I bought this Fridge from Home Depot (Model # FFHT2131QP0, Serial # 4A44403759)and it was delivered on 29/09/2015. About 5 months ago I noticed that it wasn't cooling enough so I put it to the coldest setting and yesterday I check the temperature as it seem to be running steady. I phoned a repairman to come and check out the fridge, he showed up about 3 hours later and checked the fridge and freezer temperature and it was high. he pulled the fridge out and took the back off to get at the compressor, not sure what he did and then stood up and said the compressor is on it's last leg and could go any day. The cost to repair the fridge was just about what I paid for it. His advice was never buy Frigidaire fridge and 3 other make's as they are nothing but trouble. This is the biggest piece of crap and would NOT recommend Frigidaire fridge. This same fridge has problems with the door handles as well, they told one customer that they are for show, open the doors from the side. They are not interested in fixing any flaws, just keeping on putting out crap.This fridge lasted 4 years. DO NOT EVER BUY A FRIGIDAIRE FRIDGE AS YOU WILL FIND THAT YOU WASTED YOUR MONEY.

Oct 01, 2019

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