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harassing third party phone calls

For six years, I have been getting phone calls from this company. They are trying to locate someone my husband used to know. We do not know where she lives, we do not know her phone number, we haven't seen her for years. We keep telling GC Services this, but the phone calls continue. If what this company does isn't illegal, IT SHOULD BE!!!

What really pisses me off is neither I nor my husband have EVER defaulted on a loan, but we are getting HARASSED because of SOMEONE ELSE'S DEBT. I have told them not to call us again, my husband has told them not to call. They call at 8:15 in the morning, usually long after we've left for work or while we're sleeping on the weekends. Then they call later in the day. Since we have caller id, we recognize the number, and it makes our blood boil when we see it.

My phone company does have a service to block calls, and it's $3 a month. I am actually thinking about signing up. Maybe I can send GC Services the bill for that, as they HAVEN'T listened to me when I have told them not to call. That's right, GC Services--you owe ME money!!! Now maybe I can call all your former friends and neighbors and harass you for the $3 a month you owe me for making me need this phone service!!! I can't utilize the "block anonymous calls" features of my phone because the caller id says "Operations Division." Too bad, since that service is free.

I found it very amusing to see employees of GC Services defending their job on this site. Have they not read the complaints? Most of the people complaining are third party individuals--neighbors, relatives, "friends." Perhaps those employees wouldn't mind 50 phone calls inquiring as to the whereabouts of their "friend" from elementary school, or their neighbor they hardly know, or their deadbeat relative.

  • Ba
    badams Feb 21, 2009

    Hello there i want to pass down some info i feel should be extremely useful in accomplishing your goal of getting the phone calls to stop. I currently work for a 3rd party collection agency and am fully educated on all ftcpa(federal trade of collections practices act) laws. If you are getting calls in regards to someone you knew it means they most likely provided your name and phone number as a reference when they contracted on that debt. Through my experiences as a collector i've called and continue to call individuals who may have some pertinent information which would help that agency locate the debtor. However, once you inform them of your inability(or flat out refusal to provide that information) you must demand that they "cease and desist" all calls to the phone # they are calling you at. But you MUST demand the phone # be removed and that they stop all attempts of communication with you. Sometimes they might tell you to send that request in writing. That is absolutely not necessary unless that company has credible information which would lead them to believe the debtor resides at that residence. If that is the case then you would be required to send a written request for a stop to any/all calls to that residence and any phone #'s associated with that address. If that is not the case and you demand they stop calling and remove your contact information then you should take down the name of the individual you presented that statement to as well as the time/date you made that demand. Collectors could be liable for $1000 fine if ftcpa laws are broken and that $$ would come out of that individuals pocket and I don't know about any of you but I wouldn't wanna pay $1000 because i crossed the line while attempting to collect on a complete strangers debt. When they tell you the phone # has been removed get a supervisor on the line and take down his/her name, title and date/time you spoke with them. Many times if you tell a collection agency they have the wrong # they will wait to remove the phone # until they have been told on more than one instance that you do not know the individual they are calling for or even if you do you don't want to be involved in their personnal business matter. That should do the job for u and if it doesn't, well, then you report them to the FTCPA. GOOD LUCK AND I HOPE THIS INFORMATION WAS HELPFUL.

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customer service

In Feb 2008, I became employed and knowing I had a pending citation I tried to notify the courts, upon doing...

mocked about what I do for a living

I just talked with a lady today from GC Services named Geri. She was very rude. I was constantly mocked and tried to tell her that they are not the only people that I have to pay. I pay other bills and even told her that I am a teacher. When she heard that, she sarcastically replied, "That is unbelievable!" Then she asked what grade I teach and I told her fifth grade and she replied, "Now I can see why this country is going to pot." This is not my only time. These people are rude. They need to be investigated and put out of business. They are a disgusting bunch of people. It is good to see that others are speaking out against them. I. like many others, are doing the best that they can to make a living while these people sit in a cubicle and mock people. They need to get real jobs. Their lives must be pathetic if they have to do this for a living. They are a sad group of people to deal with.

  • Ma
    marie Oct 26, 2008

    GC Services should be put out of business! They called my neighbor and she thought it was some kind of emergency...What dogs! There ought to be a law to protect consumers from these creeps!

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  • RAELYNN35 Jun 14, 2018

    @marie That's just too messed up..calling people in your your community where you reside!? What is shaming part of thier play now!!?

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  • Sx
    sxaychic21 Mar 25, 2009

    Not everyone from Gc Services are ###, just because there are some that are rude not everyone is and just because they work there does not mean their lives are pathetic. I used to work for them and ya know what if you owe a debt you owe a debt plain and simple. That's just like saying ok youre a teacher, congratulations you know how to add and subtract. Just because you teach something that is so simple doesn't mean that your life is pathetic. I started working there because I could not get a job anywhere else in my town but you know what? I have two kids, own my own house and car but I have to have money to pay for those things. Don't put people down for doing their job just because you don't know how to pay all of your bills. That would be like me saying well get a job that pays more money for all your bills or cut down on some things so you can get caught up. These jobs are out there for reason and these are the jobs that keep people in their houses and put food on the table for their kids so don't knock them for trying to provide for their families, granted yes some of them are rude but like I said not everyone is.

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  • RAELYNN35 Jun 14, 2018

    @sxaychic21 No, not everyone is rude and degrading.. however, there is no exscuse for mocking someone else's profession or disrespecting them as a person and calling them pathetic! Yes, people need to pay their bills but can you tell me that at some point, with this economy, that you yourself have not had any trouble or misfortune when it comes to efficiently taking care of all of the financial responsibilities?? I think you are being a little insensitive and a little too protective of this company that stalks and harrasses people on a daily basis.

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  • Fr
    frieri423 Oct 08, 2009

    They mocked me for not having my bill! CAlled me pathetic!!!

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  • Ra
    Raven2324 Mar 29, 2011

    This type of business is nothing but a bunch of loosers taking out their pains on other people. Get A Life and A Real Job. Anyone who works for this type of organization should be ashamed of themselves and remember he who cast the first stone you pathetic form of human being.

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false information

I am an attorney who has handled more than a hundred cases referred from traffic courts to the collection...

unprofessional and rude

Some are very unprofessional at GC and are liars. I paid d of my debt as agreed on 1 MAR 08 and have been requesting a letter of release since 10 APR 08. I finally asked them to fax me the letter and I still have not received the fax or the mailed copy from them. I spoke with several employees but mainly deal with one person in attempts to get my letter. After awhile they became very rude and stated they would not help me. I then asked to speak with a supervisor and instead I had employees pretending as if they were. I realized by speaking to a customer representative the person I had been speaking with was a supervisor and the employee was pretending as though she was. The employee was extremely rude and obnoxious. She hung up the phone several times and said I was harassing them and not to call the number anymore as though I was calling her home. I finally spoke with who I assume was a supervisor and still did not receive appropriate service from GC. I was told to wait for the letter to come in the mail and she had a conference to attend. I have to agree with those that have had a negative experience with G C Services. GC is not a very professional company and if you could use another company to conduct your business I suggest you do.

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harassed & threatened repeatedly

I have been repeated ly harassed by GC Services. I have been harassed at work, at home, an my family an friends have been harassed.

I was threated at work with garnishment of wage without court order.

I set up payment arrangements an was told the payment would come out of my account on a certain date, but instead came out much earlier causing over draft bank fees.

I have also been threatened with personal property being seized.

After i had set up payments an the first payment was made friends an family started being harassed again regarding the debt that was already being paid.

The first time i was contacted by GC services the collector was verbally abusive. I told them not to call back again an yet i still receive constant calls.

  • Pa
    PackOfLllamas Apr 29, 2008

    They don't need court order to garnish your account. Pay off your debts on time and you won't have to suffer like this.

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  • Da
    Dale May 01, 2008

    Funny isn`t it. How can anyone garnish wages without a court order. It`s always the same story. (SCARE TACTICS) . Unsecured debt is just that, unsecured. They can`t sieze nothing, only the Federal Gov. My suggestion is and only mine, is if you had any issues paying your debts arrange a payment with your original provider not with 3rd parties get it in writing with the terms. They will help you! They want to get paid, they don`t want you to file for Chapter 11. If your option is to file, well you know the story. If you settle with the terms than be advised that your credit will suffer regardless of the options you chose.
    Stand up you have rights!!!

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wont accept my payment agreement

GC Services Limited Partnership. They call several times a day. When I did make arrangements, with them and could not stick to them. I called to ask if i could make a lower payment and was told no. that they would cancel future payment arrangements and sue me. That was Mr Watts and today is April 12 2008. I told him I would just call back and speak to his manager, Mr Watts turned out to be the manager and told me He is going to sue me and "DO NOT CALL BACK" SO i AM HERE COMPLAINING ABOUT IT.

  • St
    STEPHENIE ARRIAGA Aug 21, 2008


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  • Pa
    PackOfLllamas Aug 26, 2008

    It's not customer service, it's debt collection. The company that sent your unpaid bill or loan to their agency has set standards that the company has to follow or will get in trouble. You have to go with what they want or suffer. If you really want to pay it back, you have to do so diligently. Future advice: don't fall behind on your bills or take out money you can't pay back, especially if your health is questionable.

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  • Se
    service Jun 22, 2009


    Contact Information
    Address: 6330 Gulfton St.
    Houston, TX 77081-1108
    Phone: 713-777-4441
    Fax: 713-777-6619

    Key People
    • Chairman and CEO: Gerald B. (J. B.) Katz
    • President: Frank A. Taylor
    • SVP Operations: Mark A. Schordock

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harassing phone calls!

GC Services constantly call me over a student loan that was dismissed because the school closed before I...

illegal practices!

I got behind on my student loan. I lost their info and could not get in touch with them. Student loan wa...

harassing calls and rude!


continued collection efforts of a bill paid many years ago!

GC Services was mistakenly given a telephone bill from ATT which we had paid at termination of services. We contacted ATT and GC about the matter and were assured it was resolved. They even wrote us a letter about it. We thought the problem had been resolved until now almost 10 years later we find the bill still shows in our credit report. I can't believe the incompetency of this company. I don't know what to do about it because now they won't answer my calls, they don't correct their mistake. I would pay it again if they would actually do something, but I believe that they care not about their reputation. Collections agencies serve a good purpose, but this moves GC Service from Good to Very Poor. I just can't believe their lack of good faith.

  • Du
    Duane Palmer Feb 16, 2009

    I've been contacted by GC Services several times concerning a student loan that was discharged over twenty years ago due to a hardship. I've sent them copies of the final decree and discharge papers but they keep right on attempting to resuscitate something that I'd total forgotten about and thought was resolved. I'm fifty four years old now and can't afford GC Services practices.

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scam collections!

I work for GC Services. I know many of you get annoyed at us but we are all not rude or have poor busine...

threats and harassment

This company is a very bad services company I gave them my checking account number so that they can take money out of my account and instead of taking 100.00 they took 200.00 and know I am trying to get in contact with them to let them know and I have spoken to who they say is the manager his name is Mike Swayne and he told me he would contact me in 10 min and he never did and then I received a threatening phone call form another agent who told me that I am going to go to jail if I do not pay the fine. They are very rude and I was intimidated because of this company.

  • Er
    Erik C Jan 15, 2008

    Hi - Never give out your checking account number. I would close that account immediately, as they will just keep taking.

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harrassment & accusations

I left a major corporation 7 months ago in good standing. What I did not realize and what I have learned is that did not pay their corporate credit card bills on time leaving the employee liable even after everything was submitted approved and closed out. Only to have GC services office out of St. Louis office harass falsely accuse and have to be called by the credit card company to say do not call this person again since the she has had the ex company pay the bill with only a charge left which was done two months after the departure. GC services was not only unprofessional they chose to hang the phone up on this person, falsely accuse and act out in such a manner I now know why you read such negative things about this company and the people who work for them. It is a shame Corporate America has such unprofessional people representing them without knowledge of what and why they are suppose to be calling this person for and to be falsely accused is not acceptable. I know this much I was not raised in such a low down slime way of doing business. I can promise those who read this I will continue my letter writing to let others know what a disgrace it is to have such a low disgraceful society of people who get paid to harass innocent people. I find it really interesting that the credit card company made the call to GC services an requested them not to call me again.

  • Mr
    Mr. Bill Collector Sr. Dec 29, 2009

    Id like to comment on your response, First and foremost your former company is the one that contracted GC Services to collect the debt. So for you to lash against them when its apparent that you do not have the full information is unfair. Its all about perspective, did you actually listen to the phone calls of the person being contacted about the debt? Usually people get defensive when they learn to have a unpaid bill, so in their mind the agency was rude or crass. They were simply doing their job until your former company clarified that the debt was resolved. Just remember your former company was the one that sent it to collections to begin with.

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I know how to make them stop!

I'm writing in today with more than a complaint -- I'm offering some knowledge, for everyone's benefit. These GC Services people started calling me a few months ago. I don't know why, and they won't tell me. They just keep asking for some person that isn't me, and I keep telling them "that's not me" / "go away" / "leave me alone" / "stop harassing me" / "I can't help you" / etc.

They often have their computers call me and hang up. I think it's just rudeness. (Why do they even want to bother me?!) When there's a person on the phone, they start out asking if I'm [that wrong person], and even though I tell them "no" / "sorry, I don't know that person", they keep trying to dig further into *my* identity, and my supposed relationship with this person (who, for all I know, does not even exist!) while refusing to identify themselves. That has been the pattern for the last few months, several calls a week.

Today it got incredibly worse. EVERY FEW MINUTES, their harassment machine calls me, but nobody's there, and it doesn't leave a message. Only 1 of 30+ phone calls had a person on the other end... I gave the poor guy a slightly-more-frustrated version of what I always tell them, and he hung up. I say "poor guy" because he probably is 99% clueless about how unlawful and illegal those practices are. He probably hates his sucky job and is going to quit within the next few weeks, hoping to upgrade to a grocery sacker position.

The real culprit -- the one responsible for these offenses against Me -- is the President/CEO of the corporation. In this case, it's a guy named Frank Taylor. (See the Secretary of State, and/or BBB, and/or D&B.) Legally speaking, the President/CEO *is* the company. Legally speaking, Mr. Taylor is personally responsible (and can be held personally liable) for any/all actions "his" company takes, and that includes actions which damage/harm Me.

Legally speaking, any company who harasses you can be stopped dead in their tracks by hitting them where it counts: file a CLAIM against the President/CEO. Don't bother with any other people, no matter how high-ranking their titles sound. Don't bother with any so-called supervisory organizations. Don't bother with the expense and hassle of a lawsuit. Just file a CLAIM.

If you send written notification via registered mail, three (3) times, thirty (30) days apart, then you file a "UCC LIEN" against the guy, personally. He will then be unable to sell any of his boats/cars/houses/anything until he handles the lien appropriately, in other words, he has to remedy his wrong against you. Print this out or write it down. It works. I've had about enough of this mistreatment from Mr. GC Services, and he is just about to find out the hard way that his choices do have consequences.

  • Fr
    fred Jul 09, 2008

    "Don't bother with the expense and hassle of a lawsuit. Just file a CLAIM. "

    So give me the money and I will.

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threatening & harassing!

Several days ago, my mother-in-law and father received a call from a company called GC Services asking for me and demanding they tell me to call them. The representative was very rude to both and proceeded to demand they give them my employer's info and my work phone number and other personal information. When they refused to do so, the representative began to threaten them and ask questions like "Don't you ever see your family members?"

Yesterday, my wife received a call from GC Services asking for me. She answered the phone and asked who they were and what they wanted because they blocked the phone number. They refused to tell her who they were other than GC Services and they told it was was concerning an old credit card. When my wife asked what credit card, they refused to say. She told them that without any of this information, she wouldn't be able to help them. The representative proceeded to tell her they would take our house and everything we owned unless we paid them.

She received a call from them again today, and she told them I was at work. They asked for my work phone number, along with my supervisor's name and number. She refused to give them any information because I can't receive personal calls at work. The rep then told her he would mark the account as a refusal to pay and proceed to sue us.

We are in the process of filing further complaints with the FTC and the Illinois Attorney General's office. I will be contacting a lawyer shortly.

  • Kr
    Kristen Dec 10, 2007

    I received a few phone calls for my EX-sister-in-law. This evening I just received a phone call asking me to go to my neighbors house and ask him to call a number. I asked for the company name. Who else but GC Services. As far as I am concerned they can go to my neighbors house and talk to him themselves, not me. Is there action I can take against harassing collection agencies that aren't even for me.

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  • So
    sonja Aug 09, 2008

    GC Services Limited Partnership
    6330 Gulfton
    Houston, Texas
    United States
    Phone: (713) 777-4441
    they called hubby at govt place and told him they had sheriff waiting to come arrest him?kept cintinually threatening him call his palce of work several times a day.I am filing complaint also etc
    He told them we had already sent payment it was sent on 3rd of the month its the 9th today and still call and yell at him .

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horrible company

This people are rude and they yell at me when all i am trying to do is pay a bill that should be making them happy. I know i have to pay and that is what i am doing but anyways moneygram deposit my money in to the wrong account # and they said they could pull it back if the money was still in moneygram but since gcservices had the money all moneygram could do was send them an e-mail and have accounting pull it back and place it in the right account # but gc services say's that they have not got an e-mail and they both had me like this for a week. So now i am so upset all i do is cry because i work hard for my money and i am sure everyone does. Today i called moneygram and gcservices on three way and i spoke to miss burn's again because i always speak with her and moneygram told her that they had send an e-mail and that she needed to take that to accounting department and she said very rude that she knew this and then she told me that she would call me back today and not to call her and then i said: well you tell me that you are always going to call me but you never do and she yelled at me and said I WILL CALL YOU!!! This place is so rude i was the owner i would be embarrassed of my company this place really needs to start monitoring there calls and listen to the type of csr that they got and they should fire EVERYONE IN OKLAHOMA AT GCSERVICES, THEY ARE HORRIBLE PEOPLE!!!

  • Sh
    Sherryl Feb 13, 2008

    Did you agree to a payment plan or payment if full with Ms. Burns from GC Services? Do you have a copy of the payment you (or Moneygram) sent to GC Services? If so, make a copy of the payment receipt and mail (send it Certified Mail and Return Receipt Requested) it to GC Services as proof, and be sure to list the correct account so they can access your info in their database. Request a Debt Validation Letter from GC Services as proof of the debt and the amount of the debt.
    Be sure to follow up with Moneygram about the email issue!

    Mailing address:
    GC Services Limited Partnership
    6330 Gulfton
    Houston, TX 77081

    Don't let Ms. Burns or any debt collector mistreat you! You deserve respect and you have rights afforded to you by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) -- the Federal Law governed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). File a complaint at against GC Services for harassment.

    Best of luck,

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harassing phone calls, nasty attitude, wrong customer

On Sunday I received a call on my answering machine. A woman with very poor English speaking skills left her name and number asking I return her call. The first name she used was not correct, nor did she have my middle initial correct, but she did have my last name right. I thought the mistake might lie with her inability to speak English correctly. On Tuesday I returned the call. My call was answered, using their normal greeting stating company name. When I asked again who they were, they repeated the company name. I asked again who they were, who they work for and I was told that "they work for many companies." I explained the call I received. I was then asked my last name, which I gave. She then gave me a first name and I replied, No mam. She then asked if I was a Sprint customer, I replied yes mam. She then gave an address and a town and I said no mam. She then asked for my social security number and I promptly told her that I don't give that number out over the phone. Your employee then got nasty with me and said they already have it! I then told her that if they have it then she could tell me what it was! Very quickly I was told someone would have to call me back! and I was promptly hung up on. I then called Sprint to try and find out what this call was all about. I gave them the phone number and they called. After talking to "Stephanie" she said that they had transposed the number they were trying to reach and got me instead. She had told her that they should at least admit the error and apologize for the mistake. The person on the other end was even nasty to her, which she admitted to me. This is "old school collections"!!! Do you really think that by being nasty with your job at hand makes "the collection any easier". Compound this by a person that is barely understandable over the phone, and you now have an angry customer that is probably less willing to pay what they owe! I consider this harassment! Any further calls from GC Services to me will be considered harassment and my attorney will be contacting YOU!!!

poor service!

These people are the lowest of low. Paid one citation via their WWW site. Used a credit card (which they...

harassment from gc services!

GC Services received my name and number as a reference from Robert Castillo on a Student Loan made in 2003. I have lost contact with this individual, moved to another City where my name and number are unlisted and I've gotten married therefor changing my last name. GC Services called my Husband AT WORK! I don't see how they were able to get my husband's name and work number from the application filled out by Robert Castillo because I did not even know my Husband when Robert listed me as reference. Jason Folley, the GC Services Representative claims that this was the information listed on the application but he doesn't even have access to the application. How can GC Services call my Husband at work when he doesn't even know Robert Castillo.

Beware people!

  • Jo
    John Smith Sep 06, 2007

    Because there is nothing illegal about seeking information about someone. Damn they are good, to track down a references husband. WOW, I have learned a new skill tonight. Thanks Jason Folley, that is awesome.

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