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PetStock Complaints & Reviews

PetStock / manager bullying

Aug 24, 2019

On multiple occasions now I have witnessed the STORE manager of the Wagga store openly complaining and insulting her staff in front of and to customers. Her name is Narae and I feel sad for the people that have to work with her. The last assistant manager was wonderful, the new one i...

PetStock colac / pet stock worker selling drugs in car park.

Jul 30, 2018

Hello I'm absolutely discussed as I was shopping at your colac pet stock, a worker may have been on her break in the car park next door, I walked out of your shop to notice a exchange of drugs and money with somone. I returned to the store a short time later and her name is " India" I...

Melrose Park petstock / dirty cage

Jun 08, 2018

I go to pet stock Melrose Park very often and "skittles" the bird cage (rainbow lorikeet) is always very filthy. I have questioned the staff a few times nicely and get dismissed he does that himself (rudely). Whilst I understand bird seed around is normal etc this is more than that with...

PetStock / fish - guppies

Nov 16, 2017

PetStockHi. I have been breeding and have had guppies for over three years now and I have never ever had an issue. As I thought my guppies were bored of seeing the same fish I decided I would buy 4 more from pet stock in Bendigo. 2 days after putting them in the tank the four I had purchased...

PetStock / Rude manager!

May 02, 2016

Recently I have visited one of the PetStock stores and had a terrible experience with their manager. The person was rude and his behaviour was totally unacceptable! He even threatened and verbally abused me! I asked him to calm down and told that I will call the police, but he continued to...