Fry's Electronicsprice guarantee


On Sat 8/11/12, I purchased an HP Laserjet 400 m401n from Fry's for $299.99, which the salesman told me was on sale for $50 off. Sure enough, the next day's Sunday paper had the same printer on sale for $249.99 PLUS an additional $50 off trade-in instant savings for a total of $100 less (at Office Depot and Staples). I had already set up the printer from Fry's and had used it only to test the setup. On 8/13, I went back to Fry's with my receipt and and my old laser printer. They would match the price, but not the trade-in instant savings. I even asked to speak to the store manager, who also refused to honor that part of the price guarantee, saying that didn't have the set up to do the printer trade in. I'd considered bringing the printer back but would have been charged for a new toner cartridge.

My trade in probably was not worth the $50 and likely both Office Depot and Staples would have honored the trade in and tossed the printer. I've shopped at Fry's for many years but will probably be much more cautious about what I buy there (if I ever shop there again) as I don't think they honored the spirit of their price guarantee.

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