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Other drivers insurance (Geico) was going to total my vehicle. Other driver at fault for auto accident. Geico requested my vehicle title and sent the towing service to pick up my vehicle; which they did. This is after my vehicle sat in Repair shop for over one month. Geico takes possession of my vehicle; then after the fact informs me that they will not pay for my vehicle repair; because clients insurance coverage is not sufficient to cover the total of my vehicle repairs. This is after they took my vehicle. I was informed that my vehicle was at a car lot awaiting for me to retrieve it. I'm responsible for recovering my vehicle from this lot. I had to make several calls to locate my vehicle and recover it and then start the whole process again with my Insurance company. It took 4 months from the time of the accident until I had my vehicle in working order again. In which I spent $300.00 in towing; out of my pocket and storage fees while my vehicle was in the repair shop awaiting for a Geico insurance rep to estimate my vehicle. I will never recommend Geico auto Insurance to any body ever again.


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    notageigocustomernga Jul 23, 2009

    Sounds like what my son is going through with Geigo. My son (not a Geigo customer) was in an accident with a Geigo customer. Geigo's customer ran red light, my son tried to avoid Geigo customer, but hit Geigo customer. Police report stated Geigo customer was at fault was cited for running red light, and Geigo says my son was 20% at fault, go figure. My son vehicle was totaled. Geigo would not rent him a vehicle and finally they say they will only pay 1/4 of what vehicle is worth. Then they say, they are not going to total it because it was 20% my sons fault, and now says my son better get vehicle from where it was towed because he is being charged ever since vehicle right now $500 is owed to wrecker. My son hasn't gotten check yet, so only time will tell if they will. How does Geigo get away with this, from doing a search on Geigo complaints, they do everyone like this. Who can we report Geigo's practices? Geigo seems to make there own rules and the heck with everyone else.

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    Wpayton5599 Mar 31, 2010

    Geico should have verified their client's coverage. The best thing that you can do is claim it under the uninsured motorist portion of your policy.

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    msjace Sep 11, 2010

    It took Geico well over a week to pick up our vehicle, from an accident, and then they decided it was totaled, but Geico has their own set of rules, as to the amount of fair market value, they are willing to pay you for the vehicle.

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