GE Money BankRip off on credit card

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Started with telephone calls from India at all hours of the day and night even though we were not behind on our payments. Guess the final straw was the call I received this morning from a guy whose English was marginal to say the best. Informing me that our account was going to be turned over to collection because we were late.
Checked the statement and the due date isn't until the 9th and this is the 1st. Something wrong with that picture.
So I started trying to contact the corporate offices. Five hours later, found a number that was good. Just for everyone who might want to call and voice their disapproval of the call center in India and the business practices that GE has adopted over the past few years, I'll give you these numbers so you don't waste 5 hours of your valuable time like I did.
The New York number is: [protected]. But to use this number you need to have an employees name. Try looking up the company directory. I went straight to the top and used the CEO's: Mark Begor. His office number is [protected]. His assistant is a nice lady so be kind.
Next I spoke with Corporate Relations: [protected]. The person I spoke with was Cindy Lockyer and she was most helpful.
So once you cut through all of the crap they have put out there for us to cut through there are some decent people working there, who also don't necessarily agree with the corporate practices but don't place to much blame on them, they need their jobs just like the rest of us do.


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      Jul 26, 2009

    I my self just had someone order a pizza in Atlanta Texas on my G E debt card and i live in Florida . When i called G E Bank they said it was my fault . that i gave up my number to this person, then i asked for G E Banks security division . They said [ there is no such dept . ] Then i asked to cancel my card even with a cash still in my debt card they REFUSED to cancel it . So i called the pizza shop and they gave me the house number and phone number of the persons that ordered the pizza . So now it is in the capable hand of the Atlanta Texas Sheriff dept . ????? HOW DOS A BIZZ LIKE THIS BANK ALOWED TO STAY IN BIZZ ????????

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