Frontier Airlinescancel flight without notification

A Aug 13, 2018

There 4 of us flying to Chicago today 8/13/2018 from San Jose airport with 3.5 hrs lay over in Denver.The reason why they cancel our flight is due to the weather in Denver, before leaving San Jose airport I did call Denver airport to find out the weather over I was told by one of the lady personnel who answer my call weather is sunny with 80 degrees.I think frontier airlines is blaming on the weather even there is really nothing going on so they can get away of their responsibilities towards us customers who were in this fight.Our flight is scheduled at 12:45 pm today it was delayed til 4:304pm.So we went to the airport as early as 2pm and find out it was cancel with no advance notification. I went home and start calling their customer service which is base in the Philippines to find out what's gonna happen to my hotel reservations and flight back from Chicago thru United Airlines.I was told the only charges I will be compensated is the flight going, thru them and the rest they can't.And also they are offering me fight to Chicago not until 17 th of this month which I can't coz I just requested some days off from work to visit my college friends and take my son to see Chicago but it was all wasted coz of these airlines cause.And now they are not very helpful to resolve my concerns with a little offers.So I am writing to you to please help me to fight for my rights as a customer and to get what I deserve.Tried very hard to settle this issues along with their representative but this people showed no empathy no considerations and no knowledge at all to answer my concerns, all this female call center rep sai" no compensation, "no compensation".Last but not the least I was asking her if I can get a phone number here in the US so I can talk to live person that is base here but she refuse to give.I am very much hoping you can help me.Thank you...

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