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Douglas Moulin at [protected] Ext 5021 called me this morning asking for my brother. He said it was regarding a business matter and asked if I knew how to reach him. I asked how they got my number, he said my brother must have written it down as a reference. I said that is impossible because no on in my family has my number. I said I hadn't seen or talked to him in a year and didn't have a way to reach him. He left me his number and requested that I have my brother call. I took down the information and looked up the company, finding all of this ruthless information. Pretty pathetic tactics. I haven't even had the same last name in more than 20 years, I am now curious how they got my phone number. It is unlisted, unpublished, and only my work and children have it. I called them back and told them to remove my number, was put on hold for more than 10 minutes and finally hung up. I am contacting my state AG and reporting harrassment. I am responsible for myself only, no one else. If they call me again, there will be hell to pay.


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    Lisa H May 11, 2009

    I understand your frustration. Last year, a collection agency working for a company I do not owe money to (having paid off the loan 7 years ago) contacted my ex-husband of 14 years at his home I never shared with him in a different city and county and phone number than where we lived when we were married. All this because at the time I took out the loan, he was listed as my next of kin (still my spouse at that time). He didn't give them any information. I had also remarried several years ago and lived in another state! This collection agency had my address and correct name as well.

    Collection agencies will harass anyone they think is connected to you in any way, especially if they are not making headway with you. It's all about intimidation. Your brother can send them a certified letter telling them they do not have permission to contact him again. You can also send them a certified letter telling them they cannot talk to you or anyone else, connected to you or not. Under Title VIII they must comply, but anything not communicated by certified letter will be ignored if at all possible.

    What is the pain about this is how they get the information in the first place. Among other services, gives tons of information, a bit of it for free, much more if you pay a fee. They can track a person by aliases, possible past addresses, possible phone numbers, possible employers, possible criminal records, possible relatives, etc. Note I said "Possible." This is because services like Intellus do not guarantee the correctness of the information theysupply (even for a fee) and the fine print suggests you verify the information. But an amazing amount of "possible" information is out there. Under my husband's name, possible relatives included his mother, deceased father, sister, brother-in-law, brother, sister-in-law, nephews, underage nieces, and his ex-wife. My name showed not only my ex-husband as a possible relative, but also HIS new wife. It's nuts.

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  • Ne
    nevaeh Jul 29, 2009

    I previously worked for GC Services, and it is possible that your brother put you down as a reference. Whenever a client is put on a repayment program, they are required to have references (family, friends, coworkers, etc) that we may contact in case we lost touch with them (phone was disconnected, for example). Whether or not your brother told you that you were one of his references is not GC Services fault. That was his responsibility to inform you.

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  • Hi
    His Majesty Oct 29, 2009

    I am going to be contacted by CG Services. Lucky me. I don't need credit. Don't have the money to pay off some debt but I do know how to hang up the telephone. My cell has caller ID so I can block that call and ignore my home 'phone.
    I chose not to play this game but hey nearly everybody who was making money 18 months ago went down in flames. Stuff happens. I'm not going to live in a tent down by the river because some bankers are jacka**es.
    This is not a moral issue for me. It is just another pothole in the road of life.

    To CG services; Tough getting money out of this guy he is not going to be intimidated.

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