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This is a complaints against Fredmeyers located at 1000 East Northern Lights, Anchorage, Alaska and Fredmeyers at East Anchorage located at 7701 Debarr Road, Anchorage, Alaska. The complaint is on security issues at both stores. This has been going on several years at both stores. Each time I enter both stores, the security overlooking the store for shoplifting have been extremely inappropriate, unprofessional harassment against my being a Fredmeyers customer. As soon as I am at the grocery isle by myself, the security intercom comes on every time I am at the store with relentless harassment of verbal non-sense thruogh the security micro-phone from the security employees with poor work ethics of overlooking the floor isle. Since several years ago, both the stores continuously single me out of everyone grocery shopping "stating" over the intercom with "Section B". "Section B". "Section B." Once they switched to "Department C". "Department C". Department C". And the security that was harassing with that statement couldn't careless if I caught on fire. I happened to be gassing up my car and had an accident with the gas hose spewing very fast with large amoynt of gas and it got all over my blouse, my bra, part of my chest, up to my chin and lips to where I was afraid that I might catch in fire or fire starting on the ground where I had my car beside the gas pump. All during that time, the security couldn't care less about me as a Fredmeyer customer with his intercom harassment with his non-chalant "Department C". Department C". Department C". I didn't know what to do at the time. I walked up to the gas attendant to tell him what happened. He came out to my car and clean up the gas spilled on the ground. In the meantime, the store security over the intercom continued with his heartless harassment with "Department C". I assume that one woman, a big fat woman with medium dark hair, also, continuously harassing me thru the intercom with "Section B". "Section B" "Section B". The security employees will not miss a beat with harassing me with extremely inappropriate, unprofessional conduct of overlooking the store. I am a nativr of Alaska, born here, raised here. In all my years of shopping, I have never ever exprienced security poorly teained store employees as those stated above from Fredmeyers store. I'm not exactly sure when this incident happened in the parking lot Fredmeyer store on Northern Lights aftef I left the store and got in my car. After getting in my car, I got on my facebook on my cell phone. Eventually, I looked around the parking lot for safety reasons, in case, some weirdo was hanging around. When I looked to my right in my car, I was totally stunned by the Fredmeyer entrance door security was right there next to my car looking in what I was doing. I think, he was trying to get close enough to look at my facebook creeping up on me from behind outside my car without me knowing that he was there. Also, I caught him after a few minutes, he looked around the parking lot and looked as if he was grabbing for my car door knob. My car automatically locks as soon as I shut the door after I get in. I didn't realize, he car was parked just parallel across from me close to my car. He got in his car and got on his cellphone. I looked over at him in his car and he's directly looking at me. He looked like Hispanic or some othef Origin. And, the Fredmeyer store on Debarr road have been endlessly harassing me since several years ago with their security issues over the intercom each time I enter the store with extremely inappropriate, unprofessional remark towards me "Section B". "Section B". "Section B". Over and over and over this goes on. I've had very grwat jobs when I lived in Virginia working as a health-aid to begin with in the early eighties advancing to working in medical offices after graduating Med School which I took night classes and working as a Secretary at the Department of the Interior in Washington D.C.; worked in Betheda Fertility Institute in Bethesda, Md., worked at a foot doctor's office which was father, son practice with amother foot doctor. I've worked here in Anchorage, Alaska at the Department of the Interior for a year as an Title Examiner. In all, I've had great jobs working with great co-worker ms in every job that I had. I didn't have time to do anything to do with criminal acts or shoplifting anywhere that I have lived. All those years, if someone shoplifts or is a shoplifter, at one time or another during the years, someone gets caught sooner than later. I see these security employees extremely ignorant, inappropiate amd unprofessional just merely picking on a native of Alaska. Just the other day, in or about, January 5th or the 6th at Fredmeyers store on Northern Lights thoroughly put their security ineffectiveness into totally crossed the line while I was on the Bread isle. Just when I was leaving the isle, this extremely loud DING DING DING DING DING came on anove me which is their alarm system. Actually, a tall black employee came running over to check the isle and him and I were right in front of each other as I'm leaving the Bread isle and he came running to check the isle. Their is NO excuse for an alarm like that so LOUD everyone can hear in the store. One of the employees was running around the floors working, he had dark hair, about medium tall and thin built. I encountered him at the isle floor as I was looking around, he gave me that look of mocking and kept looking turning his head towards me as he walked away. Also, at Fredmeyers on Debarr road, after doing their "Section B" on every isle I'm at, the sevurity there had a policeman track me down in the isle where aI was shopping in the isle. He looked a bit negative, unfriendly as he's doing the beat on the isle of Fredmeyer store honing in on a person he has no clue that I was not there to shoplift. I do not shoplift, even, my family doesn't have a history of shoplifting, nor, anyone of us have never been arrested for shoplifting, or confronted in the store for such. My name is Helen M. Lampley, just retired in October of 2015. I'm 69 years old and living in Anchorage, Alaska. I've lived in Anchorage since the mid sixties, other than, moving to Alexandria, Virginia from 1982 to 1999 having moved their with my live-in boyfriend who was in the military as a Chief Warrant Officer at the time. I can be reached at [protected] cell#. Helen M. Lampley

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