Geek Squadcustomer service supervisor, associate and repair agent

J Aug 18, 2018

Here's how he was
"...when you were busy badgering* on my head..."
*badgering or some other worse term
"What did I just tell you??!!"
Unapologetic supervisor that the person who came by my house ruined my entire morning and did not wait for 15 mins before leaving when accordingly he should have waited that long. If he told me I could've met him then, but they didn't."

The geeksquad agent had the same entitled attitude
First customer service associate was all the same
The supervisor had the worse entitled attitude
Entitled to be a priority above all else, inconsiderate of how they approach their customers, inconsiderate of anybody's time but their own. Inconsiderate and entitled only to be heard but not to listen.
They all perfectly know how to ruin someone's saturday morning. From the agent who came by my house, to the customer service agent and worse of all the customer service supervisor. Or maybe they are all worse. Inconsiderate and worse.
[protected] is the account.

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