having insurance at all.
Original review: Oct. 16, 2021
Have had a driver's license for 61 years and was involved in 3 minor accidents. Geico increased my premium by over 400%. These accidents did were minor and did no damage to my care. My one year total amount would be over $9, 000. Outrageous. Great company until you have an accident. David
Carlos of Blackwood, NJ Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 7, 2021
The worst insurance company I have dealt with… A GEICO-insured driver hit my brand new 2021 Honda Passport and, after almost 3 weeks, I am still getting the run around from GEICO to get my car repaired. They recognize the accident was 100% their fault and yet, the process is still stagnant. I called numerous times (always getting an automated service that took me nowhere) until I had select to "buy a new policy" to finally get a live person. I finally got a supervisor on the line who stated that if they cannot make contact with their insurer and that there is a possibility they may refuse coverage to fix my car.
They also stated that it might take several weeks for this process. The supervisor suggested filing the claim with my insurance policy even though this was 100% the other driver's fault. I advised him that the door of my car does not close properly and when it rains, my brand new 2021 Honda gets wet inside, but why would he care? He suggested taking the car indoors so it does not get wet. Oh OK, I guess I have to file for a building permit to build a structure for my car or I can go the less expensive route and to find an umbrella big enough to cover my entire car. They are leaving me no option but to file a report with the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance… Very frustrating in dealing with this company…

Sept. 29, 2021
On 9/22/2021 I made a payment to GEICO for my auto policy with a direct debit from my checking account in the amount of 824.00. On 9/23/2021 I received an email confirming receipt of payment however the email stated I paid with a credit card ending in 5768 not my checking account. I called customer service to ask if this was correct and the representative stated he had never seen that before and cancelled the payment without doing any research as to whether it was my payment. Turns out it is reported that way because my bank works with a third party vendor who does their bill pay and that's how transactions flow through. The following day after speaking with my bank I realized that was in fact my payment. I called Geico again. Explained they made an error and wanted to know how to get my policy credited. They said the money will be sent back to my bank and I should contact them.
I contacted my bank and they indicated they had confirmed Geico received it. After 2 hours on the phone with a rep and supervisor they send the information to their finance department. Finance called me back, left me a voice mail and said it was sent back to my bank. I called the following day. Spoke with yet another rep to verify if it was sent back and when I could expect my bank to receive it and he said Geico never received it, and that my bank has it. My bank sent them the confirmation transmission record after yet another call. I called Geico to explain what they will be getting and spoke with another rep and his supervisor. In short I still have no idea when my premium is and my policy is up for cancellation and Geico will do nothing to ensure it doesn't get cancelled, even though their rep that I first contacted caused the problem. I don't have an additional 824.00 to send them right now,
Geico customer service is acceptable for simple issues and the representatives were friendly and professional and of course apologized for any inconvenience, which is nothing more than a condescending platitude. The biggest issue is not being able to speak with the original person or solution provider. all you can do is contact the generic customer service number, have the person read the notes, which are often inaccurate and then have to explain the whole thing over and over again. This is just extremely poor treatment of a customer who has numerous policies and if they just have one. Try contacting their corporate office sometime. These people will not be able to be contacted unless you hire a PI to find a phone number. They refer you to customer service,

Della of San Diego, CA Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 26, 2021
I was with GEICO for years. I had a minor fender bender that cost them just over $1, 000 and they tripled my insurance rates. Needless to say I was shocked. It was the only accident I had ever had in my 60 years of driving.
David of Fort Worth, TX Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 20, 2021
I have been a Geico customer for over 7 years. Recently I made changes to my policy that required me to get off auto pay. When my payment was not automatically taken out, Geico cancelled me with little to no warning causing me to have to pay almost $500 to get my policy reinstated. This company bleeds the working man. All those years with this company and they treat me with little to no regard. Worst experience of my life. Stay away from this company.
Lars of Raleigh, NC Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 17, 2021
We had to have the windshield replaced on our 2020 Acura MDX. Originally GEICO told me they would reimburse me the full cost, minus the deductible, to have the dealership replace the glass. When I submitted the invoice for reimbursement, they went back on what they originally said, and told me that they don't pay for the real Acura windshield, and instead I should have put knock-off brand glass on the car. They also wouldn't pay the full price of the dealer installation (even though they originally told me they would), and instead I should have gone to a third party installer, who isn't even certified to recalibrate the safety features.
If the camera is recalibrated by the people who Geico wanted me to have this work done by, and who aren't certified to do it, it would lower the safety level of the car and defeat the purpose of having all these safety features to begin with. Why does Geico want to make my family car less safe? Now, because they went back on what they originally said, and because they want to make my car less safe with off-brand glass and uncertified recalibration of safety features, I'm having to pay $1200 out of pocket for the windshield, instead of the $500 deductible they originally told me I'd have to pay. This is ridiculous and I will be looking elsewhere.
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Genny of Orlando, FL Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 17, 2021
Never get a GEICO Commercial insurance for your vehicles. One of our drivers got a speeding ticket during a personal vacation in a rental car. And GEICO sent us a letter saying they were cancelling our business insurance! For 1 speeding ticket! I called and told GEICO we were having the driver take a class so the points would be off his license. And if they would reconsider afterwards, the answer was a No because they only run a license check once a year and they already had done that. Then they said I should consider one of their partners that I can get but I would have to download an app so they can monitor my drivers and their speeding habits to get insurance. Are you kidding me! You want to monitor my employee's whereabouts to give me insurance! STAY AWAY!
Jennifer of Pensacola, FL Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 11, 2021
After being in a terrifying car accident where I was hit by a dump truck, GEICO doubled my monthly insurance. This accident could have killed me, my car was totaled, and this was Geico's response... to punish me by raising my rates and calling me a "high risk" to insure. Mind you, the dump truck driver that hit me was ticketed by the police for improper backing, I am in the middle of a lawsuit, I had to purchase a new car since mine was totaled, my lower back and neck were injured and I have had to take a couple of hours every day off of work due to countless doctor visits, chiropractor appointments, and physical therapy to try and get back to life as normal.
I am in pain all the time, and Geico just simply blames me and raises my rates. I couldn't be more disappointed with a company that touts itself as a company the supports the military and government employees in this country. My husband is active duty, I am a Veteran, and now I work for the Department of Veterans Affairs. I would absolutely never do business with a company like this ever again. When I called to cancel my policy with Geico, the customer service representative couldn't have cared less, didn't express any concern nor even attempt to keep my business. This company clearly does not care about its policyholders.
Eric of Lynn Haven, FL Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 24, 2021
Worse than Comcast.. After declared my car total loss One Month and a half later still isn't settled. Still have my claim under the wrong name and wrong car.. Hours and hours on hold.. 61 yrs old and the first time I ever made a BBB COMPLAINT.. Have been giving six direct lines of different supposedly to help me out numbers. None I mean none never answered their phone. Didn't pay for the rental car as promised and now without a car.. Worse car insurance company ON THE PLANET.. WORSE THAN WORSE. -1000 RATING. WHAT A NIGHTMARE.

N Not Recommending geico! Review updated: Aug 21, 2021
We actually have two claims right now against geico. The first one was when a geico insured hit my wife while making an illegal left turn in a blind intersection. Because there was no visibility, and because their insured turned directly into my wife; my wife couldn't have seen them, or avoid them. To geico's credit, they did get us a rental. I also agreed to their 'settlement' on the car and they paid that. How ever many months later, my wifes medical bills are around $5, 000. geico won't pay that and started out offering to pay $100. Later they raised this offer to $1, 000. There is no way this is at all reasonable so we refused to accept that. Many months later my son was hit by another geico insured. This geico driver blew through a stop sign going at least the posted speed as he was late to a job interview. To their credit they got him a rental that evening! The adjuster contacted us and after taking my son's statement; contacted me back to say that geico would only be covering 85% as my son was at least 15% at fault. I told her that was not acceptable because of the police report, the citation given to their driver, and their driver's statement that he 'drove through the stop sign that he didn't see and hit the green car'.
On both of these wrecks, there are police reports, witnesses, statements, citations given to the geico drivers for making illegal maneuvers and causing the wrecks. We tried to negotiate all those months with geico on my wife's wreck to no avail. We were in the process of getting a lawyer when my son's wreck occurred so we went to him with both. He has been very successful in dealing with these kinds of tactics! His take on this is that they get away with this often enough and wind up saving enough by cheating people that it makes it worth while when they do have to go to court and wind up paying more than they would have if they had just paid the claim in the first place! What a crazy business practice!
Now you know why I don't have geico! I have tried several other insurance companies over the years and for the last several we have been with Liberty Mutual. I can tell you we are very pleased with them. My other son backed into a friends new car and they handled that so well that even my friend will tell you how pleased he was with how it was taken care of from start to finish. And we didn't even have to think about getting a lawyer to take care of it!
Think of it this way: If you see a company advertising all the time like geico does it should put up a red flag for you. Only reason they would need to advertise this much is to try to replace the many customers they are constantly loosing all the time! If any of you find yourself in this situation or a similar on I would recommend you ask around and find a good lawyer to talk to. A good one will know what the laws are and how it affects your case and if you should file a suit or not. This probably won't help any of you but you should call my lawyer: Jeff Hepworth in Twin Falls, ID. He is honest and will tell you the best way to handle your problems.
He got a big kick out of what I did. Both of our cars are totaled from these two different wrecks. I painted 'geico Sucks' on the windshields and placed them out front on a U.S. Highway. They do seem to attract a fair amount of attention. People will even stop to get their picture taken beside them! So at least I am getting that satisfaction out of this whole mess!

Aug 21, 2021
I was rear ended by a Geico policy holder. Geico refuses to pay the claim even though police report states the car that hit me was at fault. My insurance company paid to have my car repaired through my insurance but I am still out my $500 deductible and my insurance company is out the money they paid to fix my car.

I like the bumper sticker idea of putting a sticker on my car noting Geico does not pay for damages to your car.

Jul 31, 2021
Police said I am not guilty and other guy was guilty and his fault. Police gave ticket to him. After that also Geico only wants to pay 85% for my car damage and 15% I have to pay. If you have Geico insurance just cancell it and turn on in better insurance. GEICO Bad WITH PEOPLE.

It makes you in trouble...

Jan 01, 2021
I agree everything that you said about Geico and they should be sued and their company should be shut down. it is not worth having insurance like that. I have the same problem with them. they gave me a rental car and paid for my car damage $2400, but not my medical bill. I had a very hard time with them to fix my car, they were telling me the police report and citation doesn't mean a thing, but what I don't understand is that they said they will take my statement and the person in fault statement and compare it to determine whose statement made more sense and they would go based on that. I lost it when they told me that I was in fault when in fact me and the girl wrote the statement at present time and she was found in fault and was given citation ticket by the police... so I called the girl and told her about what geico said she was even pissed the fact they did that. she called them and put them in three line and told them she was in fault and that's how my car got fixed. I don't think anybody deserve this kind of treatment after getting hurt from the car accident. I would vote for geico to be removed and I hope people are aware their insurance is not worth having at all. it's a rip of and scam.

June 10, 2021
I agree with the statement that you wrote on the above. whoever replied to you about your son being in fault for 15% and the insurance has to determine that... wow that's crazy. I believe this dumb person must be working for geico. first of all nobody should have to be responsible for getting hit, that person is not psychic, or god so how in the hell is the person that got hit suppose to prevent that, they could try and still get hit.
this is ridicules. geico insurance is not professional at all, and I have the same case with them to the point they would not pay the claim... but yet they know the person that hit me is in fault. in fact they even tried to deny the police citation report just because the girl that hit my car in the highway had geico as well, but too bad, she admitted that she was in fault because I had to give her a call and let her know that geico are saying that she was not in fault. overall their cheap and doesn't take action for their fault. thank god the girl put it in three way call and told geico that she was in fault and she was confused why they were trying not to fix my car. in the end they ended up paying $2400 for my car damage... but they refused to pay for my medical claim and I am taking it to the court with my lawyer. geico should be sued big time and their company should be shut down by law. it seems as if they want to make money by advertising it over and over. they are a scam. if they can't be responsible for their customer fault, what is the point of them charging their customers monthly payment of insurance bill? smh

Geico first agreed to issue us the $1700.00 that it would take to fix most of the work needed on our 350Z, but soon sent a 2nd person who came to our home a week after. This Geico rep, then knocked down our claim to $500.00, refusing to cover much of the vandalism. We can not get our car fixed for under $2400.00 and Geico is only paying $500.00 on it..

Okay so here is my 2 cents... lol I use to work for a major insurance company in the claims dept, NOT geico, and I know a lot about the subject... I know that your insurance company should have worked with geico on your behalf. A lot of times people get taken advantage of by insurance companies, because they are not educated on the insurance world. So with that being said here are facts... the word is called
Subrogation in its most common usage refers to circumstances in which an insurance company tries to recoup expenses for a claim it paid out when another party should have been responsible for paying at least a portion of that claim. By law you insurance company can go to court and have a court decided who is right.
Here is wht to do in the future when you have an accident
1st when you have an accident call your insurance company (Thats who you pay to protect you) to let them know that you were in an accident with the other company Tell them that you want to go through them to work the claim. 2nd contact a lawyer... (The reason for this step is that when a lawyer calls the insurance company they handle your claim differently, due to they know lawyers know loop hole, and the insurance company wants to make sure they have everything lined up in case they will need to go to court. Lawyers will also gather all the information that you need to help win your case) 3rd Get your own estimates with at least 1 from a Dealership. The reason for this is Dealership will give you an accurate quote. (This is what insurance companies do) Honestly a dealership quote has more standing then joe the shade tree mechanic. If you can supply a dealership quote for your car then the insurance company will think twice before low balling a claim. Last but not least do not accept any checks (cash) if you don't agree with claim amount. Most companies have a clause that by cashing the check you are agreeing with payment amount.
As a side note some states have different policys regarding fault, Some states are "no fault States" what that means is that even if you are not at fault can be found partly responsible. These are laws set up by your state…not the insurance company
Determining fault in a car accident is generally determined by the state in which the accident occurred. State laws vary significantly, so it is important to contact an experienced lawyer to determine whether the state has a fault or no-fault based system.
Fault states: Most states have adopted a fault-based, or "tort liability," system of auto insurance. In a fault-based system, insurance companies pay according to each party's degree of fault. If you and your insurer don't see eye-to-eye on your claim, you may have to file suit for uncompensated economic damages such as lost wages and medical expenses and non-economic damages such as pain and suffering. (In this case both companies will negotiate, who was at fault, which is not always black and white. If you are found at fault you have the right if you are found any way at fault to go to your insurance company and request they fix you car as long as you have the right coverage on your policy.
No-Fault States: Because the tort (lawsuit) system has led to long and costly court battles over who was at fault and to what degree, policymakers in many states decided to change from a fault-based system to some form of a no-fault system.
Under no-fault automobile insurance laws, the good driver does not have to prove that the crash was somebody else's fault before getting his money. His insurance company picks up medical bills, rehabilitation costs and lost wages up to the amount he purchased. The tradeoff is the injured person cannot sue the other driver for pain and suffering, emotional distress and inconvenience. (If you live in a no-fault state, the no-fault portion of your auto insurance policy is usually called PIP or Personal Injury Protection.)
what this all means short and sweet is with the company I work for we go to court all the time an fight low paying insurance companies all the time. We inspect our insureds vehicle to deterime the repair cost and if the amount other insurance offers is not correct we fight to get the correct amount. Our motto is what the other company wont pay we dont play lol...

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Mar 09, 2022 9:13 am EST
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I have many complaints about this company and have submitted my complaints to them with no resolution, first off they were fine, I often recommended them to other people until I had to report an accident, keep in mind I have had GEICO for many years with no reported accidents or claims that is the customer they want and they immediately change their tune if you report a claim much like a life insurance company, I never once even used their roadside service in the past. Then, I had the misfortune of moving to a place El Paso Texas where deadly accidents, dangerous and hazardous road conditions and dangerous often aggressive drivers are all over the place and ended up getting in not one but two accidents in a very short time after driving for something like 30 years with not one reported accident or other mishap on any insurance that I had held in that time. This area also is wrought with corruption, with many people driving with paper plates that are illegal, I have even seen some who have a legal one and put a paper one over the real one. In my first accident, the driver refused absolutely refused to exchange information, he simply said that he knows a guy who will fix his car cheap admitting he had just gotten into an accident a month ago and had it fixed real cheap, my first accident and I could not get the guy to even exchange insurance information. Then, about a year later, I get hit on the same side luckily I was alone but the damage was enough that I needed to make a claim, again the guy who hit me had no license, no registration and no insurance, shocking. GEICO did not care or sympathize and did not even come in to investigate, in fact, I had recently divorced from my military ex husband and had no medical and GEICO refused to cover my medical bills that evidently is part of the law that they must provide a minimum with certain plans. This was my only reported accident and I was told they would not even cover my CT scan but was charged 800 for the ambulance, 1500 for the doctor to read the scan, and about 6000 for a few minutes to give me Ibuprofen and tell me nothing was wrong with me, and that is all I had done, the 1500 to read the CT scan would have been well within the limits of what they will cover. Then, my car was at a repair shop for almost two months, my car has never driven the same and was only a year or two old at the time. I have since this time I would describe been harassed not just by the insurance but also my vehicle in subtle government orchestrated ways I would describe them as mob like tactics of covert harassment that extend to my vehicle's various electronic gauges like the TPMS. With GEICO, I am subject to changing policies, changing premiums, constant errors in contact information and various little covert and overt methods of frustration all in response to my claim in my opinion. This company if you have to make a claim goes immediately to these covert harassment tactics, they will take off things on your policy like what was done to my daughter when she had to use roadside service a couple of times, they just removed her without telling us. Then, I have had them refuse to take people off of my policy who do not live with me or drive my vehicle, my ex husband is one of them. I have been told he will remain on my policy even if I remove him, this to me is harassment. I have had them change my premium and my ability to make changes to my account. I have had them assign other people as the primary driver of my car moving me over to that person's car, they say I am a five year safe driver yet I got into this accident and they have said I am a student when I am no such thing, I have had them prevent me from logging into my account to make changes after there was an increase in my premium, the latest is how GEICO evidently considers 6 months to be an annual premium and refuses to allow me to distribute those payments over these 6 months so that it is more affordable for me. I have been locked out of making changes to my payment plan as part of the harassment. Another thing that they do is they like to refer to me as my ex husband, or they will send me surveys for a conversation that they are saying that I had that I never had with them. When they do this, they say we are sorry for the frustration that is the email they have on file, yet if you know how the accounts are set up each person has their own email and contact information on my policy. this is information they ask anyone who they speak with. If they were going by the primary driver that they insist on listing as my ex husband then he should be the one receiving all these invitations to surveys. I know for a fact that my daughter had set up her own email and yet when she made changes to her own account and spoke with someone in customer service, I got the survey email. I am told that GEICO uses 6 months in place of a year, and I have noted that many communications call this an annual premium this is fraud to me calling 6 months an annual policy when it renews every 6 months and is biannual and not annual. They do this to rip off the customer and subject them to all these changing policies and premium amounts. The latest harassment is that when I added my daughter and her vehicle this increased my premium by about 500.00 dollars at which point GEICO fraudulently stated that my previous premium cycle had completed with my last payment resetting the annual policy that I was now subject to new terms and since this occurred, my daughter and I have made payments of 203.75, 310.00, 160.97, and each time we have made a payment a new notice is sent out right away to say we owe more money, yet the annual amount was said to be about 1,400. 00 that would be affordable spread out over 12 months, but that is not how they do it. GEICO never sends out a statement showing what the annual amount is spread out over an actual year's time, what has already been paid and what the new monthly premium will be as it relates to the annual policy distributed over 12 months to call it "annual." as most human beings on this planet know it to be. The reason? GEICO does not use 12 months as an annual but calls 6 months an annual and now they tell me I must pay my annual payments over 4 months this is not even bi annual, which is something that I only chose to do once a while back because I could afford to make that change at that time. I have since been prevented from making any other adjustments to make my premium more affordable and since GEICO likes to use these impediments as a method of criminal syndicate style harassment, this is being done with the intent purpose to create frustration and hassle because GEICO cares only for their bottom line and not if the customer is happy at all. After many communications with this company, I can say that at every point, they get someone on the phone, or whatever method is used to apologize for the error but never resolve it. It is always that GEICO states it is their policy no matter what it is as if the customer is in a legally binding agreement and the have their lawyers but the customer does not, that is how it feels to me. If you are trying to tell GEICO that a person in your household has gotten their own vehicle and their own policy, they will tell you that you have to have that person on your policy, this was done after going online and trying to remove my daughter who had bought her own vehicle and her own policy, at that time, I was allowed to make that change pending that I could show proof that my daughter had her own car and insurance. I said that I could when asked and then rather suddenly GEICO stated that I could not in fact remove her except if she moved out of the house or died and only under those limited circumstances. Then, I tried to inquire as to how to remove my ex husband as the primary on my policy at which point I was told that if I could have him put the vehicle in my name only that they would remove him, then in contradiction to this I was told, no that I may never be able to remove him and that anyone who lives in the house or has an interest in my vehicle must remain on my policy as though they own it for all time evidently, why would such a greedy company like GEICO pretend to offer such a generous service to people who do not even drive my vehicle and one does not even live in my house? Can you imagine being harassed in this way? Being told that no matter what an ex husband who is living in another state and married to another person now must remain on a plan appearing as the primary driver for all of eternity apparently? This is harassment plain and simply and come to find out GEICO is not just an insurance company set up for Government Employees but is essentially a Warren Buffet probably also in some way Bill Gates operation as it is wholly owned by Berkshire Hathaway. that is essentially arm in arm with Microsoft's founder, and operates the same way that other companies like Black Rock and Vanguard do where they sit on the board of each other's companies as if they are one and the same company. Given how Microsoft behaved toward its customers all those years, I can see why GEICO is steadily declining in much the same way now that we know who is actually in charge, GEICO like Microsoft is behaving much like a virus does in order to survive than a company that is in business to offer a service to customers and who cares about pleasing those customers. They are a political entity in my opinion and they use Stasi tactics when any person has to make a claim, I would like to see any proof that they are not doing this.


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