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Friendly's Ice Cream — cleanliness

Friendly's Ice CreamI came in to have ice cream with my family to find out we have been given dirty dishes to eat off of I will not be returning we ask for the manager and the waitress told us that wasn't necessary the kitchen never cleans the dishes right this is uncalled for in a restaurant not to mention...

Chester Restaurants & Bars  · Dec 04, 2017

Friendly's Restaurant — waitress/meal. delivery

12/1/17 2:00 party of 5 Watress: Alexus Tannersville Pa 1) soup ordered as an appetizer never received, was told when we inquired it was accidentally given to someone else 2) fries instead of waffle fries 3)Watress dumped sour cream on table never came to clean it. 4)party

Friendly's Ice Cream — closing early

My husband and I went to the Stoneham location last night 11/26/17. We go to this restaurant a lot once or twice a month. When we got to the restaurant at 9:40 the door was locked and the chairs were up on the table. We pulled on the door and it was locked. We looked at the sign on the...

6 comments Stoneham Food  · Nov 27, 2017

Friendly's Ice Cream — pumpkin ice cream

Friendly's Ice CreamWhen I purchase ice cream I expect the name to exemplify the taste. When I opened the container I expected the ice cream to actually look and taste like pumpkin. It looked and tasted more like French vanilla. Lot number of item [protected]. It would have been nice to have more pumpkin...

Hudson Food  · Nov 26, 2017

Friendly's Ice Cream — service

My husband and I visit the Friendlys in North Haven frequently. Unfortunately, it has gone increasingly down hill over the last year. It is sad to see since we do love the food and ice cream. Our complaints have always been about service. The last time we were there will sadly be the last...

1 comments Hamden Food  · Nov 16, 2017

Friendly's Ice Cream — mint chocolate chip

Bought a half gallon of Friendlys Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream. It was essentially plain mint, there were virtually no chocolate chips in it, about one chip every other scoop. The minty flavor is good but without the chips it is not the same. Very baffling quality control issue. I never...

Food  · Nov 01, 2017

Friendly's Ice Cream — service. awful service.

I went to the ludlow, ma location after a trip to a local farm. Truth be told I was sick of friendlys years ago but my daughter and niece still love it. My mother had a coupon for free kids meal for EACH purchase of an adult entree. I have never had a problem using this coupon at another...

Wilbraham Food  · Oct 30, 2017

Friendly's Ice Cream — service I am complaining about

*Manager poor customer service I represent an agency that provides individuals with supportive services. A group of 8 including staff and clients were having dinner at Friendly's. I know that a party of 8 can sometimes be difficult to tend to when you have several orders and individual check...

Employees  · Oct 24, 2017

Friendly's — breakfast service in avon ct location

My wife and son and I ate breakfast today, 22 October, at your Avon CT location. The service provided by server Taylor D. was abysmal. First, we were sat down by a hostess, and less than 30 seconds later, Taylor D. appeared and was annoyed that we weren't immediately ready to order. I...

Bad Business Partners  · Oct 22, 2017

Friendly's Ice Cream — waitress

My parents and I are sitting in Friendlys in Lee, MA. We walked in and no one was around to greet us, so We seated ourselves. The waitress(older lady who did not give her name) came out eventually when I went to get a menu to tell us she would seat us. I told her we had already seated...

Lee Restaurants & Bars  · Oct 17, 2017

Friendly's Ice Cream — ice cream cone/service

First time I've been to Friendly's in years - and I will NEVER go back. I grew up going to Friendly's. It used to be a great restaurant, however it is beyond awful now! It was filthy, the staff were yelling and arguing with each other. I waited almost 20 minutes for a $6.00 ice cream cone...

Plainville Food  · Oct 14, 2017

Friendly's Ice Cream — ice cream

Friendly's Ice CreamI ordered a mint cookie crunch sundae and asked for no whip cream. The girl hands me a cup with just mint icecream. I told her I ordered the sundae and she got an attitude with me and told me I was wrong. I paid for the sundae and did not get what I paid for. I also ordered two small...

Bensalem Food  · Oct 13, 2017

Friendly's Ice Cream — worst food have every had their

Went to friendlys at 4:40 were only 4 tables of people. Took 30 min to get food. Appetizer chicken fingers were brown from old greese, bufflo sauce on side so oily and looked old.french fries were cold waffle fries smelled like fish and tasted bad. The chicken wrap was cold and had a...

Royal Palm Beach Food  · Oct 02, 2017

Friendly's Ice Cream — poor service and argumentative attitude

My husband, son and I came into the establishment on rt 70 in cherry Hill nj Saturday night at 10:00pm we waited at front for about 15 minutes to be addressed... When the manager Osh finally came to sit us I let him know that we had been waiting for awhile... He started yelling saying he...

Cherry Hill Other  · Sep 30, 2017

Friendly's Ice Cream — service

I am eating with my family at the Milford CT location. Recently the hostess stand was removed from the entry of the restaurant. This is a huge mistake! Saving a few dollars per hour for the cost of a friendly (it is called "Friendlies" isn't it???) hostess to greet and seat, cost them at...

Milford Other  · Sep 30, 2017

Friendly's Ice Cream — service at sturbridge mass friendlys

I came into the Sturbridge mass friendlys on 9/24/17 and had a HORRIBLE experience. It took almost 20 min to just put in a drink order. Then it took almost an hour to get our food. My son (3yrs) was getting very frustrated waiting for his food. Then the food came and it was ALL COLD. And...

Sturbridge Food  · Sep 24, 2017

Friendly's Ice Cream — chicken salad

I ordered it with grilled chicken, but got crispy. Plus i counted 3 small pieces of chicken. It was loaded with lettuce and those tortillas strips and didnt include dressing. Not the first time I got food to go and it was garbage. I don't know how much more I can say but the food in thi...

Easton Fast Food Restaurants  · Sep 13, 2017

Friendly's Ice Cream — restaurant service

My wife and I wanted to take our two young grandchildren to friendly's for lunch but after waiting 5 - 7 minutes, no one came to seat us? Everyone there saw us but no one came to seat us. Having 2 young kids we couldn't wait any longer so we left to go next door to McDonald's. So...

Worcester Restaurants & Bars  · Sep 13, 2017

Friendly's Ice Cream — service

Restaurant wasn't busy, I waited at the take out counter for about 10 min before someone asked me to wait at pick up counter. Still waiting... Finally a girl comes over just to say she doesn't know how to ring in my order & kept calling for someone named Dawn to help her. It took a total...

Hartford Food  · Sep 08, 2017

Friendly's Ice Cream — service

I went to the take out window at the friendlys in middleboro, Massachusetts on 8/30/17. First of all, it took 10 minutes for an employee to even take our order! Then, it took another 20 minutes for them to make 3 friendz's. We never received an acknowledgement that it would take this long or...

Employees  · Aug 30, 2017

Friendly's Ice Cream — food order

We placed an online take-out order at 7:30 for the Chelmsford Friendly's location and the order was accepted, with our credit card being charged. My husband went to pick up the order and there was a sign on the door that said, "We had to close. Sorry for the inconvenience and we plan to...

Chelmsford Food  · Aug 27, 2017

Friendly's Ice Cream — customer service

We come into friendlys located in Sagamore beach, Ma and every week we come it's a weekday around 4pm. Every time we come we wait to be seated for 5-10 minutes and the wait staff walks by us over and over and doesn't even acknowledge us. Then once finally seated we wait another 5-10...

Food  · Aug 21, 2017

Friendly's Ice Cream — service

On aug 20 2017 8:12pm Server 679095 Maryann plain aweful - lack of service, forgot our app, no silverware or napkins we had to ask her many times, our ice cream was even messed up asked for marshmallow on it received it in little cup not on our ice cream - It was just very unsatisfactory and if this is how this place operates we will note returning

Gardner Food  · Aug 20, 2017

Friendly's Ice Cream — entire meal

I haven't been to Friendlys literally since I was a kid- it has been at least 20 yrs. My fiancé and I drove 25 mins to go to Friendlys and have dinner and a Jim Dandy and my old favorite Reese's Pieces sundae. Biggest disappointment ever. The Tuna melt was cold, the coffee tasted like hot water...

Clifton Park Food  · Aug 19, 2017

Friendly's Ice Cream — unprofessionalism

I am now a former employee at the friendlys store at neshaminy mall. The manager Miriam was a racist and very rude towards her employees. She even got complaints from customers on how she talked down on people & also several times when racist comments will leave her mouth. Today as I wa...

Friendly's Ice Cream — cotton candy ice cream

This product was described as 'poppin and rockin', so I assumed it was just going to be awesome. I was wrong. I love cotton candy ice cream and can never find it in stores, but I finally did this afternoon. I rushed home to dig in and was DISGUSTED to find pop rocks in the ice cream. It...

1 comments Lancaster Food  · Aug 13, 2017

Friendly's Ice Cream — food

This complaint has to do with multiple things based on first-hand experiences. For starters, I would like to point out that I used to come here with my grandparents for food an ice-cream. That no longer happens due to complaints with the service and food. We were very impressed with the...

Cromwell Restaurants & Bars  · Aug 09, 2017

Friendly's Ice Cream — ice cream

Opened up the sealed container to come to find out there was a long black hair in it. I took it back to the store and they wouldn't do nothing about it, they told me to put a complaint in and have you's take care of it. My son really wanted to have the ice cream and I couldn't let him just...

Food  · Aug 04, 2017

Friendly's Ice Cream — chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream

Friendly's Ice CreamGood afternoon! First let me say, we love your products and restaurants! Just wanted to let you know, we bought a 1/2 gallon of Friendly's Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and the was no cookie dough! Oops! Ice cream was still delicious, ejust thought you should know in case or happened to others. Here are some pics ☺ Thanks, The Wagman Family

1 comments Red Lion Food  · Aug 03, 2017

Friendly's Ice Cream — food and service

Hello, I went today to friendlys #0743 at sagamore beach ma out on buisness for a fast breakfast at 8:44 am. I actually go to friendlys quite often out on buisness in different towns but todays experience was quite awful. I ordered the big -2 do, and my client ordered two small side order...

1 comments Food  · Aug 02, 2017

Friendly's Ice Cream — products

Hi there, today I took my 3 kids to friendlys for dinner. My daughter ordered the chicken Alfredo. Her plate had about a spoonful of pasta. Also the chicken was very hard and dry. I myself ordered the bacon cheeseburger with fries. I got about 12 fries. The plates weren't even covered with...

Weymouth Restaurants & Bars  · Jul 28, 2017

Friendly's Ice Cream — service timing and over charged

As I do understand about new servers. I have to believe ours was as it took 15 mins before our order was taken. that said. we arrived at 7 it was not busy we were her 2nd table. we left at 8 45 and I had a salad my husband as well and our 2 and 4 year olds ate. when I got the bill I asked...

pottstown Food  · Jul 17, 2017

Friendly's — waitress

Spent $92 for supper waitress got are drinks then are appetizers never asked us if we would like more drinks then brought are food never took dirty plates from appetizers never came back to give us any drinks then sat. There for 15 minutes till we asked someone else to get are check very...

Food  · Jul 14, 2017

Friendly's Ice Cream — two 5 scoop ice cream sundays

I purchased two 5 scoop sundays on Friday July 14. Someone had started making 5hem. I was SHOCKED when they said $26.00 for 2 sundays. I paid for them. Don't know why. When I got home, mine had 4 little scoops of ice cream, I asked for marshmallow and Xtra carmel. There was NO marshmallow...

willimantic Food  · Jul 14, 2017

Friendly's Ice Cream — customer service

I took my grandaughter to Friendly's for her 5th birthday today with my grandson and daughter in law. Before ordering I showed our server a 50% off coupon I planned on using, she said she would take it before bringing me the bill. Our bill came out to almost 55.00, which I thought was kind...

Wilbraham Food  · Jul 09, 2017

Friendly's Ice Cream — chocolate almond chip carton

Date of Incident: 21 June 2018 Description of Incident: My boyfriend and I were enjoying a bowel of Chocolate Almond Chip ice cream last night. He suddenly felt something in his mouth. On further inspection, he found that a piece of glass was in the ice cream. Luckily, he had not swallowed...

Food  · Jun 22, 2017

Friendly's Ice Cream — hair found in my sundae

I purchased a large hot fudge sundae from the Cinnaminson, NJ location on 6/21/17 @ 3:06PM to go. When I arrived home I took a big scoop of ice cream out and a long dark hair still attached to my sundae got tangled in my spoon. I immediately returned to this Friendly's and showed "Brian"...

Moorestown Food  · Jun 22, 2017

Friendly's Ice Cream — pick up lunch

I went Saturday to get a birthday cake for my son. They had no frosting for the writing. They told me to go to carvel, very nasty!! I ordered lunch from a local friendlys today they said 15 min. I arrived 20 min later and waited about 45 min for my food. The food came out cold. The employees were...

Mineola Restaurants & Bars  · Jun 21, 2017

Friendly's Ice Cream — ice cream preparers

I was at the Cromwell CT Friendly's and ordered two frenzies after having dinner (around 5:00). The server making the frenzies on June 20th did not make them properly. They both were supposed to have strawberry in them and only saw a very slight hint of pink. One if the frenzies was only...

Cromwell Food  · Jun 20, 2017

Friendly's Ice Cream — food

Ordered the 4 cheese chicken and broccoli pasta with a side of coleslaw. Whooo where do I start, I guess the cheese sauce. Looked and tasted fresh out the microwave (horrible). The chicken; no flavor at all, hard and rubbery. The coleslaw looked like if it was a serving for a small...

Saugus Food  · Jun 19, 2017