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Frontier Airlines review: Check in agents acting like a gang

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Simply put frontier staff can deny service if they don't like your attitude all the while giving the worst attitude and being unhelpful to paid customers. From the get go when I attempted to raise a concern I was told to immediately talk to supervisor without listening and within less than 30 secs escalate to go get another airline. I spent from 8:45 am to almost 1 pm trying to get a resolution and escalating to upper management only to be met with open hostilities and national guards being called. All the while no supervisor and manager was called and no attempts to resolve the matter was provided except that I delete any documentation of the incident and to comply with them fully and correct my attitude. Even after showing surrender to their unwarranted demands and pleading for sake of decency and humanity that the same manager who was part of the whole instigation denied the flight and continued to file complaint against me to security apparatus. They eventually just gave up and asked me to leave without any written documentation and vsrbally citing that they don't like how I talk. If that is the process than the agent and het manager should be arrested for how they acted. It was the most gross and ugly encounter of my life with an airline. I have traveled to over 37 countries and over 115+ cities and never expected this treatment without reason and open hostilities toward a paying customer.

Btw this is the second time I'm having an issue with Frontier. Last time they just canceled the flight and basically told us too bad there is nothing else they can do and to take whatever they gave us the next day. This time it was a similar issue. You can't board the flight because it is overbooked anyways. And then after waiting 45 mins in line only to be met with open hostilities. This insane attitude and behavior must be challenged. You can't deny service to customers simply by saying that they have an attitude. I never said anything and stood for my dignity and rights when Miriama just told me to go to anothe4 flight if you don't like standing in line. The gall after such blatant disrespect and failure to help a customer makes me sick. What happend to humanity?

The 6 swc video that has been added when I had to start recording what was being said and immediately marianna was hiding behind the manager and speaking in Spanish even though she could speak English and instigating the situation and constantly saying untrue things and being completely out of line and down right nasty. Right before the video I was told to talk to the supervisor by the agent and when I did just that she came over and started to fill in with Spanish. I have several large videos of Mariana continuing to tell lies and escalate the situation at every encounter despite security presence. I can't believe I experience this type of humiliation at an international Airport and denied flight to attend religious services the next day. Shameful behavior by Frontier and the lack of professionalism and upper management presence.

I respectfully demand that Frontier airline formally investigate the matter and do written reprimand of the two instigating employees namely, Mariana Cruz and her supervisor, supposedly a senior manager named Salvador Sanchez. Provide me a flight with the best seat next time I fly to USA from Cancun and also provide a written apology to me for violating my rights and denying me service based on personal ego and exerting authority and threats that are baseless. Airline employee especially frontlinr agents shouldn't be allowed to do whatever they want in the guise of some made up concern and start escalating with international passengers.

Desired outcome: See last paragraph above. Also connect me with senior Frontier management via phone and email.

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