Geicodenial of responsibility because of dishonest driver


I want to have a higher up call me in regards to a denied claim.

I was sitting in a drive through at a fast food restaurant and had been for several minutes. The line was not moving and there were several cars in line. While waiting a large pickup truck backed into me.

The guy that hit me immediately jumped out and started profusely apologizing for hitting my car. The first thing he said was "Oh my God, my insurance company will drop me, this is my second accident, I just had another one not long ago". After hearing that, I had him clarify if his insurance had dropped him or was going to. He assured me he still had insurance but he thought they would drop him after this claim.

He went to where the two cars had impacted and tried to pull my wheel well out. I asked him not to touch my car and to get his insurance information. He got his ID card, and I took pictures. I also asked for his phone number. I told him I was going to call his insurance and if he did not have active coverage I was going to call the police.

He did not ask for my insurance nor did he ask for my phone number. I called GEICO and they verified he had active insurance. I told the representative that I had just been hit by the drive and they said they would call him and get a claim started.

Now the driver, who looked to be in his 20s, is lying and saying I rear-ended him. If that is the case, 1) why did he give me his information and not ask for mine 2) Why did he not ask for my phone number or any information 3) why did I immediately call GEICO if I was the responsible part.

I am a hard working single mother who is now suffering from the consequences of your dishonest customer. I have insurance through USAA but will not be getting my car fixed because I have a $1000 deductible. I will not have this dishonest person take food out of my children's mouths which is exactly what would have to happen if I had to come up with $1000. You have contributed to him being rewarded for not being honest and punishing a hardworking honest person.

I would like someone to call me and explain to my how this is okay with your company.

Amy Ewing
Clinic Manager Oklahoma University Physicians
Oklahoma City, OK

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