This company has been raping the citizens of the state of florida for way too many years. I live in a one bedroom apt. 800 square feet. and my fpl bill was usually around 86 bucks, i use to be on the budget plan, when i really looked at the budget plan i was getting charged for way too much than what i actually utilized, so i removed myself from the plan. My bills were now $73-74.00 a month.. great i'm saving money and i'm very concious about energy in the home.. shutting off lights, replacing bulbs, upping the thermostat to 85, etc. you know everything "they tell us to do". I get my bill expecting 75.00 or even $80.00... no.. my bill was $104.66!!! what!!! $25.00 INCREASE I was outraged.. and the only thing the customer service person said was i can connect you to a energy saving expert!!! he kept on saying it over and over like a robot! well obviously your expert isn't such a great expert!!! no reason for the increase, it was just really really hot this past month!!! huh??? that's it?? that's your reason??? WE ALL NEED TO START COMPLAINING ABOUT THIS COMPANY'S MONOPOLIZATION OF THEIR BUSINESS . WE HAVE NO ALTERNATIVES... NO OTHER OPTIONS... THIS IS NOT LEGAL... NO COMPANY SHOULD HAVE A MONOPOLY OF THIS INDUSTRY.. THERE'S TOO MANY OTHER ALTERNATIVES OUT THERE!!! WE NEED TO WRITE OUR CONGRESSMEN/WOME!!! LET'S GET THIS GOING!!!


  • Al
    alejandro selles Sep 20, 2010

    cuidado cuando le cambien los metros porque a my me cobraron 2 semanas por una del anterior y ni me an explicado por que pienso que hasi piensan recuperar los gastos de sus abogados que contrataron para subirnos los costos

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  • Al
    Albert Everett Jan 27, 2015

    The price of fuel has gone down dramatically but my fuel charge hasn't, and what about this customer charge? I own an auto repair shop how would they or anybody feel about a customer charge on their bill when they brought their veh in for repair. This is BULL.

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  • Lo
    Lola English Feb 17, 2016

    Same here I was talked into this stupid budget bill pay option and I swear it just a big rip off. I went from paying $135 per month to $308 every single month. How is that even legal? FPL is the biggest rip off ever and something needs to be done. We have no help and no other options when it comes to water and light companies you stuck with the one stupid company in your city. Horrible. Budget bill pay saves you absolutely no money. However it will drain your bank account for you. What a joke

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