Geek Squadrepair a virus in my laptop - lost my entire data + fraud

D Dec 07, 2018

On 12/1/18 I dropped off my laptop for virus clean. on 12/5/18 I received a phone call from Geek Squard stating I need to replace disk (fraud). On 12/6/18 I went to the store talking to Dave, manager, I found out he didn't back up my data. In the service contract, I stated I want to back up my data. They lost my entire 2 yrs of personal documents, violated my rights and forfeited the contract agreement not backing up my data. On top of that they tried to sell me a disk. I demand the return of my $214. will report to BBB.

I talked to the Best Buy manager Greg, not geek squard, he told me he learned about many customers were told had bad disk problems. I realized that all were scammed like Geek Squard did to me.

I didn't realize the whole scam till I brought in my second laptop and they told me the mother board is fried. I said it was functioning when I brought in and now is dead? So I become suspicious about Geek Squard and starting calling best buy and found this discussion forum.

The biggest tragedy is my losing my data. I wonder if any one has thought about starting a class action law suit against Geek Squard. This forum has sufficient evidence of their Fraud over the years.

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