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Gameloft Customer Service


45 West 25th Street, 9th Floor
New York
New York
United States - 10010

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Gameloft Complaints & Reviews

Gameloft / illegal deduction in cell phone balance

Kapilsharma2285 on Feb 6, 2019

Hello Team, Today I have opened the installed game in my samsung duos (no multimedia) and without any notification/message on the screen, 50 Rs are deducted. I have asked with the idea customer care regarding this but they are not filing my complaint and said I have purchased the game from...

Gameloft / my little pony game

Megarater on Jan 24, 2019

Not a complaint, need help. After updating the game for the new Limited Timed Story Events, about the Hearths Warming Prank & the High School Sweethearts Comic, I only got the announcement page for the prank, no story, or even the area. Also, all my "Watch Ad" features for everything are...

Gameloft / asphalt 9 legends

Joe Neves on Dec 26, 2018

For quite long time I have been playing asphalt xtreme, asphalt 8 and asphalt 9; sent a lot of e-mail's throgh customer services, etc, etc, and never had a acceptable reply apart of the silly answers/replies, try to install again, give some time as a update was launched and takes a while...

Gameloft / asphalt 9 (anti ban team)

scare on Dec 25, 2018

Hi, u guys just put me into a cheater server something for no reason...….. Is this supposed to mean that I getting ban for being tooo gud for this game, u know my club had 2000 milestones at the last moment to unlock the bp trizo and we lost it, how should I trust u guys that u will ban me...

Gameloft / racing games; asphalt xtreme, asphalt 8 and asphalt 9

JoeNeves on Dec 22, 2018

I have been playing the mentioned racing games for a long while but at some point after joining Gameloft Forums and my first complaints to customer services my games became "unplayable"; Gameloft never helped to sort issues like cars going flying like birds, crashing for no reason plu...

Gameloft / not returning gear

Kevin Pereira on Dec 21, 2018

I have asked gameloft to restore my gear on my ranger on order and chaos. My gear was deleted by my dumbass brother and I have asked them to restore it for me. They refuse to because it breaks their stupid rule of account sharing. They wanna say it's my fault because I let it happen. Even...

Gameloft / march of empire

NashMado on Dec 14, 2018

Hi. My original name on the MoE game was Nash. I have been using different names to avoid hackers, bad peoples, bad language and systematique aggressive talk. I have been banned by customer care on a base of nothing, no proof but mail sent by a player named ARYA that is a well known cheater...

Gameloft / march of empires

Beautiful Because on Dec 1, 2018

These alliances IMR (Imperium) RSG (The rising sun) They all request that you have a line app or discord to be a part of their alliance. I downloaded the app. The moment the leaders found out that I was an African American they kicked me out of the alliance. I worked extremely hard and...

Gameloft / dungeon hunter 5

Ehecatlsighs on Nov 21, 2018

Gameloft represents capitalism at its mercenary worst. Their Customer Care department is a cruel joke. To paraphrase a popular Youtube video, crazy, nasty-ass Gameloft don't care. In response to my complaint that a glitch after their latest update had robbed me of a quite inconvenient but...

Gameloft / charging for games I know nothing about.

Saybleme Flagbo Rose on Nov 17, 2018

I have never purchased any product from these people. I don't even know who the hell they are. I've been getting thank you messages about games that i bought. This is not the first time I've been getting messages on a daily basis. I'm still in shock of how in the world they got my number...

Gameloft / march of empires : war of lords

laptop pc on Nov 5, 2018

i is the best game i ever play, but it has a problem of update when update of new version is available, a redirect option appears i click it it takes me to microsoft .com, it says download the game, i have to delete the game and download it after few days!!! please anyone help me to solve...

Gameloft / march of empires, war of lords

ricardo trindade on Oct 21, 2018

Good afternoon My Gameloft ID is: 6a087c I'm in realm 173, [BAM] alliance and my game name is RichardLH I was unable to log in this afternoon (17 of October)(and your service as been down for the last few days!), even though I had access to internet and was able to log in to all other site...

Gameloft / march of empires.

♦ KHAN♠ on Oct 9, 2018

In Relam 211 Clan G13 Member OZKAN-LOFT is playing unfair..I (♦KHAN♠) am 2nd best player of the relam and he is at 3rd..we all got his regions..Now he is making it sick from 3 days for us by attacking all relam on tiles..we think he is a Hacker too because he have unlimited Precise locations !...

Gameloft / war effort solo event on 2018-09-29.

cokies74 on Sep 30, 2018

I am in realm 178 in alliance 'G' Guerra's no one received the reward for completing the event That includes. 3x 50% march speed, 1x50% march size boost and the 1x 4000 gold. my contact [email protected] mobile +27734777339. This is not the firs time it happened and screenshots was asked...

Gameloft / march of empires: war of lords

=-_-= on Aug 30, 2018

Thank you making a free game to play, but some adjustments need to be made. I've seen many rumors whether they may be true or not, of hackers inhabiting realm 168 and other servers. Also, you've received many complaints of high level player trolls attacking the lower levels. We know your...

Gameloft / war planet online global conquest

Mark Fanning on Jul 30, 2018

As Gameloft are fully aware, in the game War Planet-online global conquest, there was a HUGE problem with the World v World event on Friday 27th July 2018. As a result of this problem that Gameloft have already accepted responsibility for, they chose to reset the game. Unfortunately, due to...

Gameloft / asphalt 8 airborne

dssddds on Jul 28, 2018

The racing game is based on a slot machine hazard lottery pick up prizes and rewards system, that means that it's not even a pay per win game or not completely but a lottery random picking game that use the LUCK casual combination like a Slot Machine to get to reach the game purpose...

Gameloft / disney magic kingdoms

I am so sick of the newest mobile game, Dragon Mania Legends, popping up in one of my mobile games, Disney Magic Kingdoms. I am so sick of this stupid game. Gameloft, get rid of this stupid game as quickly as possible. Go back to the licensed games (Littlest Pet Shop, My Little Pony...

Gameloft / asphalt 8 airborne

JoeNeves on May 26, 2018

Contacted Gameloft several times about the game Asphalt 8 Airborne. The issues were never resolved and at some stage game became worse and worse to the point there was no fun playing it on free races or multi player races as the cars were not performing up to the specs and levels compared...

Gameloft / march of empires

Scott Croly on May 19, 2018

Scott Croly = player name IP*MAN* -Realm 158 - 15877389 (ticket number) please help me sort this issue, this is my lvl 28 account on march of empires. when i re installed after a service issue i was taken to a lvl 1 castle that opens up when i try to play MOE, i have previously asked MOE...