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firing 8 month pregnant woman

how can a company fire an eight month pregnant woman 3 weeks before christmas and deny accumulated vacation and sick time. supposedly a customer filed an e-mail complaint, we've never seen a complaint. was it because a pregnant woman may have been grouchy or short with a customer ? who knows ? it seems the store manager and local human relations are friends. if this is how this company treats an employee with 2+ years experience i would be careful of applying for work here and definitely wouldn't own the stock. also, i haven't seen a link on their website to file a complaint. sounds like b.s. to me.

  • DianeMac Dec 13, 2009

    This doesn't seem fair at all.This is the way these big companies are.they don't care about their employees, especially the ones that make it work for the company.
    What is the Company name, you didn't say.
    Good Luck and I hope you don't sit back and take this with out a fight.

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  • Ky
    Kyle103 Feb 09, 2010

    I'm sure you probably didn't do a good job at FYE. It doesn't matter if your pregnant or not. If you can't sell for FYE you can't work for FYE. So you must have really sucked bad for them to can your ###..hahahahah

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  • DianeMac Mar 17, 2010

    what is FYE???? I hate initials, this could mean anything!!!

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  • DianeMac Mar 17, 2010

    not really knowing the full circumstances, you can go to human resource person, they are suppose to be for the employee, or you can go to web site and email the ethics and dyversti board(not spelled right)with your complaint and they will investigate it.Now weather or not it goes in your favor thats another question.In the long run these folks are usually looking out for their company!!
    I don't understand FYE, what company did she work for?Was it waste management, inc.(garbage and recycling company)?
    Good Luck and hope the Best for yall.

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$ 10 hidden fee every month

i agree!!! im sixteen years old. I went to fye to buy my earphones & this cashier said that if i want a discount card.. i asked him if its free, and he said yes. he didnt say that THEY GET freaking $10. every month!! i got overdraft because of this stupid discount card!! i called fye and asked them how to cancel my card.. they gave me the wrong number! hopefully i can get my $ 40 back! or else!!!

im never gonna go there again!!! stupid cashier!!!

employees forced to push bsp vip

I have a friend that works for an FYE store. This company rules by a heavy hand when it comes to employees. If they choose to continue to work there, they are up against "threats" if they do not sign-up enough VIPs during their shift. This goes for the magazine program as well. All complaints should be directed towards upper management, not in-store. Pay attention if you shop there, ask questions, we all get stuck on the word "free" and tend to not hear anything else afterwards. Read the brochure, read your receipt, it's there. The employee is only doing the job that the corp office dictates.

  • Do
    done with american greed Dec 17, 2010

    To bad the Corporate office does not want to hear it, , I know they are about to fold YEAH

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  • An
    Annoyed99999 Aug 20, 2012

    I have tried a bunch of times to cancel this membership online to avoid hassle of calling and speaking to some ### who can barely speak english trying to convince me to keep acct active. It does not recognize the login info or the membership # and I did register the acct. I have even called and am now scratching my head on whether or not they cancelled it or left my acct active. I guess I will have to call again and see for sure. Don't bother with this crap it's more headache than anything else.

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  • Re
    retaildemon Jun 06, 2016

    Yeah you can't blame the employees here, theyre literally forced to push this junk, and they end up taking most of the flak when angry customers come storming in. It's really a growing problem in the retail industry moreso than with this store, you can't just buy something anymore without being heckled about cards and you can't be an employee there without having to sell these scams

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they're taking money from me

My statement is telling me I am being charged 9.99 from TLG FYE and I never agreed to any monthly charge!

  • Tr
    tryin2help Apr 14, 2010

    This charge is from signing up for a discount card called the backstage pass. It comes with a free 30 day trial, and if you don't want to be charged after that, you need to call the 1800 number to cancel or it will automatically bill you each month. The 1800 number can be obtained by calling your local FYE and asking for it. The associates can do nothing at a store level to cancel, you must call yourself.

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unauthorized charges

These people charged my mastercard twice at $9.99 each. I NEVER authorized them to charge my card. I NEVER...

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web coupon/email coupon

They had a coupon listed on their website that they were ALSO emailing at the SAME TIME. I tried for over a WEEK AND A HALF to use this coupon and each time I entered the coupon received the response that the code had EXPIRED, even though 2 hours after trying I would receive this SAME COUPON in an email to NO AVAIL. I searched for a number to call with NO LUCK. AFTER ALMOST 2 WEEKS I reached a live person, who told me in the "fine print" they could change the terms at ANY TIME, I likened this to being in a store with a sale sign up and walking to the register only to have them take it down when you were half-way to the register OR halfway through your transaction. THE NITWIT on the phone did not process this so I asked to speak to a SUPERVISOR-wouldn't YOU KNOW IT THEY WERE ALL UNAVAILABLE. I called back later and spoke to a ROCHELLE, she made sure I knew here name was ROCHELLE because they have a Rachelle there and she told me they had been having problems with this coupon for SEVERAL DAYS!!! and had NUMEROUS CALLS and she KNEW THAT IT WAS WRONG that they were NOT HONORING THE COUPON BUT WHAT COULD SHE AND HER SUPERVISOR DAVID DO? FALSE ADVERTISING? ETC... She said wait till another coupon comes up, YEAH RIGHT!!! The store employees ARE NO HELP EITHER. SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE TO ENFORCE THIS COMPANY WITH STOREFRONTS ACROSS THE US TO FOLLOW THE BUSINESS CODES AND ETHICS PRACTICES THAT ALL OTHER BUSINESSES ADHERE TO. By the way, days later that coupon was still being emailed out. FYE YOU ARE A JOKE and I tell EVERYONE TO SHOP ELSEWHERE, eventually you WILL get the message that YOUR SCREWING the customers is ILLEGAL and you can not get away with it!!!

vip card

Went to Fye bought 2 posters when I payed I used my debit card the clerk says hey do you want to check out...

broke contract

I had went to their site and seen a preorder option for The Beatles Mono Box Set limited edition. I agreed to accepting & paying for the order when it was scheduled to ship which was 090909. 090909 passes I see it's still in process, I email them they said they didnt have the items. didn't have the items? Did they oversell the items? Many people I have spoken to since recieved their orders with no problem Fye.com & wherehouse.com which is owned by Trans world Entertainment did not deliver. A couple of days later I see a charge on My card for almost $1, 000, huh? Item never shipped. Like most places you order from they don't chage you until item is shipped. I was charged that friday and that sunday it was never shipped but charged. Emailed company, no response? Charge is still there not pending or was I credited back. I filed a complaint with FTC & now I will call my bank and explain it's a fraudulent charge. I am not a lawyer but, When an offer is given on a website that promises to deliver such in such by such in such time & I commit to their offer I believe there is a contract, they made themselves obligated to take a payment from me & deliver that item in a timely matter. Fye.com & wherehouse.com failed to meet the obligations they took. I cancelled their backstage pass before I am to be charged but from what I see posted her as above I will notify my bank to not accept any charges from the parent company nor fye or wherehouse.com. they belong backstage where they are not seen to ripoff another consumer...at the least be fined, $10, 000 would seem fair. How low can a business go, I just found the lowest I have seen in decades. the company should be put out for trash collection & If I were you I wouldn't support them with any business, they should be out of business. Only found complaints after it was to late from now on I will be more careful & let anyone I know my experience.

unauthorized charges to visa card

After noticing that we were illegally charged 9.99 for 4 consecutive months, we discovered that after using an online flower delivery service, TLG FYE illegally obtained our debit card information from the flower service via a pop-up window and began charging us for a subscription we did not order. After some investigation, we further discovered that this company has a history of scamming people.

Beware if you ever see the company name of TLG FYE-VIP which is allegedly a subscription service to receive discounts on entertainment tickets, etc. They are boldy performing illegal billing practices.

hidden fee

I bought one CD, was given a discount of $1.50 on it. The clerk threw in what he called a free discount card...

membership terms

I was offered a VIP pass for no monthly fees and received a book of coupons.Couple months later I find there...

missing movies

Let me start by saying that I loved this store... Which is why I didn't think it would be a problem getting a gift card from them in exchange for some CDs I sold. I ran into problems when I moved and even after asking the sales rep at the store specifically if there was a FYE store nearby my new residence I found out there wasn't.
Then I used the gift card online to order some dvds. Which because of where I live are apparently "undeliverable"
I tried to cancel before they were shipped but it was too late. It was litterally like the next day. Then the slow e-mail response led to me not realizing the dvds where undeliverable until what I'm fearing now is too late.
I've e-mailed FYE today but am not really expecting anything to come from this. I've still got the gift card with some cash on it. Unsure when or where I can use it in an actual store.
Next time I'll get CASH!!!

worst customer service

The horror stories about fye rebates are true. Just look it up online. The number of complaints are staggering.

I made a purchase from them, filled out the rebate forms to the letter and sent them in, only to have them rejected because they're allegedly incomplete. But by the time you get that back, the time limit for returning items has already elapsed.

The truth is, rebates are a con. If they really wanted you to have those savings, they'd simply mark the difference off as a sale price up front. They're hoping you either forget to send them in, they get lost in the mail or you weren't 100% compliant and thus they can reject you. Of course, they can also lie when denying you.

The prices at this store are insane to begin with. But their rebate scam takes the cake.

  • So
    SomeGuy51188 Aug 05, 2009

    I used to work for them--everything that you've said is true. All of the loyal customers at the location I worked at would tell me to throw the rebate form in the trash, being that they didn't want to wait an eternity for a $5-7 reimbursement. Horrible company...

    1 Votes
  • So
    SomeGuy51188 Aug 05, 2009

    On top of that FYE will hire anybody--literally!!! I was one of their best workers and put a lot of effort into my work, only to see other associates do a half-assed job! If you do work at any of Trans World Entertainment's stores, there's no reason to show any incentive: they don't care! And if you do work for them, switch to a better retail company! :)

    0 Votes
  • Ma
    marke21x Sep 23, 2009

    The experience I just had dealing or trying to deal with FYE.com Customer Service is shameful. Their auto response to a situation did not answer the PROBLEM.. Almost 2 weeks of emails back and forth left me with no results..
    DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SITE.. That are a rip-off and there is N CUSTOMER SERVICE.. why do you think there is no direct phone contact. The 800 number they post is just an explanation of what to do ONLINE..

    Again, boycott this Business as they collected funds and never delivered the merchandise that was ordered.

    0 Votes
  • Bi
    B.is.a.kid. Jul 09, 2010

    Ok. Im really tired of people thrashing this company when in reality, you people are VERY ignorant! I work for this company, and let me tell you something about the rebates...It is not FYE that you have to do the rebate through, it is a third party company that you have to go through. We get paid from those companies that want to slap a rebate on selected items. The price you pay in store is all FYE has to do with it, again, the rebate is through a third party company. So how about taking you're ignorant complaint to them.

    0 Votes

bad service

DO NOT ORDER WITH FYE!!! I ordered a CD and paid extra for 2 day air (making the CD worth $16.99 cost $29.13)I even emailed them saying if they could not make delivery in the time needed to cancel my order. The order was made on the 16th and failed to arrive in time for Christmas.When I called to get a refund on the $9.98 shipping charge- I was refused by the customer service representative saying that they need 3 - 5 business days just to process the order before it is shipped. When I noted that it did not say that anywhere on their website and asked to speak to a manager I then was treated very rudely by the manager. He refused to refund the shipping cost and said couldn't show me specifically where the (ridiculous) time frame needed to process an order before it could be shipped was stated on the site & then said he did not have time to talk with me. Since a web business is only as good as their customer service (and especially their managers) I say FYE isn't worth anything...go somewhere else.

  • Mo
    moonpies Nov 27, 2011

    "I was refused by the customer service representative saying that they need 3 - 5 business days just to process the order before it is shipped. "

    that is common. Normally the shipping method you choose at checkout online refers to the transit time once it actually leaves the facility. It does not mean the time from when you click the mouse when you finish placing the order.

    Common sense.

    Also, typically, and online order cannot be cancelled once it is processed.

    again, common sense.

    Just because you emailed them and demanded your own rules does not mean they have to make a special exception.

    0 Votes

bait and switch fraud

This happened numerous times in the past and we have started looking elsewhere for our dvd/cd purchases...After walking inside FYE in the Altamonte Mall we were happy to see sale signs everywhere promising cd and dvds two for $10..so we searched through a discount bin and found two dvd's we really wanted..then we found another sale sign posted on a shelf that said two dvds for $12 so we picked out two more..we were ready to pay for our 4 dvds..however the final total did not match the sale prices..so we questioned the clerk and she said "one of the two movies from the bin wasn't included in the sale"..we asked why? and she said "a customer must have put it in the bin!" we pointed out there was other copies of that same movie in the bin all she would do was shrug her shoulders..needless to say we returned that one dvd..then she checked the other two dvds and we found we were charged full price for them..so we pointed out the sale sign on the shelf above where we found the dvds we wanted..she said "that sale only applies to certain priced dvds not all dvds on the shelf.." we pointed out those sale signs were posted all the way across the shelf..then she said "the sale only pertains to dvds or cds priced $4.99 and under" we checked the sign and sure enough in small print hidden by the top row of dvds it says "$4.99 and under cd/dvds used only!" We were soo mad at FYE for their bate and switch scam we declined to buy any dvds..instead we went to Walmart and found all four movies in their discount bin for $20..ie: 2 for $10..we also do our used dvd shopping at Blockbuster..we will never buy from FYE again they can't be trusted!!

  • Wh
    Whicker Sep 07, 2009

    Sam Goody uses the same pricing tactics and the same discount card.

    0 Votes
  • Fy
    FYE_Fan_Alt_mall Mar 22, 2011

    haha block buster closed and wallmart has no selection and edited cds, hollywood video closed up, best buy only sells new cds, virgin records is belly up tooo ... FYE is the only one left standing seems like enough peopel can read the signs well enough to keep them up and running, FYE in the Altamonte Mall is up and running and one of the best $ making FYES in FL!!!

    0 Votes
  • Ja
    jagdpanzer Aug 07, 2012

    You want to talk about a bait and switch at fye's? I bought a used DVD set of the Indiana Jones Trilogy at a fye's in Mesa, Arizona. I got home and saw that the "discs" were not DVDs at all, but in fact CD-Rs with cheaply printed paper labels made to look like the real DVDs, but it was easy to tell it was fake. I pop in one of the discs at it's a data disc of a bunch of pictures of matisse paintings! I drove RIGHT back to the store to return this; they eventually did accept the return but not without trying to corner me with technical hypothetical arguments that had no merit given the situation. Had they not taken it back it would have constituted as consumer fraud. Last time I deal with fye's.

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no respond & beware if you buy a gift card online

If you ever need to contact FYE customer service for something your purchased online you will just get there standard responds and that is it....no one will give you a personal response to your email complaints there isn't even a number to call them directly....I had to go to the store and demand they give me a number to call and talk to someone and I got the same run around with them....all they keep saying is that fye will get back to me in 3 to 5 days well that was over 2 weeks ago and no one ever contacted me....I purchased a 50 dollar gift card for my son last year and didn't know I had to activate a number and pin number that came with a separate piece of paper so it was thrown out, when my son went to use the card there was no money in the card so far I am out 50 dollars so buyer beware if you buy a gift card online make sure you activate the number the card came with or they won't put the money in the card...

  • Ja
    jackson Feb 08, 2009

    Received a gift card for christmas through email, with pin number and tells the associate how to apply the pin number. The FYE websites states that it can be use in store or on line, guess what the store manager in Port Chester, NY store did not accept the gift card. Told me the corporative directive is not to honor the gift card, althought their web sites says something completely different.

    0 Votes
  • Da
    Dana Redhouse Oct 21, 2018

    I had purchased a movie Apocalypto and got it in today. But I found out that we need a region code. I was pretty upset. So there is no reason to keep this movie. I'd like to get a refund and return it.

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  • Fy
    Fye is full of bullies Nov 04, 2018

    Look I understand the employees have to try to sell certain things but one red haired girl with pericings ALWAYS starts being rude to me because I don't want to reserve a DVD or I don't want a magazine subscription. If that specific person is working I avoid going in the store. I fill like I'm a high school kid avoiding a bully. It's ridiculous...

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