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abusive behavior

CG Services is the collection agency based in Columbus, OH that is used by the NYSHEC to collect on defaulted student loans. [protected])

I am well aware that I owe money which I am trying to pay off - but this financial crisis has rendered me temporarily unable to pay even the bare minimum of $150.00.

I had conversation today with the supervisor Mr. Pratt asking for a bit of leniency here for just a month or two - I am expecting a check for a project I'm working on that will enable me to catch up on all my bills. I also asked if they could PLEASE stop calling my friends and neighbors as that is humiliating. Instead of being sympathetic to my plight, he added to my stress by shouting humiliating insults such as ...
1) you're too stupid to know how to spell harassment
2) you're a complete deadbeat and it's people like you that explain why the Federal government is in the shape we're in

I asked him repeatedly to stop noting can I be put through to the verification department - I was calling them to make some payment arrangements so the harassment would stop. He refused so after enduring over 10 minutes of his rantings, I hung up.


After purchasing a cell phone, I started to recieve calls from GC Services looking for a Janet Grimm, she...


My grandmother had an account with AT&T. She recently got ill after moving from OH to NM and used her credit card for her new place but stopped making payments a couple months ago after she got sick. I, (her granddaughter), as well as my aunt who is an authorized user of the card and not a cosigner (I asked for the contract from AT&T and it does state she is not responsible for the debt being an authorized user and not having a card of her own), have received numerous calls from this company. Sometimes I would get them at 6:30 in the morning. After calling managers and asking them to stop harassing both my aunt and myself they promised they would. Got more phone calls but the people refused to tell me where they were calling from. It would have worked if I didn't recognize the voice. So I called back to talk to a manager and he swore up and down that nobody called from your company. Got a call today from my aunt, hysterically crying because some woman from this company told her that they would go after her and take "everything she has", then I was called and the same woman screamed at me telling me that I was going to jail for fraud. I asked her where she was calling from and she refused to tell me, she said she wasn’t from a collections agency since they knew it was fraud. She also said that my aunt signed off on statements and received a letter which I learned is also false after talking to my aunt. First I asked how we can make a payment plan and she said that they need all 26 grand which I had to laugh at since it’s absurd. I also offered to have her call back to speak to my grandmother and was told "no, I don't want to speak to her I would rather see it go to the fraud department" she said it was "very convenient" that my grandmother was hard of hearing and that she would have to deal with myself or my mother before hanging up on me but not before screaming at me for nearly 15 minutes. She basically accused me of stealing from my grandmother, and told me I was going to go to jail since the fraud investigation showed it wasn't my grandmother authorizing the purchases and she knew I was lying about my grandmother not being here. Which is funny because I talked to my grandmother right after and she knew exactly how she spent her money. I also talked to AT&T who told me they could not take anything from my aunt since she is not a cosigner and could not send me to jail without talking to my grandmother and having her press charges if I used the card without her knowledge. Basically, this company lied about who they were and the extent of what they could do. I have a husband in Iraq and three little ones, this is the last thing I need. She told me that I should be expecting the police to show up anytime to take me to jail and that she would be happy about it which is why she didn't even want to talk to my grandmother. This company has done nothing but harrass myself and my aunt for months. I have finally contacted a lawyer.

do not give them any money or information!!!

I keep getting voicemails on my cell from "Nick" at this number. I happen to work in a collections-based business, and the most recent message he left me was NOT appropriate to his line of business. He did not speak in the message, he chastised me and tried to guilt trip me into calling him back since I've so far ignored his request.

I got a notice in the mail for my student loan advising that they hired a collections service... happens to be this one. I'm about to call the loan place and let them know that they should not use this company as they aren't going to get anything from anyone by being rude.

ADVICE: DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY MONEY OR INFORMATION!!! If they call you regarding a collection, I suggest calling the company the debt is with ASAP to get it straightened out. If they advise you to call GC Services, tell them you would rather deal with their company directly and ask to speak to a manager.

get back at them

All of gc services offices are listed online.i found them under an attorneys website...i dont have the url...

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take the offensive!

These idiots are the worst of the terrible. Everything Ive read is true. One of the posts suggests attacking the CEO.A fantastic idea, although I would like to see detailed instructions how to go about it.
Until then, here are some suggestions.
Everytime they call, blow a police style whistle into the phone, then ask them whats wrong with their phone. Repeat whenever they call.
Dealing with the robot calls is more difficult, but ive heard if you record the tones prior to the "This line is disconnected" message on your answering machine, the robot automatically hangs up.
Im assuming these idiots are using false names, definetaly the lower tier clowns are, but i suspect the so called "supervisors" have to use their real names. I searched the name of one of these her home street address from court records. I am trying to get that phone number and verify its really her.
If it is, I will call her home number everytime they call me.
Until then, she foolishly left her business number and extension on my answering machine, which I will now post:
Tanya Hudson [protected] Ext 5456.
Calling that number and typing closely related extension numbers sends you to the answering machines of other scoundrels, and you can learn their names that way, search online, and maybe get their home numbers.
I would be careful doing this, as you want to verify the home numbers are really the ### you want to contact at home. Make sure, otherwise you will be harrasing innocent people, just like they do.
As I learn more about this nest of rats, I will be adding more names and extension numbers...have fun with them!
Blow a whistle, speak in a foriegn language, give them false information, etc. Dont threaten them in any way illegal.
I would like to see every answering machine full of whistles and screeches, every morning when they come to work.
Dont forget, once you have their home address, you can get their neighbors addresses and phone numbers and call them too!.Just like they do!
Remember, information is power with these information you get from them, post the ceos address and number, do exactly what they do.
Good hunting!

  • Vi
    VictoriahA Oct 20, 2009

    I couldn't agree with you more, I just got a phone call today from a Ms. Roberta who told me to get a better paying job so I can pay my debt!!! I thought "the nerve of her!!" Then the supervisor got on the phone and told me to enjoy myself when he garnishes my wages!!...and then hung up on me!!! Where do these people get their customer service skills?? Isn't it illegal to do this???

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dirty work/calling neighbors

I received a call from this agency on Wednesday 2-4-09, asking if I knew a person who was living on my block. I was asked by Monica @ ext 42 if I could verify this person and their address and give them a message to call this number [protected]. This person refused to answer any questions of reference to or what. I stated that I don't know of any person or persons they were seeking, and I refused to be involved and do their dirty work. The person abruptly hung up. I called back and stated they better remove my name from their list and never call again. I also stated that I was filing a complaint with the state of Florida.


I was contacted by GC Services (12/2008) re; court fines from an accident that took place 17 years ago (1991). I paid all of my fines, etc., which cost me $1800.00 (paid in full). That was that, I was done, right? Now thay are trying to get that $1800.00 again. Treatening me with all kinds of things if i don't pay up. It states in the statement sent, that GC is an "enforcement" company, not stating that they are a "collections" agency. They must be desperate to try these underhanded techniques, not to mention, belittling mine & others intelligence. They need to be put out of business! Better yet, they should pay out to those they have illegally harrassed. They also stated that they have DMV helping to locate me. GC already has my address, they sent the statement. Idiots!

  • Ma
    Max Feb 21, 2009

    GC Services is out of control. They threaten and harass you on the phone and this continues to happen when you ask them to refrain from calling you at work or home. The company that they are trying to collect from agreed to my repayments a year ago. I am currently under agreement with that company through Consumer Credit Counseling Services. My payments have been prompt. I was surprised to receive the calls and letters from GCServices, especially when the representative told me that I was delinquent and the company that I owe did not accept my terms for repayment. Of course, I was in tears and tremendously upset about what the representative was saying to me. I immediately called CCCS and they reassured me that all my payments were made on time and they had the agreement with the company. I referred to my statements and all payments were on time, I was blindsided by the comments of the GC Services Representative. I was counseled by CCCS to file a compliant with FTC, which I did. GCServices should be put out of business.

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  • Se
    service Jun 22, 2009


    Contact Information
    Address: 6330 Gulfton St.
    Houston, TX 77081-1108
    Phone: 713-777-4441
    Fax: 713-777-6619

    Key People
    • Chairman and CEO: Gerald B. (J. B.) Katz
    • President: Frank A. Taylor
    • SVP Operations: Mark A. Schordock

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  • Wh
    What Da Aug 31, 2009

    The only way GC Services gets your account in the first place is by the original creditor... that is who you need to contact...GC Services receives your account from original creditor...If you have a credit card or ticket you NEED to take it up with original creditor... GC is just doing thier job. If your original creditor sent it to collections...TAKE IT UP WITH THEM...DUH!

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inconsiderate, rude

WOW! Am I glad I am not the only one! I am writing to tell you of the absolute ### OF THE EARTH, the HEATHENS at CG services. So, I fell behind on some credit card debt...I have EVERY intention to pay it off once we are more financially secure. The mortgage comes first! These people are harrassing me DAILY, with calls to my in-laws, and calls to my place of employment. Threatening me, claiming that I am 'HIDING", BELITTLEING me, calling me a "job-jumper", when they have no clue who I am, or of my personal situation. I just keep hanging up on them. I REFUSE to deal with these jokers. Man, I get upset just writing this. Never in my life have I been literally treated like an animal! These people must be stopped! Block all calls from [protected]!!!
In any event, we have begun the process of working with a credit counseling service to help us with our debt. I will never deal with GC services again. The woman I sopke with was such an incredibly awful human being, that I seriously would not hesitate for a second running her down with my was that BAD of an experience! My advice to anyone who is contacted by these ###, is to ignore them, and seek help from another type of credit counseling service, or debt consolidator...someone who will treat you like a human being, will not chastise you, and who will genuinely want to help you out.

  • An
    anonymous1994 Aug 19, 2009

    GC Services just started calling me yesterday. I was polite but refused. I made the horrendous mistake of saying they could call back at a better time for me. When they did call back (today) they were extremely persistent in trying to get my personal info. This is regarding past due student loans. They began nicely, and when I refused to give them any information over the phone they got nasty. They threatened to report me and put my credit in bad status. It's almost amusing, since obviously it's in bad status already or they wouldn't be calling me! I am, and maybe incorrectly, thinking that if it's a federal govt. loan, they would already have my current info. ALL of it including my address, etc. I am in communications with the student loan people. I am currently in a negative income status. I just got over cancer. The Federal Govt. has been keeping my tax returns every year that I have not been able to pay. Therefore, they (GC Services) already know this if they were 100% legit. I told them they couldn't get blood from a turnip, and hung up on them.

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  • Rc
    R.C. Dresser Jun 03, 2016

    Not more than 20 minutes before posting this, I received a call from GC Services asking for my father. I asked the operator if I may ask who it was that was calling, and she identified herself as Ms. Lucas calling from GC Services. With the volume lower on my phone, I was unable to hear what company she said she was from, so I asked if she could repeat herself. She once again said her name was Ms. Lucas, but not which company she was calling from. With a very obvious attitude in her voice, as though my asking who was calling offended her, she repeatedly interrupted me while I asked her to tell me the name of the company so I could tell my father who it was that was calling, asking me if my father was available or not. By the time I got the full question out of my mouth, she retorted with “Are you his lawyer?!”. I told her I was my father’s son, and her exact words were “Well then, “son”, is your father f***ing available or not? I’ve told you who I am twice, and if you are hard of hearing, that’s not my problem. I’ll call back in two hours and see if he’s available then.” First of all, what business is it of anyone’s who I am when they’re asking for my father, and all I’m trying to do is accurately relay a message. Second of all, if this Ms. Lucas is trying to behave like a professional debt collector, she should know that profanity and a smart-a** attitude are not going to get her very far. I may only be 21 years old, but that does not mean I am less entitled to general human courtesy than anyone else, not that is matters anyway. I work in a call center, and if my conduct was in any way like hers, I would be fired without hesitation. Trust me when I say, Ms. Lucas's behavior is rapidly earning her and her organization a formal investigation. Thank you, Ms. Lucas. You've just prevented my day from being boring.

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  • Jo
    Joe Jun 03, 2016

    I feel your are not alone, these people are the absolute ### OF OUR EARTH!

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collection notice and called the company they state that I owe, they state that they do not use this company nor do I owe them any money.

Collection notice received in the mail and I called the company they state that I owe (Paypal), they state that they do not use this company nor do I owe them any money. Tried to call the phone number listed on the letter and it just goes to a generic voice mail. They did not give any specifics of what the bill was for, the letter states to go to and pay with a credit card, they have lost their mind. This is a scam

  • An
    Annie Nov 22, 2008

    Received a collection notice of $681, stated that because I failed to appear to court for my citation (which I never received) that they have increased my bail amount by $300. If I send payment to a P.O. Box within 10 days of the notice, I may deduct $150 from the balance. Since when do County Court use private collection agency to collect citation. Whole bunch of BS!

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  • Pa
    PackOfLlamas Dec 03, 2008

    Ok, so, you committed a minor violation of some sort, you decided not to call the courts to find out when you're due in court due to the fact you got no citation, you played ignorant, and now you owe more, it seems a common trait among debtors. My best advise is that you first call the courts to make sure that they have submitted it to GC. If they have, then pay on it and don't commit anymore wrongful violations

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  • Se
    service Jun 22, 2009


    Contact Information
    Address: 6330 Gulfton St.
    Houston, TX 77081-1108
    Phone: 713-777-4441
    Fax: 713-777-6619

    Key People
    • Chairman and CEO: Gerald B. (J. B.) Katz
    • President: Frank A. Taylor
    • SVP Operations: Mark A. Schordock

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  • Ra
    rainbowgirl2009 Aug 31, 2009

    pay your bills and you wouldn't have to hide behind vmails and neighbors. pay your bill and gc services would not have to call you...

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  • Jk
    Jkoon Feb 26, 2010

    you know what it hink That this company is BS i just recieved a bill in the mail from them (mind you by debt has been paid in FULL) i think these people on here are real about there complaints!!! These people who are saying pay your bill dont hides lol May you be employed by this company I think so!!! My advice if you get a bill call the original company whom you owe and verify as i have that they are to collect money BEFORE YOU MAKE ANY PAYMENTS because I dont owe this company a dime and they also told me that they dont even use this company to collect debts. Scam to me!!!

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false collection attempt

I received a call this moring from GC sevices stating that I was being collected on by a company who I have a current account with. The caller was named Rebecca, I asked if she had the right person and asked for the address of the person she was trying to contact, she said I would have to divulge my address. This went back and forth and she handed me over to another worker named Manual (sp) and he stated that they get their collection information from the company I was doing business with. It turns out that there was another person by the same name but of a different account number and address that was indeed in collections, but GC services did not relent and told me I had to go through ID theft procedures, which I did, but according to the company in question, they have no actions against me and I am perfectly in good standing with them. I get the distinct impression that GC simply googled my name and the location in which I live and came up with my phone number, Rebecca seemed to immediately assumed I was the person she was looking for and was very accusatory in tone through the entire conversation. Somebody needs to clamp down on this company's workers.

  • As
    ashtaroth Oct 21, 2009

    The company is horrible. They lie, cheat, and steal. A former manager, Harold Wickline, is known as a national disgrace and he's ended up at Pioneer Credit in Arcade, York.

    Shows what a mess GC Services is-their registration has expired. They will have to get Michael Lane Fisher and Eric Bernhagen "double time" to fix this before they are closed down.

    And, people sue them constantly. They settle out of court to avoid being exposed.

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unsolicited phone calls

I received a phone call at my place of employment from an unidentified individual who stated that she represents GC Services and wanted to verify employment. I asked if she had a signed release for this information from the individual who she was inquiring about. She said she did not need one. I then asked for the name of the individual she was inquiring about and she stated that she did not need to tell me that either. Because she was getting no where with me she became quite irate and then asked for the mailing address and fax number. I asked her to refrain from calling the office if it did not pertain to company business. I further stated that is this were personal business between GC Services and another individual that she would need to contact that individual at their residence or personal phone. That did not stop her. She called back about 3 more times. She would not identify herself or give a return phone number. There has to be a way to stop this.

  • No
    No Way Jul 07, 2007

    GC Services has been calling my home several times a day for weeks. There is no regard for time of day, day of worship, holiday... it just doesn't matter. Finally, today I said I was going to make a formal complaint. They say an individual gave my phone number and they are trying to locate him. I've had the same phone number and address for years and have never heard of this person mentioned. They supposedly took my number off of their list, but we will see. I can't complain to the BBB, because GC Services is not a member in my home state. Interesting...

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  • Cn
    CN Adkins Oct 10, 2007

    I think some of these complaints are legitimate the note to the neighbor thing is out of hand, but it all reverts back to the person the accumulated that debt. Were the honest in their dealing with the client? Why did they stop paying the bill? Why were letters and call ignored?? Why all the whining, you all are suppose to be responsible adults but all your doing is showing the world how to make excuses and complaints about actions that were under their control. It's your fault your in collections yes natural disasters & catastrophes happen and arrangements can be made, but when you hide, the lie to cover your selfs, then get caught in that lie on the phone with people who are trying to help you.. Please you'd be irate if the shoe was on the other foot and the collection agencies owed you money. GC Services gets the job done for our clients maybe you should hire us to help you recover your funds so you can pay your bills on time.. This plus that equals happy campers in a perfect world .. you pay me I don't call you.. remember I get paid good money to be a bill collector it takes strength & courage to do this job.. Cowards run and hide that's why collection agencies were created to recover money from people to borrow and try to live beyond their means (like the Jones's & everybody else on TV ) when they can't afford to.. If so... you would've paid cash for your purchases! That's you'r problem ! Debtors deal with it!

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  • Me
    melab Mar 30, 2009

    Omg, I have the same problem. I told them to take me off their list like 15 times!!! It's called credit services. The recording starts out... "we have made serveral attemts to call you...something about lower our rates or something... " It's so annoying. QUIT trying to get people enslaved in more DEBT and stop calling me for the love of Pete!

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  • Mr
    Mr. Bill Collector Sr. Dec 29, 2009

    I can answer your concern. First she was calling becuase it was not involuntary, It does not need a signed release from your employee, Second She was entitled to that information. But in your companies defense She should have have given the nature of the call. If it she was not implying about employee verification but shes asking about your payroll address and fax number what do you think is in store for this employee next ?

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telephone, neighbor harassment

GC 'services' is as slimy, scummy, filthy low-life as you will ever run in to. I ran in to the same...

wont stop calling

I have been receiving constant phone calls from somebody named "Cody" at this company. These people are total...

gc services keeps calling for the wrong person! and calling, and calling...

GC Services calls my house 4 or more times a week, every time for a completely different 'someone' with the same last name who does NOT live here. They either refuse to take my number off their call list or put me on hold and never return to the phone. I have reported them to the FTC, the BBB, and I have called them dozens of times BEGGING to have these harassing calls stop: They do NOTHING. They just keep calling, day after day, for dozens of people I've never heard of. They are rude and mocking, or alternately, just plain stupid (or at least they like to act like they are.) I pay my bills, jerks, stop calling me!!! I have no debt, never have, but I get punished by this incompetent company and their inability to track down the right phone number for the people who actually owe the debt. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP CALLING THE WRONG PEOPLE, YOU IDIOTS. It would be slightly more understandable if they were calling for one person, but it's always a different name! They're a bunch of ###s.

harrassing calls

GC Services had the nerve to contact my company I work for and state they needed to talk to me regarding business in another state. I'm responsible for the state I live in for my work but they stated they needed to talk to me. So I called and found out they we're trying to collect for an American Express Debt that my wife has been paying monthly. I believe the lady (Chamie) was very rude and should be fired from her so called job (Saint Louis, MO.

invasion of privacy

On 9/16 at 3:42 PM I received a call from a woman who asked me if I knew someone who was one of my neighbors. She said she had been trying to reach them without success. The woman, Tammy LeFlora, asked me if I would give my neighbor her phone number for a return call. When I asked if my neighbor knew her she said "Yes, I am with GC Services and had sent her correspondence." I took the caller's number [protected]) and then looked up GC services on Google and found they are a collection service.

Well, needless to say I was infuriated this company has the gall to call me to do this and feel that it is a complete invasion of my privacy and my neighbor's. They have a right to handle their financial affairs without involving neighbors and who knows who else. GC's message went in my trash can.

  • Ji
    Jill Sep 19, 2008

    All with in the law and no issue

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the company treats the internal customers the same

GC services is a subcontractor, for these creditors. Ask for a payment arrangement, or ask for the cease and desist address to forward. GC services are just people sitting at a desk with a job just like you whom probably have creditors calling them as well. If you can not pay, then tell them you are unable to pay, then see if there is anything they can do for you, and if you do not get a knowledgeable person call back. The calls are done on a dialer, and if you do not agree to their terms, then they will either note the acct: Refused Message, Refused Payment, No answer. The calls will be ran again and will start according to how the last call was marked, and the company will call according to the law requirements per your state. They are only human, so they too make mistakes, and the representatives are only trying to meet the goal requirements. If you don’t have the money let them know, then ask them what can I do to prevent further calls from you. GC services does not buy debt, so if they are calling indirectly for the company, and if they cannot collect it will be sent out for further collections, like a collection agency or back to the creditor. The best way to solve the problem is to call back, and face it, the guy is not going to jump through the phone, and if you feel you are unable to talk with him, then request someone else. They are rude and inconsiderate, but they are not allowed to be that way, so file a complaint against the creditor. They are to be assertive, not rude. If they are calling you outbound, then a majority of the time the calls will not be monitored, unless a supervisor is sitting with them, but some of the incoming calls are monitored, but more than likely the short calls not over 4 minutes will be the one that is monitored.

  • Gu
    Gunny Gman Sep 15, 2009

    Are you kidding me? You must work for them. The best way to deal with these idiots is to not talk to them, not give them even a shred of information to use against you. They are not going to play fair. The more you cooperate with them, the more they will take advantage of you. Don't believe a word they say. They are liars, snakes in the grass. They prey on the innocent. They called me looking for a relative that lives in Arizona. I am stationed in NC and that relative has never been here or visited. They just saw "googled" the last name and figured that they could call and harrass me and that I would gather personal information on that person for them. They have called neighbors and asked them to go leave messages for people "HARRASSMENT". If you give them your social Security #, they will attach it to someone else's debt and try to collect the debt from you even if you don't know the person. My best advice is to not cooperate at all with these crooks and scammers. If you owe a debt then pay it to whoever you owe. Don't give anything to these people. It amazes me how they get away with their scam. I wish congress would secure our information. Anybody can find out any information on anyone on the internet. So much for privacy. Congress!!! pass some meaningful legislation for a change and outlaw the gathering of personal information for databases. You have sold out our right to privacy so someone can make a buck. Are we going to continue to stand for this? I don't know about you but it infuriates me. So much for anti terrorism. If you feel safe it is a false sense of security. The terrorist's have their own databases which are loaded with information on us gathered off the internet. The scam artists are the least of our worries. Gunnery Sergeant G USMC

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fraud and scam

This unfair collection company call me several times a day but they never leave message; When you answer...


Just received a call from GC Services asking for info about my stepson saying it was for a loan. She wanted to know his phone # and I then said if he really applied for a loan you would have his #. I asked her for her phone # so I could check with my stepson and ask if he really applied for a loan which he did not. I called this company back and told the guy on the phone that he was lying to me. After asking numerous questions he finally admitted he was a collection agency. What a lying company... Misrepresentation!!! I gave him NO Information!!!

  • Bu
    Bubba Jun 07, 2009

    I worked for GC for a short while and they are known for misrepresentation ! For example, when they hired me they told me I would get $3 per hour incentive pay for doing my job and staying logged into the system for a specified amount of time. I exceeded that time all the time I was there and did get the $3 per hour. Then after a few weeks they informed everyone they was going to base the $3 per hour extra on Login time, the amount of time we spent typing (18% or less) the account info, plus you had to be in the top 75% in collections made. I call this bait and switch - they bait you and make a promise and then break that promise after they have hired you. GC services is a rinky dink dishonest outfit and I would not recommend anyone going to work for them. Their justification in the incentive pay change was "is it right to pay the person on the bottom the same as you pay the person on top" ? And my thought is absolutely yes its right - especially since it was a condition you gave them when you hired them ! But I will say this, if you do owe for a loan and GC calls you, do not identify yourself and then hangup on them. If you identify yourself and then hangup, this is logged as a "no commitment" and that goes against your credit record and hurts you only - it does not hurt GC in any way. It may hurt the poor soul trying to make a living that work for GC by lowering their stats, but it does not harm GC in any way - it only hurts your credit record. So if they call you and you do owe for a loan they are collecting for, do yourself a favor and at least talk to them. Make partial payments if possible and explain the situation to them fully - loss of job, huge medical expenses etc - whatever is causing you to be late on your payment. Just don't identify yourself and then hangup on them. If you are going to hangup, the best thing to do is not identify yourself. If they do not confirm that they talked to the debtor, then they cannot legally put a mark against your credit record. Not all the people that work for GC are bad people - I tried my best to be considerate to everyone I called because thats the way I wanted to be treated. But I have seen GC collectors (account reps) that were very rude and have heard stories about some of them threatening to have automobiles reposessed when the payment was only a few days late. Reposession only legally takes place after 60 to 90 days late ! Anyway, GC cheats its employees, so I do not trust them at all and will never work for them again ! I'm glad I got away from them !

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  • Ve
    Very angy person Sep 10, 2010

    Their website specifically states that the website and company are convenient, offer "quality service " and that they offer better solutions. I have wasted hours of my time trying to pay my fine over the phone, with terrible service. once referred to the website have filled in my birth date, and control number numerous times to be told that it is incorrect. then when I put in the citation number been told that this to is incorrect, then when trying my drivers license number once again been told that this is incorrect! I think I can copy directly from the printout, or my license and check it twice over and verify its validity, but no apparently I'm still wrong. Get your ### together or don't expect me to settle with you! This company should not be allowed to operate they are utterly useless.

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