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Rider which phone number is +[protected]. The gdex rider who delivered this items has a very very very bad attitude. I had received the message lately and I dont know I can postpone the delivery time (use delivery service lessly). Im not in home because im a student and I need to study, he call me and use a very bad speaking to tell me dont buang masa dia, and say he can only deliverd one times and so on. I tell him I cant go back now because im at school and my home is very far from my college, he speak like want to kill me even. This rider attitude is really bad as I know become a rider is difficult but also why he want to talk like this to his client. Next time please speak nicely and explain nicely. People happy you also happy. Please solve this problem as soon... I hope next time I wont meet this rider anymore or what...

  • Muhammad Taufiq's Response, Sep 04, 2019

    Gdex teluk intan not working for delivery and send a message or call me

  • Azmin Sham's Response, Sep 12, 2019

    barang tak sampai2

Aug 27, 2019
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  • Vi
      Sep 03, 2019
    GDex / GD Express - Product

    I so disappointed with tis company, my parcel My30088621643 is damage when I received, my seller have fragile sticker and plastic wrapped I dunno why my beeswax still can drop anyway n tool is broken the seller use a lot of air bubble sheet to protect I still received a broken tool..I use two hours to tidy my beeswax

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  • Ev
      Sep 09, 2019
    GDex / GD Express - Poor service

    GDex claims as a fast courier service BUT parcels sent out on 28.8.2019, customers haven't received today. What a poor service? Shouldn't have claimed as a fast courier service company

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  • Ad
      Sep 10, 2019
    GDex / GD Express - Paint spray

    I didn't received my items but stated delivered. This is the 2nd time happen to me thr ur courier service. My TN GAM005749457. And there is not signature to view. Please explain what happen? I guess ur services are not trustworthy after all. I can be contacted via hp [protected] or email [protected]

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  • Mu
      Sep 10, 2019
    GDex / GD Express - Barang sampai ke gdex teluk intan tetapi Tidak dapat sebab notifikasi atau call tahu2 barang dah Kena return😠😡
    kampung bandar air mukim kota setia

    Gdex tolong pos barang Saya semula

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  • Ap
      Sep 14, 2019
    GDex / GD Express - Poor agent service

    Your agent located at Bau, Kuching Sarawak, Shop name : Chop Lung Fatt is very rude to customer. He didn't call me when my parcel arrived. When i go his shop and ask, he scold me and ask me to throw my phone away because he said i didn't answer his call, but the fact is he didnt even call! What a bad attitude and bad agent from you!!!

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  • Az
      Sep 18, 2019
    GDex / GD Express - barang dah dua miggu masih tak sampai2


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  • We
      Sep 28, 2019
    GDex / GD Express - I didn't sign, the courier damaged my parcel

    Delivery courier was very rude and Package was seriously damaged

    Serious issues with Delivery scheduling, e.g. courier did not call before delivery attempt

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